Dear Betty


He smiled ear to ear and said,"I'm glad to meet you again, Amy. I'm looking forward to getting to know you…all over… again. "It took a second or two, but I finally got what he really meant. My heart was pounding. I felt a drop of moisture roll down my left leg. I realized he saw the drop exit the leg of my shorts. I could see his eyes light up at the same time he took deep breath. Even though my mother stood next to us during the introductions, she saw nothing. Well, at least I didn't think she did. The door of opportunity flew wide open at her next statement. "Listen, you two. I've got to go to the store to buy something for dinner. After that, I'll pick up Alan from his Soccer practice”. Alan was my younger brother by three years. “In the meantime Amy, why don't you show Max around the house and garden?""I'd like that, Amy. ” Max cut in.

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   “I'd love to see your place". His grin never left his face as he offered that second little zinger. And I. . . I was on fire! At least three more drops of juice ran down my left leg. Immediately, two more drops ran down my right leg. I saw the bulge in his crotch standing tall. I fancied the idea of his dick being so hard, he could have used it for a third leg, had it been long enough. My Mother's car was in the driveway, about thirty feet to the left of us. Uncle Max and I smiled at each other as she climbed into the driver's side of her car and slammed the door. Before backing out of the driveway, she leaned over to her right and rolled down the right front passenger window. “Max brought his swimming trunks,” she called out to us. “Why don't the two of you go for a swim… you know…after showing Max around. "She straightened her posture and turned over the engine.

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   While looking back through the rear window, she quickly backed the car out into the street. She stopped, turned the wheel to the left, put the car in gear and bolted down the street. After seeing her make a right turn at the corner and drive out of sight, I turned back to my Uncle Max and his mischievous grin. Of course, I was smiling just as big. "What would you like to see first, Uncle Max?" I asked, hoping for another great come back. "Please Amy, just call me Max. The ‘Uncle’ makes me feel old. Besides, we’re not blood related. ”"It’s respect Max. You should feel perverted. . . Uh. . .

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  I mean privileged," I said accidentally on purpose. "What? I, should feel perverted?""Just kidding Max. ""That's okay ‘cause…I am perverted. Not only that, I like it. ""I think we'll get it on. . . I mean, get along just fine. " I purposely stammered, but continued to smile. I could see him acting shocked at my words. "To hell with the tour, lets go for a swim before mom gets back. ""Sounds great,” he said, smiling. "A dip would feel just fine. "I felt streamers of liquid running down both legs, as we walked into the front door of the house,. My pulse was pounding.

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   I felt like my body was about to explode. This was the first time I was ever this hot. Immediately, I escorted him to his bedroom. "This is you room," I pointed out to him. "Behind that door, there in back, is your private bathroom. ""That'll work…thank you. Oh, one more thing. "I stood in front of him waiting as if something fantastic was about to happen. The suspense was killing me. "Could you get me a glass of water?" he calmly asked. ". . . Uh, what?" What a let down, I was shocked. "Water…would you get me a glass of water, please?""Yeah, sure…right back.

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  " I answered, turning towards the kitchen. I was a bit confused. I was so certain he was going to make his move right then. However, as it turned out, it was a good thing I didn't give up on him. What happened next was beyond anything I expected. Walking across the carpet into his room, I saw the bathroom door opened about two and a half feet wide. My Uncle Max was standing stark naked in front of our full-length bathroom mirror. The opened bathroom door was to his left side and hinged towards his back side. With both hands, he covered and rubbed his face with a wash cloth. While he washed his face, he couldn't see me, and I was positive he didn't see or hear me walk in. He had an average looking physique, no tattoos, and no suntan but, he was quite acceptable. What he did have was a dick, three quarters hard, swinging back and forth in rhythm as he rubbed his face. In my heart, I was screaming. I knew that if didn't get relief soon, I was going to pass out or explode. I was trembling.

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   The insides of my thighs were coated with juice. My body was covered with sweat. Not only could I see him slightly from behind and from the side but, I also saw his frontal reflection in the full-length mirror he had taken from the back of the bathroom door. Every time he moved the wash cloth over his face, his pecker swung back and forth. I was nearly out of my mind. "Wait a minute. " I thought. “He removed the full length mirror from the back of the bathroom door? He leaned the mirror against the bathroom sink to deliberately show his front reflection and left the bathroom door open. He's putting on a show. "I couldn't take my eyes away. To me he was a man to fuck and family second. He finished washing face and casually looked into the mirror. In an instant, I could see him turn towards me enough to have seen me from the corner of his eye. Instantly, acting as though he hadn’t seen me, he turned back facing the mirror. But, he must have seen me.

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   How could he not have seen me? I then reached the point of no return. I couldn't take it any more. I sat the glass of water on the chest of drawers next to me. I was insane, as I ripped off my clothes. No matter how fast I moved them, it wasn't fast enough. I had no concern about the fact my Mother could possibly come home early or that a neighbor could knock on the door. In one quick move, pushed the bathroom door all the way opened, walked in, closed the door behind me, and looked him straight in the eye. The look on his face was priceless. Not only was I as naked as he was but, last night, I had completely shaved off my pubic hair. With the exception of his head and eyes, he stood there motionless. As the saying goes, he checked me out up one side and down the other. He saw me look at his dick that continued to sway back and forth from his jerky head and eye movements. He looked back at me and asked,"Dressed for success, are we?""Yeah, . . .

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  custom made. I hope you like it?""We have matching outfits. Of course I like it. ""I'm sure these outfits will make a lasting impression out on the dance floor. "As I was talking, my right hand gently surrounded his pecker. His eyes slowly closed as he drew in a deep breath. After about two seconds, he opened his eyes about half way. "Mmmm. …what brought this on? Your Mother said you were a such a good girl. ""She was wrong, Max. I'm great!”I began stroking his pecker up and down, again and again. “What brought this on?” I continued. “It was the hard on. ” I paused for a second or two. “Besides Max, something like this needs to be tested.

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  ""Tested?""Yeah, you know. . . . taste tested. We need to make sure it's not poison. ""You and I think a lot alike. ""I think we need to get busy. I don't want to be interrupted in the middle of a test. ""I'll bet this test will make you a straight A student. ""Nope," I had to have the last word. "This test will maintain my straight A status. "I bent over at my waist, flicked his dick head with my tongue. All around the head and upper shaft, I licked his dick like a lollipop and then, slowly dragged both my upper and lower lips over the head. I imagined I was eating a cum flavored ice cream cone.

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   I heard Max gasp in pleasure with each new move. Flick, lick, suck and stroke, I never knew family could be like this. I caressed the skin of his dick just under the head as I licked on. After a few minutes, I could feel back muscles being strained. Still holding his dong and pulling him with me, I stood up, turned both of us I and sat down on the closed toilet seat directly behind me. I placed each hand on the closest butt cheek, and resumed my oral extravaganza. The licking, sucking and stroking went on and on. In repeated motions, I pulled him to me, put my hands on his hips and pushed him back again causing his rod to slip in and out of my mouth…a true face fuck to behold. With every in and out motion, there was my tongue sliding back and forth, gently caressing the skin directly under his pecker head. I gave just enough suction to maintain firm mouth contact with his shaft. As I sucked, I made sure my tongue slipped back and forth on that same spot again and again. I could hear his gentle moans as his head and shoulders swayed slowly left then right. I was really glad he wasn't the Screamer type. It was incredible. "Too bad," I thought to myself, "this can't be part of my diary.


  "I could feel his pecker in my mouth swelling and shrinking again, and again, as his dick muscle contracted and then relaxed again. Sucking, licking and stroking. . . it seemed endless. I felt him swell for one last time. His first shot of cum blasted to the rear of my mouth. It was so strong, I imagined his wad blasting out the back of my head. Lieutenant Columbo would have no trouble figuring out how this girl died. Immediately, the second shot fired. I attempted to swallow as fast as I could. It was no use. I felt his hot jizz running down both sides of my mouth. I could hear the drops hit the bathroom floor. I swallowed more and more as he came more and more.

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  Finally, it was over. "Ahhh…yeah…oooo, fuck me Agnes," his loud voice filled the house. For a second or two, it looked like he was going to faint. I thought he was going to lose his balance. He stopped himself from falling by quickly catching and bracing himself against the wall behind me. I leaned back against the toilet seat to prevent his stomach from hitting me in the face. "Yo…baby," he went on, "they didn't teach you that in college, did they?""Fuck no. " I answered laughing at the same time, "I learned it in the Girl Scouts. "He stood up straight again. His cock had lost very little posture. "I’ll bet there were many that got their cookies off of you. ”"I made the Scout Leaders List five years in a row. "To get the laugh I added another zinger. ". .

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  . And I was a Girl Scout for only three years. ""Oh really, what made you quit the Girl Scouts?"Just to see the look on his face, I replied with, "I started the Eleventh Grade. "My orgasm was yet to be fulfilled. He got on his knees and propped my legs up to my shoulder height with his hands. Knowing it would be awkward for him to continue holding them, I grasp my legs under each knee and held them apart just far enough for me to be comfortable, and still let him in. At first, he started licking my snatch covering as much area as he could with flat of his tongue. It was like a paintbrush adding paint to a wall. "Ohhh. . yeah, yeah, yeah. Have the main course. Eat me alive. " I was in ecstasy. His tongue came to a point.

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   He went up the left side of my pussy, then to the right. I felt the pressure rising in me faster than it had ever done before. With the point of his tongue touching the hood of my clit, he began wiggling my clit back and forth, slowly at first, and then picked up speed. I took hold of a deep breath just before his tongue flicked the tip of my little button…and I exploded in ecstasy. Now my voice filled the house. "Ahh, shit. That's it, that's it…ohh…fuck yeah. ”My eyes were closed as I rolled my head left and right. I struggled to remain conscious. But, I couldn’t get enough. "Oh, yes. You’re just how I like 'em. . . an eight inch tongue and you can breathe through your ears.

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  "He placed the tip of his tongue right over my hole and plunged in. From the shock, I gasped for air. He rapidly wiggled his tongue side to side, up and down, in and out and in little circular motions. I thought I could never let my breath out again. Oddly enough, I didn't care. At the last moment, he curved the tip of his tongue slightly forward. Like a plow, he drove his tongue from the entrance of my pussy hole to the head of my clit. Once he made contact with his target, I thought I was going to pass out. He went on to completely cover my clitoris with his mouth and tongue and began to suck on me very gently. As he sucked, he gave me the same back and forth tongue action on my clit that I gave his dick. When I did cum, I actually did pass out for a fleeting moment. I reached a peak I felt would never end. I couldn’t utter a sound. My cum gushed. Never before, had I experienced an orgasm to match this one.

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   The thrill of who I was fucking, coupled with the chance of getting caught, created a fantasy beyond belief. The fantasy added an extra orgasmic “bite”. He never lost contact with my snatch all the time I was cumming. I practically ripped his ears off. . It was over. I could breathe normal again, or so I thought. I opened my eyes to see Max standing in front of me with a dick still as hard as a baseball bat. He looked down at me and said,"Let's play hide the weenie". "More?" as if I didn’t know. "Hell yeah, it's been a long while since. . . ""Okay, I could do for a little more myself,” I interrupted. His pecker slid into me like a hot ice pick through warm butter.

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   Again, I started gasping with excitement. "We're both lucky, you know". I said, with my head tilted back and my eyes closed. "If I was a 'Screamer type' we'd have the Fire Department here by now". "Fine. As long as they knew they couldn’t join in. "Not be out done, I answered with,"At least not until their turn anyway. "Each thrust was totally captivating. This man was awesome. I could feel every bump on his rod. In and out it went, again and again. In a matter of a few minutes the tingling returned. It grew more and more intense…more and more exhilarating. It was hard to believe but, within seconds after it started, I came a third time. “Oooh…hoo…yeah…definitely the kind.

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  ”I could see the expression on Max's face. While holding his eyes closed, his breathing became more and more like huffing and puffing. His thrusts became faster and faster…harder and harder. For the forth time, the urge to fuck completely took over my body. Gasping for his second wind, he was ready to cum too. Finally, got off together, big time. It was hell trying not to scream. “Whew…shit. fuck me dead,” Max belted out between breaths. He was a man of unique words. I felt the inside of my snatch being loaded full to the top. I could feel some of it drip and roll down over my ass hole. For a man on his second come, he had a lot left over. I could hardly move. I let my legs down to touch the floor with my feet.

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   It was a struggle to sit up right. "Now that was worth writing the folks back home about. ”"Oh yeah," I agreed with a large smile, "Next time, let's take pictures. We can use them for Christmas Cards. "Then I remembered. "Oh shit! My Mother. "Now all of a sudden, it did matter if we were caught. I ran into Max’s bed room, grabbed my clothes and ran into my own bedroom. Lucky for me, I left my two piece bathing suit lying on my bed. The bathing suit was a lot quicker to put on than the clothes I took off. About five minutes later, Max and I dove into the swimming pool. Before I could get used to the water, my Mother appeared from inside the house. My sixteen-year-old brother, still in his Soccer uniform, followed close behind her. “Hey you two, we're home. Everything fine?""Great Ma, great.

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  ""Max, will Barbecued Spare Ribs be good enough for dinner?""Fabulous, Peggy, fabulous. "My mother looked me straight in the eye. "Amy, is every thing okay?”"Yeah, sure Ma. Why do you ask?""Well… ah…before I stepped outside, I looked in Max's bathroom to see if I had cleaned it. I saw a mess on the floor. It looked like someone had spilled a few drops of some kind of hand lotion, or something. "That's it Betty. What do you think? Am I crazy, or am I just a slut?Signed,AmyANS: Dear Amy,Based on what you wrote. . . You’re a slut. Betty BlueEditorFor more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php?or our new story site www.

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  bluestories. com.



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