Daughter shocked daddy.


Now a widower for some years,years where my daughter and I had been and grown even closer. I reckoned I had her every mood covered. I knew how to react as the moods appeared,but not this one. Sure daughter was not a young teenager,neither was she old,in fact at twenty three she had a good job and enough boy friends to create a soccer team if they forgot about her bodily assets for a while. This is where we now are. . .

This girl of mine has well proportioned hips,with an ass to die for. What I'd glimpsed over the recent years was a very nice pair of tits,with responsive nipples,waist about right for her hour glass figure and hidden away in that gorgeous underware was a pussy that I'd not spotted since she was a young teen.

Lazing around at about ten this night,I'd sucked down enough booze to have mellowed out for the weekend. Now I slouched along the settee,too idol to switch channels on the TV but not asleep,just being a cool dude I guess! In an instant this changed,in fact changed my life completely! Heavy car breaking,slammed car door,key fumbling door open and slammed with a crash! Oh fuck! I thought. She's really pissed off with some bastard.

Lounge door opens, - "Alright dad? Fuck him the fucking bastard!" - In an instant her head was down in the corner of the other couch with her butt facing skywards as she knelt into this couches corner. - I'd caught a look on her face that said 'Murder!' hot she was and I knew she would cool given time,but I also knew this is the time to let her be! - I guessed the last thing in her mind, was the one now focused in my wide awake mind. Her ass being in the air had presented my now wide awake eyes with the milky white thighs of my daughter,the whiteness of her belly hiding above the waistband of a tantalising pair of peachy cream briefsthat were pressed well into her pussies slit.

In fact the briefs showed a wet mark where they pressed in so tightly and was that a shadow of pubes or was my dirty old mind running amok? I looked not blinking while she just lay in there without a movement.

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   I knew by this she wasn't sobbing,so I waited for her fury to subside, - She had the temper of a she cat,just like her mother had! - By my interpretation,daughter was quite petite when cuddling into me and I realised shortly this is where she'd finish up. Not softy! softy! but indignant,but thank goodness,not yet. - What would her reaction be if she moved on to me at this moment when I had a hardon looking at my own daughter pussy.

I couldn't believe my cock was doing this to me,the more I fought it the harder he got. I knew why as well, - The position she'd adopted was my favourite fucking position,my mind kept telling me, 'Just imagine the squelching noise she'd be hearing as my balls slapped against her clit while you're balls deep up that wet young pussy,you letcherous old bastard' I adjusted the damn thing,just in case she moved in the next half hour or day for that matter. Stay as you are Madelaine,just as you are,driving your old man insane,that's fine,but don't sit with him just now,you mustn't know what's in the dirty sods mind!

His hardon will surely spell it out like a neon sign,damn you! - Eye's suddenly looked from beneath her arm while her face was partly hidden by an upside-down breast. I'd not spotted her looking at first because of my obsessive staring at her pussy and stuff. I felt panicky,just how long had she been watching me looking? - "I'll be okay in a minute,I'll tell you then" she said, - "Sure girl,just take your time with it" - Meaning - Take your time,I'm trying to get rid of this hardon! - Her eyes softened and a smile was lurking there. Did she realise her old man was lusting on her pussy in that position. - I wonder if she'd ever seen me fucking her mother in that position? - Shit! asshole! You're going stiffer again you prick! Think about work or something.

So it was. . . She moved up and off the couch and in moments was by my side, cuddling and making herself comfortable,she lay without talking, - Then. - "Gerald - her latest bloke.

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   - made me so mad. Know what? He told me,well he said I was no good at doing it" - I freaked as her hand grabbed my hardon - Her head went into my lap - "You know,with my mouth,fucking cheeky gett. No body else ever complained,he's fucking history,don't you reckon dad!" -I was speechless,she'd never talked about her activities like this before and what's more she still had hold of my hardon. - "Oh sorry dad - letting go of my cock - I got carried away a bit just then. Well,how would you like it if you were told you weren't doing it right?"

I croaked, - "Christ Mad' that's a bit of a shock,I'd need that in writing before I answered it" - Her devishly tormenting eyes looked up at my own - "Sorry dad! Well yor know what I mean" - mmm! - She went into a more comfortable position now, - "Remember that smoothing you do when I get stropped?" - She didn't need to say no more,she wanted the smoothing - always innocent smoothing mind - So I smoothed as always. The position she'd adopted had my arm around her shoulder smoothing her hip cum thigh thro' her dress.

The midnight blue soft silky dress I'd so admired when I saw her with it first on. The dress that cut up from the hem at the front in two long curves,meeting up not far below the crotch. - The letcher in me thought at the time, some horny bastards got easy access to that invisible pussy of hers tonight!. - As I said,I knew her moods and tonight it was dicky in her eyes as she left. - Female predator? maybe! So we lay enjoying our moment. My penis had quit the show and lay comfortably under one of her arms across my lap. Using this arm as a lever she changed position and in doing so squashed my soft cock like a bit of gibblet which I would have thought she'd felt it as the shaft squirmed and rolled in its skin under the pressure.

She had, - "Sorry,didn't hurt you did I?" - "No babe! Just squashed me like a road roller,but I can take it!" Her eyes flashed up to me, - "Sorry,if it was Gerald,I'd have kissed it better - NO! I'd have ripped it off I mean!" - Shit,she's still bubbling - Pulling my arm in again,she made for me to smooth her some more. Problem now was, in this changed position I was smoothing up the inside of her thigh.

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   Not pussy level,but with the dress design,it was her flesh and just a bit short of her panty's. As lightly as I could I smoothed on until I felt her imperseptibly move. I was sure she had and downwards,that must be why my fingers were touching the panty gusset,or was it the frilly edge of the leg holes?

My fingers became super-sensitive by this time. Warm! damp! It just had to be pussy country. What the fucks the girl doing. More to the point! What the fuck am I doing? I chose not to answer my own question. I just kept smoothing,then I stopped. - "Dad! Dad! You asleep?" - "No" - "Oh! You've stopped smoothing!" - Against my better judgment,I started smoothing once more. - Shit in that moment of interuption she'd moved slightly I know. But what my fingers now found was; Cock shocking. - That was pubes and the softness of a pussy lip. At the first touch I felt her tense and a slight gasp she failed to conceal.

"Madelaine,I'm not sure about this!" - "Me neither" - She purred back as I felt her thighs open wider. - "I want you too, I want you to tell me if I'm doing things wrong at all" - My brain went into overdrive,she intends to give me head to find out if I like the way she does it and wants me to get her back to where Gerald fucked up I assume! - How could any man refuse,me included. Without further ado,I just sought out her pussy properly and started playing with her clitoris until I enjoying the soft wetness felt her stiffen in orgasm and before I knew it she'd pulled my now hard cock from it lair and sunk her lips around my helmet and creating a vacuum with her cheeks sucked me so hard I thought my pounding heart would get sucked clearly out thro' my piss hole.

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"I'll swallow so you don't spoil my dress. Okay?" - "Okay"I just managed to gasp as my first shot must have hit her tonsils. Shot after shot got her teeth,tongue and all ways into her belly. As she finished my knob like she was sucking an ice cream, she smiling said, - "You caught me with my mouth open with your first shot,it stuck straight on to my tonsils. You nearly made me keck. I made you cum quick,I guess I done it okay!" - Grabbing her and lifting, - "Okay? - Taboos cast aside - Madelaine, it was marvellous,I suppose I get a go now do I?" - Without a word,but smiling like a stripper,she stood and let the dress slip down followed by her panty's, - There it was,that illusive pussy,I'm looking straight at a bushy brown triangle with a slit evading my eyes as it slips neatly between her legs. "No bra?" - "Silly daddy,its built straight into the dress" - Her tits jiggled before me,wriggling her hips she made them temble and jiggle even more. - "You've got yourself a real dirty slutty bitch for the night daddy"

Dropping back on to the settee,she splayed her thighs like a whore. - "Go on then do it!" - My head disappeared into her bush and every lick counted as I gave her as good as any dog could with his longer larger tongue. She came long and hard,then as her orgasm subsided,smiling she said, - "You know,I just can't believe I've spent the last ten years going out to get what was here for me all the time" - I dived back in for a lingering second helping as I realised she'd just told me she'd been getting eaten since she was thirteen.

Bravado or truth I wondered! - "Dad! I'm not a slut really,but do you think I may not have had full fulfilment up till now?" -"You mean as in FUCKING?" - "Putting it like that,yeah, FUCKING! I just wondered what you thought about that side of our new found relationship" - "Fine with me if you're okay about that! We'll explore the question together then!" - "Well it is bedtime,Your bed or mine?" - "Who cares,they're both kingsize!" Her hand wrapped around my cock as she lead me to the stairs, "Come on naughty penis,the dirty man's going to fuck his daughter with you" He! He!" . . . Goodnight you lot!