Danielle pt3


Danielle (pt. 3)
Dani said that she needed to pee too so I told her to go first, that I could wait. I leaned back against the counter top as she sat down to piss. She motioned me over towards her and when I got close enough she reached her arms around to my ass and pulled me closer. My cock slipped into her mouth and she began licking and sucking as I heard her piss start to stream into the toilet. My god I thought to myself, she’s not only well versed, she’s a nympho too! She continued sucking my cock till she was done pissing, then pushed me back so she could wipe her pussy. She got up off the toilet and I stepped up to the plate for my turn, I had to go really bad by now, and then I felt her come up behind me and reaching around she grabbed my cock, pointed it at the toilet and almost in a whisper said "piss". It took a lot to relax enough to piss but eventually I did and it seemed like it would never stop. "Dang" Dani said, "you were full, weren’t you!" I couldn’t help but laugh and she laughed with me. "Yah, I guess it was the beer this afternoon. My bladder got put on the back shelf when you made other plans for my cock!" I replied.
"Wow! You’ve got a hot tub in here Uncle James!" she said. Dani had never been in the master bedroom, she had only been to my house once or twice before and it had never occurred to me to bring it up. "Yes I do Dani, do you want to try it out?" I asked. "Heck yah I do" she replied. I started filling the tub and we went into the kitchen to get something to drink.

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I got Dani a glass of iced tea and made myself a whiskey and 7. We made small talk, all the while I was still feeling that I was in some surreal other world. We were getting to know each other, really know each other amid all this insane and highly illegal sex. I was still not sure what the hell I was doing or how this all happened but we made out way back to the tub and I added some bubble bath to heighten the experience. I lit some candles, turned down the lights and we slipped into the warm soapy water.
I turned on the jets and she giggled at first at the sensation but mostly we just sat there next to each other in the candle light, my arm wrapped around her shoulders and her head leaning against me. I took an occasional sip of my drink wondering what I had gotten into.
After maybe a half hour, I think I had actually napped briefly, and I knew Dani had, I could tell by her breathing, I felt a by now familiar hand holding my cock under the water. Not really playing with it just holding it to have something to hold I guess. I looked at Dani and she was looking at me and smiling. "What?" I asked. "Well," she said "we are in a bathtub right? So shouldn’t we be getting clean?" Holy hell I thought, this girl never stops!
"Well," I told her inmy best authoritative voice , "this is my house and if anybody is going to be washing anybody, I’m gonna be doing the washing! Now stand up and hand me that soap and washcloth. " Dani stood up, the soapy water streaming off her hard young body, looking like a goddess in the soft glow of candles. Her nipples visibly stiffened almost immediately in the relatively cooler air of the room as she handed me the soap and cloth. I stood up then too, she moved closer putting her arms around my waist and hugging herself into me, her face just barely up to my chest.

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I soaped up the cloth and began to wash her back, leaning down to caress her ass, spreading her cheeks to clean her little ass hole. She moaned as I spent extra time rubbing her back door opening. I could feel my cock, pressed against her, start to grow. I was so much taller than her that this was really awkward so I told her to sit on the edge of the tub and lean back against the wall. I sat down in the tub, and even though I was now below her, we were more closely matched. I washed her face and her arms, down her sides and spent time rubbing her pencil eraser nipples. She was leaning back, eyes closed as I began to wash her stomach and eventually her legs.
After I had washed her feet and calves I moved up to her thighs and when I started on them she slowly spread her legs for me to get the insides. I dutifully cleaned my little sex kitten, gently wiping her hairless pussy, getting more and more turned on again at the sight. I dropped the cloth into the tub and taking one of her knees in each hand I leaned in and began to lick at her pussy. She moaned and pushed her pussy towards me. I licked and sucked and probed her hole with my tongue. I nibbled on her clit. She had her hands on the back of my head as I continued bringing her closer to an orgasm, her head softly and rhythmically banging back against the wall.
She began to cum again, muttering "fuck me fuck me daddy daddy fuck me".

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   She was bucking her hips so hard that she slipped off the edge of the tub back down into the water before I could catch her. The way I was sitting in the tub and the way she landed we ended up with my throbbing cock lying tight along the length of her pussy slit. I held her head to my shoulder and moving my hips stroked my cock across her pussy lips till my cum erupted into the warm tub water my body twitching and heaving. I lay slumped over her for some time before either of us spoke or tried to move.



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