Danielle pt2


Danielle (pt. 2)
"You’re wearing too many clothes Uncle James. " she said as we sat on the couch, me still recovering from a fantastic hand and blow job from this pre-pubescent sex goddess. "When mommy is gone, daddy and I go naked and when I stay with Uncle Carl, we never wear clothes in the house". "Well," I said, "I don’t want to break any traditions. "
I stood up, my soft cock hanging out of the fly of my shorts. Dani sat on the couch and unsnapped my shorts, tucked my cock back into the fly and pulled my shorts and briefs down to my ankles as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. I sat back down and she got down on the floor on her knees to unlace my tennis shoes. She removed both of my shoes, my socks, shorts and underwear and set them all under the coffee table. She had turned around still on her hands and knees as she did this and now her tiny ass and pussy were staring straight at me. And vice versa. I was mesmerized by this skinny girl who had turned my world upside down in the span of less than an hour.
She stood up and faced me with a big smile on her face. "Was I good Uncle James?" she asked. "Honey, sweety, baby, you were fantastic. You are the best girl I have ever had.

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  " I told her with a big smile. And I wasn’t lying. I was finally realizing that the evening and night were going to be one long sex fest. "Well" I asked her, "what do you want to do now?". "mm, I’m kinda hungry" she said, "do you have anything to eat?" "I bet I do baby," I replied "let me go look in the kitchen. "
I came back from the kitchen, naked as a jay bird, cock swinging, with sandwiches, chips and drinks. Milk for her and a beer for me. I was feeling almost giddy by now. This was real. I was standing there, my cock hanging in the face of a little sex freak feeding her sandwiches and chips. She leaned out and pecked a little kiss on my cock. "Thats for you" she said, speaking to my cock. I laughed and told her "he like you too Dani, you’re his new best friend forever"
She laughed at that and we sat together on the couch eating and watching the end of the race. We talked about sex of course, she didn’t know much about racing. She told me all about her and her daddy and uncle, info I filed away in the back of my mind.

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   Under most circumstances it would have been way too much information but I was so intrigued I didn’t try to stop her. She just rattled on and on. And the more she told me the more turned on I got.
I got up and took our plates back into the kitchen. When I came back Dani was on her hands and knees again, this time in front of the tv, her ass and pussy pointing straight at me. That little hairless pussy and that little brown pucker of an ass hole. What a sight.
"Whatcha doing" I asked her. "Oh, looking for some porn, you said you had some, I want to watch. " she replied. "Well," I told her, "I keep that in the bedroom, you want to come watch some in the bedroom?" "Heck yes" she said and jumped up, running to grab my hand and lead me to my bedroom.
We sat up on the bed leaning back against the headboard, my one arm wrapped around her shoulder as we looked through my DVDs. "You know" she started giggling "you’re really big down there. A lot bigger than daddy or Uncle Carl. You’re like those guys in the movies.

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  " :"Well thank you very much miss Dani. " I replied as a thought began to form in my now lecherous deviant mind.
We selected a movie "School Girl Nymphs" and started watching. Soon enough I was hard again and told Dani that I wanted to play with her pussy. And boy did I want to. She simply said "Okay" and without any instructions from me laid on her back, her head toward the foot of the bed, tucked a pillow up under her slender hips to elevate her pussy and then she spread her legs.
I knelt between her legs my cock rubbing on the sheets and already oozing precum and began to explore her pussy. I knew from what she had told me during sandwiches that she was far from being a virgin but still, wow, what a sight that pussy was. I played with it with my fingers first, stroking the outer lips, rubbing on her clit and teasing her hole. I slipped a finger easily in and began finger fucking. She lay there her eyes closed as she slowly moved her hips up and down and around in circles as I stroked my finger in and out. I increased the pace as my own arousal grew and she responded in kind.
    Her breathing got faster and more shallow. Her hips gyrated faster and faster as I took one of her hands and guided it to her clit. She took the hint and began to rub her clit as I added another finger to fill her pussy even more.

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       This lasted maybe a minute, my two fingers pistoning in and out and her vigorously rubbing her clit before she exploded in climax.
    It was amazing to watch. This little child/woman cumming like an animal, her eyes squeezed tight shut, her hips bucking and jerking on my fingers, She began to grunt and was muttering "Fuck me fuck me fuck me oh yahh fuck me daddy. " I was so turned on that as her orgasm subsided and her pussy began to finally relax its grip on my fingers I slipped them out, grabbed my cock started jacking like a mad man and within seconds was spewing a wad of cum all over her belly and chest.
    She opened her eyes to see me, cock in hand stroking stream after stream of cum out of my cock and all over her. She just looked at me briefly before laying her head back and closing her eyes again, both of her hands moving across her belly and smearing my cum up all over her nipples and rubbing them round and round. I finished coming and lay down on top of her, supporting myself on one arm, rubbing my softening cock on her pussy with my hand and kissing her on the forehead, cheeks and lips.
    "Mmm baby, you are just too wonderful" I told her. She murmured something I couldn’t understand then began kissing me, We kissed for a long time, tongue thrashing kisses from hell, both of our bodies still on fire with passion. The smell of sex filled the room. My senses were in overload. One sensation I couldn’t drown out was the need to piss. Dammit I thought, why now? I reluctantly got out of bed to go to the bathroom with Dani following me.