Daddy Gets Put In His Place


Daddy Gets Put In His Place

I have a step daughter Tiffany 17yo. 5'1'' 110 lbs firm b cups tits and a nice round ass. She has always been the good two shoes type until high school. Then she discovered what her tight lil ass could get her in life. At the rate she is using it it won't last long.

I have been married to her mom for 5yrs. and it has been a great 5 especially with the flirting Tiff and I do behind her mom's back. I especially love times she comes and sits on my lap and tells me about her dates. These little date stories she usually goes into graphic detail and I think she does this just to be a cock tease. Many a nightshe has sit on my lap telling me how she blowed her bf and swallowed his load. Leaving me with a rock hard cock under her ass to squirm on and just smile at me like a demon.

Being Bi as for long as I can remember alot of my day is spent trolling the gay hookup sights. one morning I began chatting with this young man who was more interested in be sucked off and sniff my daughters panties as I sucked him. I had told him one of my fantasies was to suck a guy of in front of my daughter. We made plans for him to come by during the day while the wife worked and daughter wasat school.

When he arrived I could tell he was not more than 18 or 18 yo.

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   I had put on a pair of my daughters pink thongs and bra and met him at the door. We got down to business right away with me on my knees sucking his slim 7 in. uncut cock. all while he buried his nose in my daughters panty crotch sniffing and licking and telling me what he wanted to do to her. After about 10min. he dumped 7 squirts of the thickest cum down my throat. We said our goodbyes and agreed to hookup again.

Around 3pm my daughter came through the front door, home from school. I heard her chime I brought a friend home. Figuring it was one of her cut lil emo chick friends. I acknowleged her and went about my business. After finishing up I made my way to the living room to meet her friend, not wanting to be rude.
When I turned the corner and stepped into the living room, I felt all the blood drain from my face. He smiled and said Hi I'm Adam and at this point I knew i was in deep shit. He looked over at my daughter and said I believe we have met somewhere.

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   I replied maybe so I know everyone.

My daughter replied they were going to her room to study. I followed upwith you better be. As they walked from the room he gave a look over his shoulder that made me feel as though I were not in control of this.
After about an hour I slipped down the hall and eased her door open to se her splayed back legs open and this boy eating my daughter for all she was worth. God knows and went hard as a rock at this point. She was whimpering and he sounded as if he about to drown from the juices flowing from her young cunt.
Thinking as what a father should do I stepped into the room and cleared my voice, but he kept servicing my baby girl's snatch like a pro. Again I cleared my throat he looked up and said oh you hear to drain my balls again. I was horrified, my daughter rolled onto her side and said yeah I'd like to watch you suck his cock again ''wearing my panties''.
My daughter said on your knees you cock sucker get him good and hard for me. I slowly went to my knees and he positioned himself in front of me. My daughter reached out and took his semi hard cock in her hand, spit on it and guide it to my mouth. By this time I realized my fantasy was coming true.
She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me all the way down on him.

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   I was in a state of blisst this point, and I began to work his 7in in and out of my mouth. Adam commented babe I think daddy could show you some tricks. She giggled and said well guess he will be my bitch now.

She then bent over and told Adam to slide his cock in her, she was so wet. He slid it in slowly and she let out a low moan after a couple of strokes, she told him to let daddy taste his cocknow. He turned to me with his cock glistening with her juices actually dripping from him. I dove onto his cock cleaning every drop from his shaft to his balls. I savored every drop of her deliscious honey.

She then got over my face in a doggy position and said watch him fuck daddy and then you will get a surprise. I lay looking up at her beautiful snatch hovering over me as Adam moved in and planted his cock at her entrance. He ordered me to lick his cock and get it get and wet and I was to lick his shaft as he slid out.
He began his assault on her tight lil cunt, stretching it to what look like it's limit. Tiff moaned and squealed yelling fuck me like a slut and then she said daddy and I are your cum sluts whenever you like. After pounding her tight ass for sometime I heard the all tell grunting that he was filling my baby girl with his seed. Before he pulled out my daughter she ordered me to put my mouth to her pussy.

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   As I did he pulled out and she squatted right on my mouth, in her baby voice she said daddy clean my nasty pussy out please. This was better than any fantasy I could have dreamed. I lapped and sucked as she pushed down with her pussy muscles squeezing every last drop out for me.

She giggled saying I think you liked that didn't you? You fucking perve! And I did I loved every drop of it. Adam added I hope so cause your going to clean her ass next. he squirted some lube onto his fingers and slipped one into her brown little hole,then two and then three. He was really loosing her up quick. Adam replied she loves her ass fucked and hard too. Tiff reached out and pulled my fingers to her moist hole and said finger my cunt while he fucks my ass. I quickly eased two finger into her pussyshe clamped down slightly. I thought god how could she still be this tight.

Adam began to move into place and take aim at her ass he pushed into her in one motion she shreiked out and then began panting fuck meeeeeeeee! YES YES FUCK MY ASS BABY. Fill me with your hot spunk so i can shit it into my daddys mouth. Adam wasn't lasting long this time I could tell. he gripped her ass and pulled into her hard.

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   She screamed and flooded my hand with her juices. His cockplopped from her hole and she rolled over on top of my face. Asshe squatted over me cum had already began to seep from her hole she grunted and beared down and I was rewarded with a mouthful of the young mans love juice.
After rubbing her ass all over my mouth and having me to suck her asshole to get every bit. She rolled to the side and told me to lick Adam's cock clean. I dove onto his manhood which was already growing hard again. I licked every square inch of his cock and balls. Tiffany then handed me the lube and said you better lube that ass good cause he is gonna tear your ass up.

I was excited but also had a sick feeling as I had never been fucked in the ass. Adam ordered me onto my hands and knees and I complied. I asked him to be easy, He only laughed and said you get however I give it. This was followed by him ramming the full length of his meat up my ass. Trying to shake the pain my daughter cheered him on to fuck that boy pussy. After a few minutes the pleasure started coming to me. My God I was thoroughly enjoying this kid plowing my ass, now I new why my daughter liked it so much.

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   Tiring out he stated here it comes daddy. The heat that filled my bowels was unbelievable. He pulled out only to have my daughter scooping his cum as it ran out and feed it to me.
Adam got up and began to get his clothes on and said same time tomorrow. Tiff answered of course and daddy will have something sexy on for you. I knew I was now at her complete mercy and she was going to make the most of it.

My first story
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