Confessions of a Sinful Priest


I had been a pastor in the Chicago area for the last 7 years. I had moved up here from good-hope, Alabama, a town located a few miles west of Mobile, with my wife and four children when I was finally assigned my own church. Thing had been going great. The congregation had grown more than 3folds since I took over and we had just broken ground on a new multi-million dollar state of the art church to be built not far from where we are currently located. Yes things were going just fine until Katrina Simpson, one of our newest members, came into my office and into my life and nearly caused my whole world to crumble down in a very short and quick time. To show you how the devil works his evil magic let me tell you what happened.
                It was Monday April 12th 8:30pm. I had just finished a meeting with Kevin T. , one of my most trusted stewards. We were putting the finishing touches on a new church initiative that we had intended to present to the Deacon board at the next meeting on Thursday. Katrina came to my office in tears and wanted to speak to me alone about a private issue. Since Kevin and I were finished he said he was headed home to get some rest so that he could get up a go to his full time job the next morning with the post-office. That left Katrina and I alone to discuss her situation. After I calmed her down and got her to stop crying so hard she was able to tell me that she was upset that she had found out earlier that day that Stanley, her husband of 6 months, had been cheating on her since the day they met. To make matters worst he had not only slept with other women, some of which she had known personally, there was also evidence that Stanley had been engaging in sexual activity with a known neighborhood transsexual named Carmen. Katrina had asked Stanley what was it about her that would make him want to cheat and sleep with just about anyone and every thing.

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   They argued back and forth and eventually Stanley told her that she gave terrible head and was unimaginative in bed and he wanted and needed someone who could make his toes curl. Of course Katrina felt less than a woman to be outdone in the sex area by even another man dressed up to look like a woman. I tried as hard as I could to convince Katrina that the thoughts she were having were the work of the devil himself and that she was a beautiful attractive and dynamically strong black woman and that she should not let this incident destroy her self-confidence.
At times I think I was reaching Katrina but at other times I couldn’t stop her from crying. I had run out of tissue and I excused myself to go to the storage room real quick to get a fresh box of Kleenex. When I returned. Katrina had removed her sweater and had unbuttoned her blouse. She either was not wearing a bra in the first place or she had removed it also. Either way she revealed to me the most beautiful pair of size40d breast that I had ever seen. I must confess that I thought she was “blessed in the chest” when she and her husband came forward as we opened the doors of the church to new members during service about 3months ago. Of course I couldn’t say what I was thinking it would not have been very professional or ethical of me…would it?
Now mind you I am a happily married man of the cloth with children. My marriage like any other marriage goes through some trying times. I know my wife gets fed up with the long hours I spend at the church at times and I have been spending even more time at the church since we decided to undertake the building of a new sanctuary. This pissed my wife off to the max. So much that she had taken herself and the two smallest of our children back to Good-hope Alabama for a couple of weeks.

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   It just so happened that her leaving was in timed with Spring Break and I was able to cover that up by saying that she took the Kids to see the grandparents over Spring break. In fact it had been almost a little over a month from the last time my wife and I made love to the time that Katrina came into my office. Like most men who have waited that long between sexual releases I was easily placed in a state of arousal. But back to the incident at hand.
I had reminded Katrina that she was in the house of the lord and that kind of behavior was not appropriate. Katrina looked at me and said “ I know where I am…maybe it’s the little devil in me needing to be exorcised by the juices of your loins…aren’t you going to save me from my sinful self reverend?” I was shocked. I began to insist that Katrina put back on her shirt. She said “if you want it on me. . . you come and put it on me. While you’re at it come and put my panties on me too…oops I aint wearin no panties . . . guess you have to put my skirt on me only then” with that she took off her skirt and revealed a completely shaved bronze colored pussy.

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   My cock instantly stood up at attention and she noticed the large bulge of my 9. 5-inch curled up snake showing in the print at the front of my pants. She said. . . ooh reverend looks like that evil serphant snake wants to come out and punish my naughty pussy…ohh reverend Ray please spank me for I have been a bad bad girl…I touch myself like this all the time” she reached down and place the middle finger of her right hand between her legs and into her pussy then placed her finger into her mouth, tasting her own sweet pussy necter. Upon tasting her own juices she let a sensual moan then said. . . ”So reverend is it a sin to taste my own pussy juice and fuck myself with my hand,” I told her that she was wrong and that she needed some guidance in her life…to which she said. . . ” I don’t think I need guidance…I need a good spankin…will you spank me reverend…I need it so bad” by now my cock was harder than reinforced steel surrounded by layers of concrete. I knew it was wrong but by now I only wanted to bend Mrs. Simpson over my office desk and fuck her as hard as I humanly could from the rear.

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   I think she sensed that I was going to participate in her game since I didn’t forcibly put her out of my office. She walked up to me and I was frozen in place. I know it sounds corny in this day and age but I had only been intimate with one woman prior to meeting and subsequently marrying my wife. I had never actually met any woman that was as aggressive as Katrina was…I must admit that I liked it…I really liked it. Katrina reached down to my crotch area and undid my zipper and belt. As she lowered my pants to my ankle she simultaneously dropped to her knees in front of me. My cock was sticking straight out and it was level to Katrina’s mouth. Katrina griped my cock and stroked it with both hands and then kissed the head gently and said…”oh reverend what could you like me to do to show how much I appreciate you showing me your guidance in my hot sensual moment of need”…O. K by now I had gotten into this bad preacher role and had made the choice to play along. I told her to “remain on her knees and worship the item that you so beholdth in your hand my child. ”  She said, “but reverend my mama told me the good book said I should not worship anything but God” I told her “silence my unworthy child!!! You are to speak no more…thy shall only suck gently on my hard pulsating shaft of pleasure until my seed of life is released within that unholy mouth of yours…only upon swallowing the seed of my loin will you be worthy to address me. ” With that I violently pulled Katrina by the back of her hair, forcing her mouth to come open. I then shoved my cock down her throat until the base of my shaft could no longer be seen. I held it in place like that until I heard Katrina about to gag then I pulled my cock out so she could get her breath. Before she knew it I had again pulled her hair back and shoved my shaft deep inside of her mouth this time she was prepared and did not gag.

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   This went on for about 18 minutes; Katrina was quite the skillful cocksucker she knew just how to take this meat down her throat without gagging.   Katrina said upon me letting her come up for her next breath of air “oh good reverend may I have the honor of removing your shoes so that I may worship your feet by bestowing a kiss upon them. I thought, damn I had never had my feet sucked before my wife always said that was nasty and that I was lucky she let me put my dick in her mouth ever so often. Of course I said yes to Katrina I was will do almost anything she wanted to do. When she undid my shoe she also removed my pants so that we were both naked. She stood up with my pants in her hand and walked over toward the office door, I thought she was going to turn the lights down but instead she opened the door and said as she ran out. ” if you want your pants come and get them” like a kid I fell for the trick and chased her. We ended up in the sanctuary…O. K I know this is the lowest of lows but that’s where we ended up. She stopped running or I caught her right at the front row of seats. I caught her from behind and cupped those 40d titties in the palm of my hands. I had never touched such large soft beautiful breast. I didn’t know exactly how to handle them, she must have sensed it as she told me to squeeze he nipples hard. I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. I told her she was being very bad by running into the sanctuary.

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   Katrina pulled away from my hold and went to the front row of seats and placed both her knees on the seat and bent her body over the back of the row of prubes. She then said. ” you’re right I am being bad and I should be punished don’t you think so reverend”. The sight of her bent over the prubes with all that ass and pussy exposed to me from the rear got my blood boiling. I grabbed my belt from my pants wrapped it around my hand so that only about a foot or so was showing and I approached her from the rear. I place my hands on her back to steady myself as I plunged my hard cock deep inside her hot box. That had to be the warmest, smoothest, tightest pussy ever made. My cock fit inside her like a glove, like it was meant to be there. I began stroking her pussy with my cock. In and out I went deeper and deeper I went with ever stroke. I realized that I was hitting the back of her pussy wall and I was not all the way in. . . . I still had about four inches of cock meat that had not been inserted inside Katrina’s pussy walls.

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   Katrina was screaming “oh shit. . . oh shit that hurts…you’re too big …oh daddy that hurts so good. . . fuck that pussy reverend…bless that pussy with your cock…oh. . . holy shit. . . I going to cum I going to cum” with that I took the belt I was holding and smacked her hard on her ass…she said ouch Oh shit…spank it baby spank that ass…I smacked her again and told her. . .

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  I didn’t say you could cum yet…don’t you cum yet you unholy wench… and I smacked her twice this time on her ass even harder than before…she said I’m sorry reverend I won’t cum I won’t cum til you let me. . . I told her to shut-up and take this dick…She said “yes baby” and I reached back and smacked her hard on her ass again with the belt and said “didn’t I say shut up…I don’t want to hear nothing but my balls hitting your ass” and with that I smacked her ass again. I was getting into this when she pushed back, nearly knocking me to the floor and into the church drum set. As she was pushing away I heard her say “oh no I can’t take it I’m cuming hard. . . ” She pushed away and ran toward the alter. I caught her from behind lowered her to the floor where I reached under thighs pushed her legs back toward her ears, exposing nothing but pussy and pumped my 9. 5inches of man meat all the way into her soaking wet pussy. I held her legs up to her head as I positioned myself to fuck her froggy style. I pumped her pussy hard and fast for what seemed like at least 30mins straight. In the middle of my attack of her pussy ironically all she could say was “oh god …Oh god…I’m cuming Ohhh I cuming…fuck me damit fuck this pussy reverend…shit here I cum again…. ohhhhh shit I cuming” By now we were both sweating like pigs sweat was dripping from my body onto hers, sweat was dripping from my forehead getting into my eyes and burning like hell I couldn’t see and I was too into fucking Katrina to bother with wiping my face, besides the sweat would only come back.

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    I continued fucking Katrina hard and fast and then I realized she had not said a word in about a few minutes. I looked down as I pumped the pussy harder and deeper faster and faster, and I could see Katrina’s eyes rolled to the back of her head tears were coming from her eyes in between the beads of sweat, she was no longer breathing from her mouth she could only breath thru her nose as she was grasping for air with her mouth. At that point I knew I had just about fucked the shit out her and it was time for me to get my nutt on…That didn’t take long I only had to look down and those size 40twins bouncing from side to side and look at how deep I was putting this cock inside of her with every stroke and it was enough to bring me to the point of no return…I felt my balls filling with cum as I concentrated on bringing myself to a finish. I was just about there when I pulled out reached up and grabbed Katrina’s head, pulled her by her hair and shoved my cock down her throat. This time as Katrina bobbed her head to accept my cock offering I released at least a gallon of hot steaming man seed down her throat. To my surprise Katrina was able to swallow every last bit of my cum juice. Finally, when the last drop of my seed had been lapped up by Katrinas eager and talented mouth we both just fell out right there on the alter. As we cooled down, I looked over at her and told her “ you my child are now worthy to speak in this holy temple” Katrina smiled and said “ Shit you damn right I’m worthy reverend…can I get the preacher to say amen” I said Amen sister Amen. We both laugh a bit as we lay there.
I knew I would never look at this church pulpit the same again, knowing how I had sinned on the holiest of ground. I also knew that I could never see my wife sitting in the first row of prubes again, you see the spot where I was spanking Katrina’s ass with my belt was the exact seat that my wife sits in every Sunday service. It just won’t be the same.
When Katrina and I got up from the floor of the alter and composed ourselves we made it back to my office where we showered and got redressed. I offered Katrina a ride home, as I had realized that it was a little past 11pm. On the ride home I told Katrina that I was wrong to take advantage of her like that and that I should have been stronger and offered her more guidance to solving her problem with her husband and that if she would trust me as her spiritual leader I would make amends to her by counseling her and husband in marriage counseling with the ultimate goal of restoring the strong marriage and the vows they had taken with each other.

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   Katrina looked at me and said as we pulled into her drive way that she had something to tell me. She said that she and her husband were not having marital problems. She had lied and made up the story. In fact she said her husband was away on business in some town called good-hope Alabama and that he should be home in a couple of days. Katrina said she was horny as hell as her husband left for his trip while she was on her period and she didn’t get a chance for a “hook-up” she knew that my wife had been out of town on vacation with the children, as word had passed among the congregation, and she thought that I would be as horny as she was. She was right. As Katrina got out the car I couldn’t help but smile and think “Damn”…I knew it was just too much of a co-incidence that my wife and Katrina’s husband went to the same small town in bum-fuck Alabama at the same time. I also knew that there was no way I could confront my wife with my suspicions without arousing suspicions about how I came about my knowledge. I guess this is the only means I have to confess my sins. I know it was wrong, I know I should not have let the devil work his tricks, I know that someday the secret of this event will eat at my insides, I know all these things, but I also know that I am human and humans sometime behave bad…but damn it felt so good to behave so bad this time!!!…Thank you for listening to my confession.  



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