Coaching volleyball


I am a senior in college and I have been coaching a girls club volleyball team for the past few years. None of them had played volleyball before so I pretty muchtaught them everything they know. Since I have been with them for so long I was able to watch first hand as the girls started to develop their bodies.
Our first tournament wascoming up but I was still on winter vacation and could not move in yet. The team mom allowed me to stay at their house the night before the tournament. When I arrived I chatted with the team mom then went down stairs. Alissa, Stefanie, Chloe, and Rebecca where all down there. They were all sleeping over.
Alissa is by far the most developed, she could easily pass for several years older than she was. She was also one of my favorite players due to her hard work ethic. Stefanie was the bitch of the team. But her body was fantastic. Small round ass with perky tits. The only reason she couldn’t pass for being older is because of her face which still looked very childish. Chloe barley stood at 5 feet tall and was just developing what was going to be a fantastic body. Chloe was also the most curious out of the bunch.

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   Last year at a team party while I was taking a piss, I heard the door open. I saw Chloe looking in but pretended not to see to let her get a good look at my cockafter a few second I tried to hide it “Chloe what the hell are you doing?” “O sorry coach I didn’t know you were in here” The last girl Rebecca hasn’t started to develop much but her body was a stick. I would have thought she never ate unless I saw just how much she ate at tournaments.
As Iwent downstairs I saw all the girls crowded around a computer. “whoa look at them go” Chloe shouted in excitement. I looked over the girls heads to catch them watching porn. Two guys were giving it roughly to another girl. “Hey girls what are watching” They all turned to see my Rebecca’s face turned red, she was obviously uncomfortable with the porn. All the other girls laughed and told me to watch it with them. I was trying to act all cool but soon I felt pressure build in my cock. It wasn’t so much the video but it was Chloe who hand both her hands inbetween her legs starting to rub softly.
“Girls can I get you anything” It was Alissa’s mom coming down the stairs. The girls quickly shut the porn off before her mom could see. “No were good”
The girls decided to watch a movie. During the movie Alissa was resting her head on my lap.

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   I don’t know my but this was turning me on. I tried to think of other things but soon enough my cock was pushing against Alissa’s cheek. She sat up and put her hand toward my crotch to see what woke her up. She squeezed hard making me wince. Her eyes went wide and exclaimed loudly “girls he has a boner” Chloe was the first to jump up “can I see”
“No girls stop” But all the girls, except for Rebecca, were jumping on me wrestling me to the ground.
    This turned me on even more giving me a full hard on. Finally I stopped fighting and gave in. Chloe unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. “Wow” The girls eyes were wide as they looked at my 7 inch hard on.
    Alissa, Stefanie, and chloe started to stroke it up and down. “Wait we need to spit on it like in the video”The girls all started to spit on my cock and continued to jerk it up and down. I had two hands on my cock and one playing on my balls. Rebecca wasn’t going to join in but Chloe grabbed her hand and put in on my cock. She immediately started to stroke my shaft.
    “I want to put my mouth on it like that slut did in the video” Chloe opened up wide and my cock entered her mouth.

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       She didn’t get it very deep but I was in heaven having these girls play with me. They all took their turn. Alissa was pretty good she was getting half way down my shaft. Again, Rebecca didn’t want to but Stefanie grabbed her by the her and shoved her toward my cock. She started sucking and was actually the best out of all of them.
    I couldn’t take it any more. Stefanie was jacking me off so fast that I was about to cum “OH SHIT HERE IT COMES!!!” right before I shot my loud I pulled Chloe’s head forward. Rope after rope of cum hit her face. I had never came as hard as I just did. “Well aren’t u all gonna taste it I told them” All the girls started to lick my cum off of Chloe’s face.
    This is a great start to what is going to be a great night ahead.



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