Coaching Volleyball part 2


Part 2
I could not fall asleep thinking about what had just happened. The more I thought about it the harder I got. I heard the toilet in the bathroom flush I decided to go see whoit was. Alissa open up the door. Before she could say anything I started to kiss her. At first she didn’t no what to do but then she started to kiss back. She has a boyfriend so I know she has some experience kissing. I lifted her up and sat her down on the sink of the bathroom. I started to kiss her neck. When I got to her ear I whispered “Im gonna fuck you” To my surprise she nodded. I pulled off her pants and my own. She was already wet and I went down and lick it good. Her moans became louder and closer together. Soon her whole body was convulsing forward. She was trying to make a noise but she couldn’t help it “Oooooooooo it feels so good”I stopped licking. “Please don’t stop I want more” “Don’t worry theres a lot more to come” I place my cock on the outside of her pussy and started to rub it up and down.

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   I started to push forward but was stopped by her cherry. “This may hurt a bit at first but I promise it will feel good” I counted to three and slowly pushed my cock breaking her cherry. Once I was through I started to thrust hard and fast. I could feel tears coming out of her eyes but she did not ask me to stop. Her pussy was so tight that it was only a few minutes when I felt my self losing control. I had all intentions of pulling out but it was feeling so good. I shot my cum into her tight wet pussy. She was dizzy after wards to I helped her to her bed. Cum was leaking out of her pussy leaving a trail from the bathroom to the bedroom.
I dosed off for an hour or so but woke up horny again. The furthest room in the back was the room Stefanie was sleeping in. I decided that it would be a good idea to go play with her tight ass for a bit and see where it would lead. When I got in her room I took off her shorts while she slept. I was massaging her great ass when she came too. “Coach? What are you doing?” “Im gonna fuck you if your ok with it?” Ithink she thought was dreaming and replayed “Please do.

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   I want it so bad” I started to lick her cunt just like I did with Alissa. I figuredit would be good to give them something good sothey keep asking for it even when im tearing open their pussy. She came hard and immediately fell asleep. I started to spank her ass to wake her up. Finally she woke again “ Now its my turn” I flipped her over on her stomach and placed my cock on the outside. “on The count of three im gonna break your cherry” As I was saying this to myself I thought of all the bitchy comments that she makes and all the time she waste at practice. I was not gonna take it easy on her like I did with Alissa. “Three…. . Two” At two I rammed my cock in so deep. I heard a muffled scream from her pillow. I didn’t let up. I pounded it hard and fast. “Please stop please stop” She kept saying it over and over again into her pillow. “What I cant hear you.

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   Don’t stop is that what your saying?” By know I had already cummed twice in the night so I had some endurance built up. Im not totally sure but I think Stefanie passed out but at this point I really didn’t care. I shot a huge loud into her pussy. When I pulled out her bed became soaked with my cum. She was definitely passed out. I picked her up and moved her body. I laid her face right into the wet spot of her body to remind her what happened when she wakes up.
I was woken from a deep sleep only to find Chloe had removed my pants and was stoking my cock to making me hard “Chloe what are you doing?” “I heard you having sex with the others. So I want it too. But first your gonna lick my pussy just like you did with Alissa and Stefanie”She sat down on my face. I could barely breath but it didn’t stop me from licking. I reaching up and started to twist her little tits. She erupted into a loud orgasm “FUCK O FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD FUUUUCKKK” “SHHHHHHHHHH your gonna wake up the whole house” She didn’t care . she immeditly positioned herself over my cock and rammed it into her whole. Within the first few thrusts I broke her cherry.

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   She was riding it like a pro. With each thrust more and more of my cock went inside of her. She finally got all the way down to my balls. I couldn’t hold out much longer “Im gonna cum!!!” “Don’t cum in me I don’t want to get pregnant” she tried to get off my cock but I grabbed her waist and continued to fuck her.
    I blew my loud deep in her pussy. She started crying “Don’t worry you wont get pregnant, it was your time, that almost never happens” She kept crying but eventually fell asleep on top of me with my cock stuffed inside of her.
    My alarm went off at six. At some point chloe must have gotten up and went back to bed. I walked toward the bathroom to start getting ready but as I passed one of the bedrooms I saw All the girls in the room naked. Alissa had Rebecca’s head shoved into her pussy making her lick it. “You took all of our virginity so know its Rebecca’s turn” Chloe said “No please I don’t want to lose it yet” As she was pleading Alissa shoved her face deeper into her cunt. I didn’t want to do something that she didn’t want to do but the other girls were right she needed to give something up “Well there are other things that can be down, I think I have an idea, I promise your cherry will be unharmed” I told chloe to start to spit and lick her ass whole. At the same time Stefanie was making my cock wet by sucking on it. After a few minutes I positioned my cock right outside her ass hole. “This will hurt a little.

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       Alissa keep her mouth on her pussy your gonna have to muffle her screams” I started to force my cock into her ass hole. I would go in slowly then pull it out. I didn’t want to do any damage. With each entre Rebecca let out a painful moan. After a while I had about three inches in her asshole. I started to pump hard. It was amazing how tight her asshole was. I fucked three virgins tonights but nothing was as tight as Rebecca’s asshole. I finally got about 4 inches in when I could not take it any more. Alissa started to orgasm from the forced pussy lick. With that I lost it. I came hard filling her ass up. I grabbed Stefanies head and told her to lick the cum off her ass which she did without me repeating it.
    Within an hour we were crammed into the car off to the tournament. I couldn’t get the smile off my face knowing that this was only the beginning of the day.

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