CBT with Jack and Kirsty - Chapter II


"Hi Kirsty" I said as I approached her. "Hi, Mr. Dempsey" she replied. "I tell you what, why dont you call me JD, its easier and less formal than Mr. Dempsey okay" I remarked. "OK but whilst my Dad's around I better call you Mr. Dempsey because he will shout at me if I call adults by their first names" Kirsty replied. Fine, by me I thought. I can't put that kind of upbringing down. Not many kids were as well behaved as this one now days. "Is your Dad inside?" I asked as we stepped into the kitchen. "Yaaa, I'll call him for you, excuse me whilst I put my school stuff in my room" she said as she ran down the passage way and disappeared into her bedroom. She appeared moments later and shouted out aloud. "Dad Mr. Dempsey is here". I heard a faint response and Jim appeared from out the front.

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   Jim was an only parent. Tragicly Kirsty's mother had died when she was three and Jim was doing the best he can to raise KIrsty alone. "Hey, Hi Jack" he said to me. I greeted him and suggested we get on as we had a lot to cover. He looked at Kirsty and told her to go get seated by the computer. "So will you be here this afternoon or will you be down at the store?" I asked innocently. "Well I should have be here but as luck would have it my assistant needs to see the Dentist this afternoon so I better go and watch the store until she gets back if that's okay with you" he said. Okay with me I thought, shit it doesn't get any better than this. "Umm no problem Jim, how long do you think you will be gone?" I asked again. "Oh not more than about 2 hours I shouldn't think" I smiled "That's fine. I need to be gone by 4. 45pm so that's no problem then". Jim smiled and we walked out the kitchen door into the driveway. "Well I better head off. You have my number if you need me" he said.

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   "Sure no problem" I said and waved goodbye as he drove off down the driveway. I went back inside and walked into the study. Kirsty was already sitting at the computer playing her favourite game. She looked up and smiled as I walked passed her and put my carry bag and software down on the floor. I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders and shook her playfully. "And how are you today young lady?" I asked with a smile. "Fine thank you. I had a cool day at school and we didn't get any homework today" she replied in a confident and friendly voice. She spoke to me as if she had known me for ages. It was a good sign that she trusted me as her friend. "That's very cool, so we have plenty of time to play today huh?" I popped the subject to see if things were still cool between us. "Yaaaa. . . .

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  " she said with a smile. "When I finished my game"I laughed and sat down beside her and watched her at play. As her fingers moved feverishly over the games console I stared at her and took in every inch of her petite young body. She looked so innocent sitting there in her school dress. I brought my hand up and played with her pig tails and she tossed her head from side to side occasionally in response. "Do you like wearing pigtails?" I asked. "Not really but we have to for school""Can I let your hair down for you then?" I suggested. "Sure if you want" she said without blinking an eye. She was concentrating so much on her game that she didn't notice me take out the elastic bands from her hair and let it fall naturally on her back. I sat down as I did the previous day with my back to the PC so I could watch her face as she played her game. Her eyes twinkled like starts and her mouth moved into various shapes as she skillfully outran the demons chasing her on the screen. I was about to turn around to see what was happening when she said "Nuts, the game is over" and put the console down and looked at me. She smiled slightly and then looked down at her hands. She became very shy all of a sudden and sat quietly, waiting for me to say or do something. I plucked up courage and reached up puttinng my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her towards me. 

   As we closed in I watched as she closed her eyes and parted her ruby lips. She had learnt very well. Our lips touched and instantly my cock sprang to attention in my pants seeking out some action. I kissed her mouth slowly and let her lead with her tongue inside my mouth. My god she was so hot and sensual. The feeling of her tongue in my mouth sent me on fire. I shifted my cock with my other hand as it was becoming painfully twisted in my trousers. Kirsty put her arms around my neck and pulled me in close. I responded by putting my arms around her small body and I hugged her as we kissed. I had a hunch that we were going to go a lot further than yesterday and decided to change the location as the study wasn't a suitable place to have sex. I held her tight and stood up, picking her up in my arms as we continued to kiss. I carried her down the passage to the door she disappeared into earlier and pushed it open with my foot. Yes, it was her bedroom. Typical of a young teenage girl. Posters everywhere of pop idols and other sexy beasts that were ripped out of various teen Mags.

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   I placed her gently on her bed and she didn't move. She just looked up at me, her eyes never leaving mine. I reached down and removed her shoes and socks. I sat down on the bed next to her and ran my hand up her leg, squeezing her gently as I moved slowly upwards. "Kirsty Do you remember yesterday when you messed your pants?" I asked her quietly. Kirsty slapped her hands over her face and giggled aloud hiding her eyes from mine. I laughed with her. "Do you know why that happened?" I asked her. Kirsty still had her hands over her face and she shook her head from side to side. "Well it was because your body liked what I was doing to it and as a reward made you feel really fuzzy and cool, do you remember that bit?" I questioned her again. Kirsty nodded her head in response. "Well I want you to feel like that again today but this time ten times better, okay?" I said softly. Kirsty nodded again but continued to cover her face with her hands. I let her stay like that as I unbuttoned the front of her dress and pulled the top open, exposing her tiny bra. "Sit up a second sweetie" I said and Kirsty pushed herself up into a sitting position.

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  I pulled the top of her dress down over her shoulders and reached behind her and unclipped her bra. It fell forwards and I pulled it off her and tossed it onto the floor. "Okay you can lie back down again now" Kirsty fell backwards on to the bed. Her hands went up to her face again. It was clear she was too shy to watch what I was going to do to her and in a way I was happy about that. Maybe next time, if there was to be a next time, I would insist she watched everything. Right now I was hungry, my cock was aching and this young virgin was ready for the taking. I leant over and moved her arms away from her chest. She responded but continued to cover her eyes with a silly grin on her face. I went down and started to kiss her gently around her breasts. My tongue came out and I could tasted the slight acrid burn of deodorant in my mouth. I kissed her breasts and then started licking and sucking gently on each nipple. I wasn't watching her response and I suddenly felt her hands holding the back of my neck. She held me for a moment and then pulled me against her breasts as if to acknowledge the feeling this was giving her. I looked up and hers eyes were shut and her mouth slightly open.

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  I crawled up next to her on the bed and continued applying soft kisses on her breasts as I let my hand move back down to her knees. I pushed my hand in between her legs and slid it upwards under her dress until I felt the hot moist area of her cotton panties. Kirsty almost coughed as my hand made contact with her mound. I started rotating my knuckle in a circle, pushing against her puffy nub and at the same time I sucked gently on her nipples. I distinctly heard a faint moan emanate from her lips and looked up at her. What a sight. Kirsty was lying there, eyes shut and lips parted and breathing as if she had just run a marathon. This young damsel had obviously developed at an early age and was experiencing everything that a young adult female would feel in the same position, and surprisingly she was enjoying it. I felt for the elastic waist band of her cotton panties under her school dress and was about to pull them down when I was met with some resistance for the first time. Kirsty slammed her hand down on top of mine and just said"Uhh Uhhh". I took that as a no! I pulled my hand away from the top of her panties and put it back where it was, rubbing her crotch from in between her legs. After a short while I could feel a moist slimey spot starting to appear where my finger was rubbing her. It was difficult to get access to her cunt as she kept her legs tightly closed against my gyrating hand. I let my hand work its magic as best I could as I watched her closely. Her lips were moving as if she was whispering something and her eyes were tightly shut.

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   I was sure she was soon going to climax but I didn't want her to just yet. There was still lots to do. I pulled my hand away from under her dress and put my arm around her hugging her against me. She opened her eyes and smiled and we kissed some more. I reached down with my right hand and unbuckled my belt, opened my trousers and pulled my cock free of my underwear. I then reached out and felt for her left hand and guided it to my exposed penis. Her small hand encircled my shaft and squuezed it tight. This she liked because she had done this before. She started to stroke my cock like she did the previous day. I had an idea that might gain me access to her pussy and I was willing to give it a try. I sat up quickly and removed my shoes and trousers leaving my boxers on and lay back down beside her. She quickly returned her hand to my shaft and continued to play with it. It was very obvious Kirsty liked doing this to me rather than me playing with her. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly pumped my hips to each thrust of her hand. In a slow but positive movement I rolled over under Kirsty pulling her on top of me.

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   As I pulled her on top of me she let go of my cock and lay with her head on my chest. I reached down and pulled up her dress so that her butt was exposed. I squeezed her cheeks with both hands and slowly drew circles on her butt through the cotton material of her panties with my fingers. She clenched her cheeks and giggled as I tickled her. "You have a very cute ass young lady" I said breaking the silence. "Uh huh" was the only reply as I felt a spot of dribble land on my chest from her mouth. "Can I play with your cute bum then?" I asked her. "Yaaaa . . " Kirsty replied. This kind of banter between us was they way she liked to play, as if I have to ask her for permission to continue. If it was going to get me into her panties then why not. I pushed my hands down slowly dipping under the elastic of her cotton undies and ran my fingers over the naked flesh of her bum cheeks, squeezing her and pulling her hips hard against my cock, which was positioned just below her belly button at this time. I pushed my hand lower in between the crack of her ass letting my middle finger slide around and move over her tiny anus. She flinched slightly as I touched it making a "Gnnnnnnn" sort of sound as she raised her head and dropped it again.

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   One leg raised into the air and dropped again. I rubbed her hole gently with my finger to gain her confidence and then I continued the trek south. As I reached deeper around the corner I felt the slimy wetness of her hairless pussy and my finger dipped into her molten slit. "Uhhggmmmmmmm" was all she said as I started to move my hand back and forth using my finger like a small cock to slide along her slit. She hugged me tight with both her arms and buried her face into my hairy chest. I started to buck upwards slowly with my hips and removed my hand from inside her panties. With both hands I grabbed her by her bum cheeks and pulled her higher up my chest so that my cock sprung free in between her legs. I was starting to tremble slightly and felt the urge to penetrate her in some way. My cock was covered with pre cum and it needed satisfying. Kirsty just lay on top of me like a sack of potatoes, unmoving, not really knowing what to do. I reached down with my right hand grabbing at the piece of cotton underwear that covered her pussy and with one finger pulled it to one side exposing her wet mound. I then used my middle finger and pushed it into her wet slit, sliding it up and down again. My cock was positioned about an inch away between her legs and I tucked a finger around it's head and pulled it against Kirsty's wet crack. I pushed and shoved as hard as I could and felt the head of my cock enter Kirsty's pussy lips about a quarter of an inch if that. I wasn't having any luck in this position so I decided to give up and play it a different way.


  I stopped moving completely and lay there for a while breathing hard. I pushed Kirsty up slightly so that I could see her face. "Hey sweetie, do you want to take a look at my thingy? Seeing as you have already touched it" I asked her. "How must I do that?" she asked inquisitively. "Just turn yourself around on top of me, stay lying like you are now but facing the other way and then you can see it close up and touch it again if you want to" I said reassuringly. With that Kirsty got up and did a one-eighty and lay back down on top of me, her school dress draped over my face. "Kirsty I am going to push your dress up because its covering my face and I cant breathe, okay?" I said. Kirsty looked back at me, smiled and said "Okay" and lay back down with her head on its side, on my hip, staring at my cock about three inches from her face. She played with it with her fingers pulling my stiff shaft back and letting it go again like a catapult. I let her amuse herself whilst I pushed her dress up high over her butt so that it was freely accessable. She still had her panties on and this was becoming an obstacle for me. She had one leg draped over my left shoulder and the other over my right shoulder, her pussy about four inches directly in front of my face and I wanterd it. I reached up and pulled again at her panties and again she let go of my dick and grabbed my hand forcing it away from her underwear. It became obvious that Kirsty was not going to lose her under garments this time. I was slightly annoyed and relaxed as she continued to toy with my cock.

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   I decided to give it a rest and lay watching her as she played with me. "Will you give it a kiss for me Kirsty" I said in a low husky voice. "Kiss it. . ewwww noo" was her reply. "Sure go on, I promise you will enjoy it, it doesn't taste bad I promise you" I said reassuring her. Kirsty held my cock in her right hand and studied it for a while then lunged at it and planted a quick half second tight lipped kiss on the head. "Ohh that was nice" I joked "Now how about a longer one?". She did it again, and again, each time kissing it a little longer than before. Eventually, she would hold it with her hand and press her lips hard against the head for about five seconds pretending to French kiss. It felt amazing and my hips shuddered as I tried to get her to blow me. "Kirsty, if you want to French kiss it you should open your mouth and use your tongue like you did in my mouth, remember?" With that Kirsty opened her mouth as wide as she could and took my cock in slowly. Careful making sure not to close her mouth around my shaft. She then touched my dick head with her hot little tongue and started to prod and lick it. I wanted to grab her head and thrust myself into her mouth but managed to hold back, my legs shaking.

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  "My that's good Kirsty, now close you mouth on it and pretend its like a popsicle and start sucking hard" I said with abandoned urgency. She just giggled and followed my orders like a trooper. She eventually got the hang of it and started sucking on my dick as if it were a lollipop. "That's it baby. . " I was starting to shudder from the feeling that was shooting through me. "Now move your head and bob up and down on it like you did with your hand".
    Kirsty now understood and started sucking me like a pro. She held the base of my shaft between her fingers and gorged on my seven inch dick taking it in as far down as she could and then pulling it out again, all the time using her lips like a small vagina. I was starting to visibly shake and with a lasting effort I reached for Kirsty's panties and pulled them down over her butt. She slowed down the bobbing on my knob trying figure out was I was up to but didn't stop me this time. Her panties were down as far as they would go, resting against my neck. All I had to do now was to get them off of her completely. I pushed one leg over my head and pulled them savagely downwards almost ripping them until they cleared her ankles. Kirsty kicked them off momentarily with her feet and went back to sucking my cock.

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       At last she was naked around the waist. I replaced her leg back over my head and stared at her two tiny holes which were now about two inches away. Placing a hand on each leg I pulled them apart so that she straddled me like a frog. Her bum cheeks tightened up and both her pussy and anus holes were waiting to be attacked. Placing a hand each side of her hips I pulled her backwards towards my face and lunged my mouth over her hole. Kirsty squealed in delight, she stopped what she was doing to my cock and lay there holding my shaft as I ate her pussy. My tongue darted in and out of her sweet virgin hole and then licked her tiny clitoris in circles like an ice cream cone. I used my thumbs to part her pussy lips so that I had extra access and all the time her anus stared at me asking to join in the fun. I couldn't resist the temptation any longer and as my tongue lapped at Kirsty's pussy I gently pushed my index finger into her anus. At first her muscle resisted so I pushed a little harder until my finger disappear inside of her about an inch. I sucked harder on her mound as I pushed my finger deeper into her anus and out again giving both holes a piece of the action at the same time. Kirsty was going insane. I heard her cry out. . "Uhh ohhhhhhhh. 

      . . . please. . . . JD" and her hips began to drive hard against my face. I had a hard time controlling her thrusts but I managed to position her so that each time she thrust down my pointed tongue dipped into her vagina about an inch. She could feel me penetrating her and made sure each time she thrust into me, that my tongue would slide inside her. After three or four more thrusts Kirsty's legs began to tighten up and tremble. Her humping slowed down and her legs squeezed tight against my head. I removed my finger out of her anus and pulled her hard against my face making sure my mouth was covering her swollen mound as she came. What an experience that was for me. My mouth filled with her cum as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through her tiny frame.

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       I could still feel her shaking and moaning softly as she collapsed breathing hard on top of me. Finally she was dead still, breathing deep. I continued to lick her pussy slowly, cleaning up all the mess. She responded to this by pulling her legs apart again so that I could do the job properly. At last she had learnt what to do and she did it well. She was still holding my shaft as we lay un moving. I had forgotten about my cock but as she tugged on it ever so gently it sent messages back to my brain telling me it was still there and needed some tender loving care. Kirsty eventually let it go, got up slightly and turned around to face me. She slid her body down so that my cock shaft was now hard up vertically against her bum crack in between her legs. She rested her chin on my chest and stared into my eyes, smiling at me. I placed my arms around her and tugged her a little and said. "You were wonderful, thank you for cumming for me like that. " Kirsty just smiled and continued staring at me, drawing circles in my hairy chest with her tiny fingers. I was about to call it a day when I felt Kirsty ever so gently begin to push and pull her hips so that my swollen shaft slid in between her ass cheeks. The whole area around there was thick with bodily fluids so lubrication wasn't a problem as my cock began to slide up and down in between her butt.

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       I lowered my hands placing them one on each of her bum cheeks and pulled them slightly apart allowing my shaft to slide further down inbetween them. Kirsty somehow knew what I was doing and she assisted by pushing and pulling her body up and down enough to make it all work. Soon we were gathering some speed and I knew that within a few more seconds I was going to cum. I arched my back and closed my eyes as I felt my balls explode. "Uhh god yess. . " I shouted . " Go Kirsty, go. do it faster" I cried and Kirsty never once took her eyes off my face as she bucked back and forth allowing my cock to ride the slippery slit between her butt cheeks. My penis erupted and shot its first load of hot sperm up into the air which landed in the small of her back. The second lined her crack like mustard on a hot dog and added to the slippery lubrication already there. The third and forth oozed out and slipped between Kirsty's cheeks, over her pussy and dripped down on to my pubic hairs. I felt totally spent. I opened my eyes and Kirsty was perched on her elbows smiling at me. "Did I do good JD?" she asked with confident look about her.

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      "You sure did Angel. You did VERY well, better than I ever dreamed that you would. Now this must be our very own secret okay? Your father wouldn't understand this kind of learning and if you keep our secret I will show you lots of other wonderful things we can do like this. Okay?" I replied. "Sure thing JD, don't worry I would never tell anyone about this, it'll be yours and my secret. So are you going to teach me everyday JD?" She asked me. "Well I hope so, but only when your Dad is out of the house other wise we will have to leave it to another day. "I pushed her off me and sat up on the bed. Man what a mess. I suddenly remembered the time and glanced at my watch. We were okay, all this had taken place in a matter of 45 minutes so we had plenty of time to relax and clean up. I watched Kirsty as she grabbed her panties and trotted out the room. Her school dress fell back over her butt covering the mess conveniently. I heard her close the bathroom door and knew she had quite a cleaning up job to do. I found an old towel on a chair in Kirsty's room and wiped myself down removing the wetness of our love juice from my privates.

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       I grabbed my trousers and got dressed and went back into the study. A few minutes later Kirsty joined me in the Study. She was radiant and beautiful. Her hair was neatly brushed and she had changed her clothes and it looked as if nothing had happened between us, except for that glint in Kirsty's eye as she smiled. It told a very different story. We sat down at the PC and I began to take Kirsty through the preliminary stages of the CBT. We talked and laughed together and she was so at ease with me as if I were her best buddy. Perhaps that's what it was. Only time will tell. .


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    Οι εκπληκτικές καυτές γκόμενες από την προέρχονται από ποικίλες τοποθεσίες. Έτσι, θα είστε σε θέση να διαλέξετε μωρά όπως παθιασμένες Λατίνες, σέξι Ασιάτισσες, βιτσιόζες Αμερικάνες, ερωτικές Ευρωπαίες, καυλιάρες Αφρικάνες, και πολλές περισσότερες που ανυπομονούν να σας δείξουν τα ταλέντα τους. Απλά πείτε μας τι ακριβώς προτιμάτε, όπως την ηλικία, τον σωματότυπο, την εθνικότητα, και εμείς θα αναλάβουμε όλα τα υπόλοιπα.
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