Bed Time with Mom and Her Boyfriend


I woke up to the sound of my mom panting and moaning. There was slapping of flesh on flesh. It took me a while to remember that I was still in my bed and even longer for my eyes to adjust in the darkness. My mother's face was buried in my pillow, inches from my face. Her face was contorted in pleasure, her eyes shut tight and her mouth was in a big "oh". As my eyes moved from her face to the rest of her body I noticed she was stark nude. I had never really seen my mom tits but here they were, less than a foot away from smashed into my bed sheets in all there 36 D glory. My eyes followed her arched back all the way up to her bare ass and there was Harold her new boyfriend. Harold was a nice guy, definitely one of her nicer boyfriends. I've never seen him like this before though. He was also completely nude, on his knees behind my mother and thrusting behind her like a jackhammer. He was grunting through greeted teeth but when he saw me staring at him he smiled and winked at me.

"Mom?", I called to hear not sure what was going on. I mean I knew they were fucking, I'm 18 and spend more time watching porn then I spend sleeping. Hell, I've even fantasized screwing my mother exactly like Harold was now. What I wanted to know why were they in my bed.

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   "Answer him bitch", Harold commanded my mother. She didn't say anything but just continued to moan. Harold bent down and took a fist full of her long red hair and pulled her so hard that she had to push her self up so she was on all fours now. Funny thing was it didn't look like he caused her pain, just more pleasure. "I said answer him whore!", I'd never seen my mother like this, she was always so in control and strict. Now this man was treating her like a plaything and she was enjoying it. She opened her eyes and looked at straight at me, "Yes honey", she asked me. "What are you doing?", even as I said it, i could tell how stupid it was. "Right now baby, mommy is cumMING", the last word went into a high pitch sequel.

"Yeah baby, squirt all your dirty cunt juice all over my dick!", Harold yelled as he slapped my mother's ass. Despite my self I felt my dick grow to its full height and make a tent in my blanket. I was hypnotized by my mother's tits. They swung in circles as their bodies meet each other in a collusion of flesh, sweat and cum. My mother wasn't the woman who yelled at me to do my home work, who grounded me for ditching school, no she wasn't her right now, she was something more. She was the girl with out a son, the teenager with thighs that never closed, and the woman cumming in my bed.

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   My mother collapsed on my bed. I thought they were done, my mother was but to my surprise Harold wasn't. He move over to me, his long hard dick in hand. I was to shocked to say anything till he was inches from me. The smell of sweat filled my nostrils. I turned to look at mom, she just laid there looking at us with eyes half open, there would be no help from her.

"Clean your mother's juices off my dick", he told me. I could feel the heat of his dick as he rubbed the head across my cheek, he was so forceful, I could actually see why my mom liked it but I wasn't into boys and I told him that. "I didn't ask you if you liked it. I'm telling you to suck it", he didn't give me time to respond. He grabbed head and forced his dick into my mouth. "Better not bite or I'll knock them out of your mouth", his grip was so strong I believed every word. I wondered if this was how he got my mom in here in the first place. His cock filled my mouth and still slid further in. His cock was coated in the sweet juices of my mother's pussy.

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       I coughed and gagged on his cock but that just seemed to excite him more. I looked up at him and we meet each others eyes, he smiled at me, "You suck like your mom, lets see if you swallow like a that little slut to", he was planning to cum in my mouth. I tried to struggle but he slapped me across the face so hard I went limp.

    He closed his eyes and groaned as she shoved my face into his cock. I felt it slide into my throat and explode. It washot and salty and I thought I actually might like the taste before I started suffocating on his prick. He just laugh and pulled out and spayed the rest of his load on my fast. He got up and left the bed. He stood in the door way admiring his handy work. "You two deserve each other to night. Sweet dream my dirty sluts". He shut the door and left us alone. My mom was on top of me in seconds. Her tongue was soft and wet. She licked the cum off my lips and I kissed her.

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       She finished cleaning of Harold's cum off me and snuggled up against me, spooning me with her ample tits pressed against my bare back. I waited till her breathing became calm and regular then I pulled my dick from my boxers It was throbbing. I took my mothers hand from my chest a laid it against the base of my cock. It was cold and arousing. I started masturbating. I reached back and slide my hand between my ass and my mothers cunt. I ran my hand through her bush till I got to her warm slit. I jerked and came as soon as I felt her silky wet pussy lips. I pulled my hand away from my mothers cunt but left her hand against my soft cock. I cried my self to asleep, thinking how ashamed I was at what happened that night.

    The next morning my mother was gone, I found her doing laundry. "Hi mom", I said unsure what to say about last night. "Morning honey, there breakfast in the kitchen for you, hurry up and eat, and your dad we'll be here to pick you up at one". That was my moms way to say we were gonna talk about last night.

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