Becoming Rich - Part 2


The following morning I returned to the helicopter with my two shadows, Robert and William.   Chief Lewis was waiting with someone who looked familiar.   “Sir,” Lewis said, “This is Jonesy. ”  “I know you.   You picked me up from the dock to start this entire mess. ”  “Yes sir.   Nice to see you again.   I hear I’m working for you now. ”  “Right, let’s get out of here. ”
When we got back to Galveston we pushed the chopper into the hanger.   While we were doing that, William was pulling a Gulfstream out with a small tug.   He hooked up a power cart and fired up the starboard engine.   We climbed aboard while William and Robert stored the luggage and put away the tug and power cart and closed up the hanger.   We then took off for Venezuela.   We arrived over land about an hour before dusk and started letting down towards the beach.   A runway had been carved out of the forest next to the beach and we landed there.

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    A Land Rover was waiting next to the hanger and we climbed aboard.   The driver was a beautiful woman about 30 years, full figured, and lips that just screamed to be kissed.   We drove for about an hour up into the mountains on a switchback road arriving at a huge mansion.   There were armed guards at the gate.   Mean looking men with AK74s slung over their shoulders.   We pulled up to the front door and there were about 30 people lined up in front of the house.   The driver got out and said something in Spanish to the people assembled.   She then came to me and introduced herself.   “Señor, I am Aurora.   I run the household.   Everyone you see here reports to me.   I hire and fire at my discretion.   That is the way your uncle wanted it.   That is the way I expect it to be. ”  I instantly liked this lady.

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    No nonsense about her.   She reminded me a little of a drill instructor I once knew.   She started introducing me to the staff and telling me of their functions.   When she got to the end of line there were three girls.   She introduced them as her daughters – Lara, 18 years old; Angelina, 18 years old, and Christina, 18 years old.   I remembered Ruby saying something about “the lady who lives in Venezuela and her daughters. ”
We went inside and were shown to our rooms.   Mine was on the second floor and was about 36 feet long to a side.   The king sized bed looked small inside this immense room.   The ceiling was about 12 feet tall with a beautiful chandelier hanging from the center.   A big screen TV was on one wall and a large overstuffed lounge chair in front.   A table was next to the chair with the remote control and a humidor.   I looked inside and it was full of Cuban cigars.   Now that is something I will enjoy.  There was a fully stocked wet bar in the corner.

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    The bath had no door separating it from the bedroom.   There was a sunken spa for a tub and a shower that could have held 6 people.   The shower had a bench along one side and nozzles on all the sides and top.   The control panel was next to the bench.   I was looking forward to discovering how this thing worked.   My telephone rang and when I answered it Aurora asked me what time did I want dinner served.   I asked her what time would be convenient for her, and it seemed to please her.   “About 8 pm would be most convenient, sir. ”  I decided I had time for a shower, so I went into the bath and looked for the closet.   I opened a door and it led into a hallway with doors on both side.   Each door was a closet and there were clothes there for all occasions, including camouflage.   They were all new and in my size.   I could not believe how organized my uncle was preparing this for his death.   I looked for a clothes hamper to put my dirty clothes in but could not find one.   I picked up the phone and it was answered immediately.

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    I asked about a dirty clothes hamper and was told to leave the clothes anywhere or on the floor.   They would be taken care of.   I stripped and got into the shower.   I played with the controls until I had a hot shower with water coming at me from 5 different directions at once with enough pressure to sting the skin.   It was marvelous.   When I got out of the shower Christina was standing there with a towel for me.   I immediately covered up, but Christina did not turn away.   She told me to turn around so she could dry my back.   I told her I could dry myself, but she said it was her job, and if she did not do it she would get into trouble.   I turned around and she started drying me.   She seemed to spend a lot of time on my buttocks.   As she was kneeling down drying my legs, she said, “You are a lot larger than your uncle. ”  “Yes, I understand I am taller than he was. ”  “No, señor, I mean your member.   It is much longer and much wider.

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    I am looking forward to feeling it inside me. ”  “Christina, you are only 18 years old. ”  “Si, señor, but that is okay.   It is the custom of our people that the Patron is the first person a girl has.   My mother’s first time was with your uncle, my sister Angelina’s first time was with your uncle, my first time was with your uncle.   You are expected to be the first for my sister Lara. ”  “Lara is only 18 years old.   I could not make love to her. ”  “Si señor, I understand.   But she turns 18 next week and mama expects you to make love to her on the big boat as your uncle did to me and Angelina. ”  With that, she handed me the towel and said she would see me at dinner and walked away.   What the hell had I gotten myself into?  My uncle must have been a sex god with all these good looking young Latin ladies waiting for their turn to be fucked.   I got dressed and went downstairs.   Lewis and Jonesy were there.   “Captain, can we talk to you a minute in private?”  We went outside.

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    I handed each of them a cigar.   They raised their eyebrows when they saw they were hand rolled Cubans.   “The house is full of them.   We might as well smoke them,” I laughed.   We lit up and walked to the end of the porch and sat down.   The view of the ocean was beautiful.   “What’s on your minds?”
“Mr. Kelly,” Jonesy began, “It’s the girls. ”  “First thing, my name is John.   I expect you to use it unless we are dealing with an important client.   In front of the household staff or guards, it’s John.   Especially when William or Robert.   Now, what girls, and what about them?”  We were getting dressed having just stepped out of the shower and suddenly there was a young girl standing there with a towel and wanted to dry us.   They looked at us like meat staring at our crotch.   They can’t be much over 18 or 18 years old.

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  ”  I laughed and described my encounter a moment ago.   “Are you going to do it?  Fuck a 18 year old?”  “I don’t think so, but I have to keep up appearances, don’t I?” I joked.   We all laughed and continued smoking the cigars.   Robert and William came out and joined us.   They refused the cigars but did sit down and relax.   “How did you get the name, ‘Snake’?”  “From snake eaters.   I actually ate several of them, getting to like the taste. ”  “How about you William, did you acquire a handle?”  “Yep. ”  “Well, let’s hear it. ”  “Nope. ”  Robert laughed and said, “His name is ‘Pole’. ”  Lewis asked him if he was Polish.   Robert busted out laughing again.   “No, he got the name when we were in Bosnia.   Bill walked behind a tree to take a piss and a hooker was in the grass with a GI and looked up and pointed at Bill and said, ‘God, what a pole.

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  ’  You see, Bill has been blessed with an 18-inch dick. ”  Everyone except William laughed.   When I saw that William was not laughing, I realized it was a true story.   “Well tell, me Pole.   Did any of the girls from my uncle’s harem ever see you naked?”  “Sir, two of them won’t leave me alone.   They are always bringing other girls to my room to show their friends they aren’t lying about my dick. ”  With that we all had a good laugh.   Aurora came out to the porch and told us dinner was ready.   It was a superb meal, and the desert following was light and delicious.   Brandy was served, but since I don’t drink Aurora brought me a cup of strong coffee.   We relaxed and talked awhile and decided to turn in.   It had been a long day and I was tired.   When I went into my room, the bed had been turned down, a robe was on the bed, house slippers next to the bed, and Aurora waiting in the room in a negligee that was so sheer it almost disappeared.   Her full brown breasts next to the lime green of the negligee was a beautiful sight.   She came towards me and I could she also shaved.

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    I guess my uncle liked shaved pussy since every woman I had seen in his employment  had a shaved pussy.   Aurora took my jacket and placed it on a valet.   She pushed me down in a chair and removed my shoes and socks.   I started to speak and she placed her finger in front of her mouth and shook her head.   She untied my tie and started unbuttoning my shirt.   I reached for her and she wagged her finger at me.   She stood me up and continued unbuttoning my shirt pulling it off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor.   She pulled my t-shirt over my head and ran her hand over my abdomen moaning in approval.   As she took off my belt, she leaned in and bit my nipple.   It hurt!  She laughed!  She then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pulling them down to my ankles.   She then reached through the slit in my boxer shorts and grasped my manhood.   She pulled it out from it’s hiding place and held it in both her hands looking at it approvingly.   She continued to turn it and look at it as it swelled to full erection.   She smiled and kissed the head and licked the pre-cum from the end.   She yanked my shorts down and stood up pressing against me.

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    I could feel the heat from breasts and crotch through her negligee.   I could not resist anymore and reached around her and grabbed her by the ass pulling her into me.   She smiled and raised her head to kiss me.   She released the kiss and allowed me to kiss down her neck to the hollow at the base of her throat.   She whispered that she was my uncle’s favorite and she wanted to show me why.   I untied the string at the neck and pushed the negligee off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor.   I picked her up and carried her to the bed.   I lay her on the bed and looked at her closely.   No stretch marks were visible.   Her abdomen was a 6-pack of muscle.   There was no fat on her legs or arms showing great muscle definition.   Her figure was magnificent.   The areola of her breasts were large and covered the entire end of her breasts.   Her nipples were the size of medium sized grapes and protruding proudly from her flesh.   Her labia were swollen and waiting to be abused.


    I could see the “little man in the boat” standing erect awaiting the storm sure to come.   Before I could touch her, Aurora sat up and took me into her mouth, stroking me and sucking me at the same time.   She lightly dragged her teeth along the shaft then twirled her tongue around the head.   She lightly sucked my testicles while massaging them and stroking my dick.   She reached around and started to insert a finger up my ass, but I pulled away.   I am not into that, but it still felt good as she moved her hands around my ass.   I didn’t want to come yet, so I pulled back and took one of her tits in my mouth while massaging the other, pulling the nipple and pinching it and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger.
      She continued stroking me and massaging my balls.   I let my hand trail down over her abdomen tickling her stomach lightly causing her to twitch.   I moved down from her abdomen to her thighs, lightly trailing my fingers inside of her thighs, deliberately avoiding her pussy lips.   She spread her legs and tried to move to cause me to touch her pussy.   I trailed my fingernails along the top of her labia tickling them and causing her to push up wanting me to go further.   I started kissing down her torso pausing at her navel and reaming it with my tongue while at the same time trailing my finger down her slit without pushing them apart.   She was making all kinds of mewing noises and could not keep still.   I kissed down to the top of her slit and brought my tongue down the top between the lips until finding her clit.

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        “OHHH!”, she moaned.   I started working over her clit while separating her lips with my finger.   She was so wet.   I slowly pushed my finger into her to the first knuckle. and moved it around.   She kept pushing upward wanting me to do more.   I lightly nipped her clit with my teeth while at the same time pushed my finger completely into her.   “OHHH!”, she again moaned.   I kept at her kissing, sucking and nipping her clit while I inserted two fingers into her and working her into a frenzy.   She exploded in a climax.   It was the first time I had seen a woman ejaculate as fluid ran out of her onto the bed.   I turned her around and spread her legs.   I moved up to the bed and rammed my cock into her.   The bed was the perfect height for fucking someone while standing up.   She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her.

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        She was strong and her leg muscles clasped me tightly.   I could hardly move in and out she was holding me so tight.   She finally relaxed her hold on me a little and I started pumping with conviction.   Her breasts were swaying and bouncing with each stroke.   I noticed they were out of sync with each other, but I continued pounding into her.   The sight of my dick going into this brown, naked pussy and her breasts bouncing took me over the edge and I came.   It was a hard orgasm deep from within.   It felt like it would never quit squirting, but alas, it did.   I lay down on top of her without withdrawing.   She stroked my face and raked her nails down my back to my ass.   She looked at me and I noticed she was crying.   “Are you okay?”  “It had never been like that before.   I have had orgasms, but no one has ever taken the time to totally satisfy me like you did.   You thought of my pleasure before your own.   I am glad you will be Lara’s first.

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        She will know the pleasures of being totally satisfied and I know you will be gentle with her. ”  I could not believe my ears.   Here this beautiful woman was giving me permission to fuck her teenage daughter – even encouraging it.   “Aurora, are you sure you want me to make love to your 18-year-old daughter?”  “No, señor.   Not until she turns 14.   Never at 13.   But between now and then, I want this pleasure for Christina and Angelina.   Would you do this for me?”  I stammered something like yes, but was totally flabbergasted.   We crawled into the bed and when I awoke the next morning I was alone.
    After breakfast, Snake, Pole, Lewis, Jonesy, and I went down to see the ship.   It was quite a site.   Painted bright white, one could see it was steel,  It was not polished smooth like the fiberglass boats, but it would take the sea better.   It had a bulbous nose, stabilizers, and held enough fuel for over 25,000 miles.   It was state of the art in electronics.   The engine room was clean to perfection.

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        Three men came over and told me they were the crew for the ship.   They recognized Snake and Pole and greeted them.   Snake had told me that there was a yacht in the boat house.   He felt these men would be put out by replacing them.   So, when we met, I told the men that we would be taking long trips on this ship, but I needed them here to take care of the 102’ ft. yacht and keep it in operating order.   I had heard they were the best, and I wanted the best for my best ship.   They smiled and agreed, especially since I tossed in a 10% raise.   We went into the crew quarters behind the engine room.   Behind a secret panel were the electronics Snake and Pole would monitor.   We would never transmit anything except normal satellite communications, but in the middle of this data stream would be burst transmissions encoded into our message.   It could not be monitored with identical equipment at the distant end.   We decided to take the ship out for a test run.   The five of us had no trouble with the ship and we brought it back to dock with no problems at all.   Aurora and her daughters started stocking the ship for our upcoming voyage next week.

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        Snake smiled and said to Lewis, Jonesy and me, “You guys are going to get your ass fucked off. ”  Lewis said he did that last night with one of the maids.   Jonesy said he did, too.   They looked at me and I just smiled.   “So tell me, Snake.   Do you and Pole get fucked like this, too?”  “Yep.   These girls do like to fuck, so we always oblige them.   Pole always get the older ones since the younger ones can’t take that big dick of his. ”  With that we all laughed and returned to the house.
    With that part two of “Becoming Rich”ends.   Part three will be on the ship.



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