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I am a 27 year old Phys-ed teacher. My body has stayed in the same trim shape I had in college, thanks to my teaching. I am 5'9" tall, weigh 135 pounds and have a well shaped figure of 37 - 24 - 36. My tits are full, firm and real, and do not need a bra for support, they stand up just fine on their own. I like to keep my pubic region completely shaved and bare, for any lovers that want to eat my pussy! It does encourage them to get down there and lick me to a wild climax!
One day, just after classes, two of the senior boys asked me if I could join them and one of their girlfriends for a two on two basketball game in the gym. During the game, the janitor stopped by and asked me if it was all right for him to leave, and if I could lock up after we left, since that was his responsibility, being the usual last person to leave the school. I assured him that I would do that.
After some spirited competition, we decided we had played enough. Elaine asked me if it was all right if Jack could join her in the girl's shower room, so he could wash her back. At my okay, Jack shot me a grin, as he and his girlfriend Elaine headed for girl's shower room. It was after hours, so I was not going to get all stuffy, hell, they were all healthy, well developed horny teens, and if they wanted to shower together, and maybe more, I was not going to get in their way. Russ was getting an eyeful, since I had not worn a bra, my hard nipples were pressing out the front of my sweat soaked T shirt as he ogled the view of my firm tits!I noticed the leap in his pants as he took in the view. I chuckled to myself that an 18 year old would be responding to an "old" lady, even though the sight of his large bulge got my mind going in another direction! He seemed to be a very well hung young man, and we parted as I headed for the coach's shower and locker room, and he headed for the boys locker room.
I kicked off my sneakers, peeled off my socks, stripped off my sweat soaked T shirt, my gym shorts and panties. My panties were damp, and it wasn't just the sweat of the workout that got them that way! Under the warm spray of water, I could feel my pussy creamy wet with my juices. Getting athletic always makes me horny, after every class, I need to relieve the burning fire in my pussy by stroking myself to orgasm.

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  I wondered what Jack and Elaine were doing in the girl's shower room, were they fucking wildly under the hot spray of water? Adding to this was the bulge of Russ' large stiff cock, and it just gave me more of a push. The drumming of the water lulled me along. There were no other teachers there, I was alone, and I could play with myself to my heart's content. Many times I had been able to finger myself wildly in the shower after class, so
I let my hands roam to explore my body. My fingers grazed my belly in a sensuous caress. Running my hands in circles, I could feel my nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened and needing my touch. I reached up with both hands and cupped my breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure racing to my hot center. My head lolled back and my breaths grew deeper. I imagined a lover was with me, my hands became the hands of my lover, stroking and caressing me, turning me on before he would lift me up, and fuck me with his hard, aching cock. This set me on fire with lust!One hand caressed my breasts, stroking and tweaking my throbbing tits, while the other ran over my thighs, my hips and belly. I caressed hips and buttocks, down the crease between my cheeks, fingering and rubbing the skin between my asshole and my pussy, stroking my tightly puckered asshole, feeling it twitching with desire. Slipping the tip of my finger up my ass, I could feel the pressure build, my body was virtually throbbing! My hands went to my pubic area, my pussy was throbbing, I slipped two fingers up my soaking cleft, and my other hand started to strum at my clit. I was almost there, I was on the verge of an orgasmic explosion!
Suddenly the shower curtain was whipped aside, I felt the rush of the cool air intruding! My back was to the curtain, and I spun around. Russ stood there, totally naked, his cock rock hard! I felt powerless to move, the sight of that huge cock got my juices going! It was a big beauty, curving upwards, steel hard, I could virtually see it throbbing, it made me breathless! I could see the glimmer of lust in his eyes as he drank in the sight of my completely naked body! He stammered something about me being so sexy, how much he wanted me, and how we could be environmentally concious by showering together. Russ stepped into the stall, I slipped, and Russ held me up, he was built like a well developed teenager.

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   I could feel his arms go around me, and his lips pressed against mine. The kiss grew hotter and deeper, his tongue slipped out, and started to probe my mouth. I could feel myself responding! I could see in my mind's eye a vivid picture of student and teacher locked in a forbidden embrace. I knew it was totally inappropriate, but the feel of Russ running his hands all over me, my turned on state, and his hard, throbbing cock, so ready to fuck me, made me unable to stop it, it just made me even more turned on, the very forbidden nature of what was about to happen, student fucking the teacher! I could hear myself telling him not to stop. That made me even hotter, I was almost dizzy with desire! I could feel his hands clamp around my ass cheeks, and he lifted me up, getting me ready! I could feel the head of his cock nudge against me!
"Yes, yes, fuck me with that huge cock!", I gasped, "I want every last inch in me! Fuck me, and explode your hot load deep inside me! Fuck me NOW!"
Russ was more than happy to comply, and he let me down slowly, impaling me! I howled with pleasure, his cock rubbed the underside of my clit, and that was all I needed! I clung to him, uttering wordless cries of pleasure as my orgasm crashed over me, as he impaled me completely on his 8 inch log! I could hear his grunt of pleasure, as he sank in right to the balls! I could feel my eager pussy stretched wide around his big shaft, wrenching and spasming wildly! He pulled out slightly, and rammed it back in! My mind quickly conjured up a picture, of Jack and Elaine fucking wildly in the girl's shower room, while Russ was fucking me wildly in the coaches' shower room! I could hear his lust grunts as he pinned my against the shower stall wall, and started to ram me, in and out, his mouth bent down to suck at my tits! The feel of his mouth sucking my hard nipples sent pulses of pleasure racing to my burning cunt, and I could feel another orgasm building fast! His cock drove in and out, power fucking my tight cleft, his cock was throbbing! I suddenly felt it jerk, and swell to even greater hardness, fuck, it felt like his cock had become a steel hard pipe as he reamed out my fiery fuckhole!
"Oh fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna flood you baby, OH YEAH!", he howled.
I came again, my cunt clamping tightly around his shaft, quivering wildly, my inner muscles spasming and milking greedily at his stiff, steel hard shaft, just as I felt his cock start pulsing! His cock exploded, jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he splattered my insides, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into my very depths! The tight spasms of my burning pussy greedily milked his huge shaft, sucking out every drop he could pump into me!
As the orgasm faded, and the water brought us back to the here and now, Russ fled! I slid slowly down to the floor, my legs splayed apart, Russ' cum trickling out of my pussy. I was dazed by the intensity of our coupling, that first orgasm had been my most violent ever! Almost without thinking, I reached down, scooped up some of his spunk, and tasted it. It tasted sweet, and I wished he had stayed around, and filled my mouth! I quickly washed off, dried myself, and was outside the locker room, looking for him. He was gone, and I decided I had to confront him tomorrow. Even though it was great, and I wanted him again, I was the teacher, I had to end it, and let him know that I would not make any trouble for him.
The next day, I told him to meet me after class in the gymnaisium equipment room. Russ was agaitated, as I tried to explain what had happened, that it shouldn't happen again, and I would not make any trouble for him. I put my arms around him to try and comfort him. That was a mistake, and I could feel all the horny remebrances of last night return. Russ did too, and I felt his hands reach up, and start to stroke at my tits.

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   The pulling and light tweaks he gave my stiff erect nipples started the fire going in my pussy and I was lost again! I yanked off my top, and let my big tits swing free! Russ' pants had a huge bulge, and I wanted to suck his shaft! In almost no time, I had his pants and underwear at his ankles, and my hands were caressing that cock! I planted kisses up and down his shaft, then swirled my tongue all over, licking him like a lollipop! I then slid my mouth down his shaft! As I went up and down, I fit in 4 inches, then 5, then 6, 7, and with all my cock sucking skills coming into play, I took him in right to the balls!
He grunted out, "Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, you got a great mouth, real tight cocksucker lips, I'm gonna fill your sweet mouth baby!"
His hands started to stroke at my head, running his hands over my hair. That always turns me on, it made me hungry for his load! I could feel his mighty cock jerk and swell! I cupped his balls, and gave them a gentle squeeze, and I kept my lips clamped tightly around his shaft, eagerly awaiting his flood of cum!
Russ howled as his throbbing prick exploded! His climax was tremendous, he quickly filled my mouth, spewing thick ropes of spunk all over my tongue! I love it when a guy's cock gushes a massive load like that, my mouth overflowed, and I could feel it running down my chin, and dripping on my tits! I sucked down every drop I could! I used my fingers to scoop up the cum on my tits, and licked them clean, I didn't want to waste a drop!
I tore off my gym shorts and panties, and Russ pushed me back of the gym mats. He stripped off his shirt, kicked away his pants and underwear, and he was hot and naked, all for me!
"Oh yeah, your bare pussy, damn that's so sexy! I just gotta lick that all over!" Russ growled.
"Go ahead and eat me baby, it's all hot and juicy just for you!" I cooed.
He licked and kissed his way down my body, the touch of his lips on my skin sent horny sizzles of pleasure racing to my pussy! I could feel his hot breath between my legs, and his tongue slid over the folds of my soaking cunt, over and over! He gently spread apart my wet folds, and slid two fingers up my cunt, finger fucking me while his hot mouth zeroed in on my clit! Once his tongue and mouth were on my clit, I came explosively, howling with pleasure as my throbbing cunt exploded! Russ rose up, his cock rock hard and ready again! I spread my legs wide, letting him know where I wanted that big beautiful cock to go!
"Oh, yeah, let me have it!", I growled, "ram that big beauty deep, and fuck me! Fill my burning cunt!I want to feel your prick exploding and squirting wildly inside me, filling my horny cunt with a huge load of hot spunk! Fuck me NOW!!"
Russ was happy to oblige, as he got between my spread thighs, and I felt his cock nudge against my opening. He pushed in, slowly and steadily, I grunted with pleasure as I felt his big cock fill up my horny hole, stretching the walls of my pussy apart! With a final push, all of his eight inches were shoved up my burning fuckhole! I love the feeling of my eager cunt being stretched wide around his big, thick cock! Russ pulled back and pushed in, getting a rythym going. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he could go deep, right to the balls, over and over! Soon, he was plunging into me over and over, reaming out my fiery fuckhole! I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as he drove his 8 inches in, right to the balls on every stroke! I was almost delirious with pleasure as he power fucked me, I could feel my cunt, hot and horny, building up to climax, my fiery fuckhole eager for his wet spray of semen to fill me up!
"Yeah, Russ, fuck me hard! Let me have what you got, I want every drop you got! Explode your burning load up my horny cunt, let me have it!" I hissed.
I could feel his cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency!
"Oh fuck, yeah, you are one hot fuck, I'm gonna cum, yeah, oh Fuck YEAH!" he howled.
My cunt exploded, I could feel the burning tide of orgasm sweep into me! My howl of orgasm joined Russ', as he cock pulsed wildly, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into my horny cunt!
I was still horny as hell, after the first orgasm, I just want more! We picked up our clothes, and made a naked dash into the PE teacher's locker room. As part of a security measure for female PE teachers, the door has a deadbolt that can only be unlocked from the inside, to assure that female PE teachers would not be attacked when alone and in the showers. I quickly engaged that deadbolt, and led Russ into the showers. In the shower, I soaped up my hands, and slid them up and down his big cock, I could feel his cock surging in my hands, and was pleased to see that Russ was a normal 18 year old, ready to go again and again! Which was great, because I was more than ready! Under the warm spray of water, Russ lifted me, and impaled me again on his cock! Being drained twice made his orgasm take longer, and I rode his horse cock to orgasm after orgasm, cumming over and over again until I was almost dizzy! Fuck, I felt like I was cumming my brains out, that huge shaft fucking me to the core, until he roared, and his cock gushed another hot load up my wildly quivering cunt!
Since it was Friday, I gave him my address, and told him to come by on Saturday, and we'd have more fun. Fuck, did we ever! We fucked and sucked all day, half the night, and most of Sunday! He was insatiable, and his big 8 inch cock would be ready, over and over, and I totally enjoyed draining that big beauty with my cocksucker lips, and riding his big prick to orgasm after orgasm as he blew several loads up my tight, fiery cunt! I also gave up my tight virgin asshole to him! Getting on my hands and knees, I cocked my ass up to him!
"Russ, lick my tight asshole, finger it, then fuck me up the ass! Plug my hot hole, I'm still a virgin back there, and I want you to bust my backdoor cherry! "
Russ was happy to do so, and the feel of his hot mouth and fingers rimming my tight hole was almost too delicious! I could feel the hard stiffness of his cock poised at my ass, then the pain of getting opened up, as he slid his steely 8 inches slowly up my tight asshole, sliding up my crack! The pain quickly receeded, fuck, it felt so fucking great to have him bust my cherry asshole! I urged him on, and as he fucked my ass, he reached around, and his nimble fingers diddled my throbbing clit, until my orgasm blew apart, my asshole clamping down on his cock, I was almost delirious with pleasure as he plowed into me, his prick exploding, filling my tight bunghole with his thick sperm enema!
Now, all our after school basketball games are followed by hot, passionate, sweaty sex in the coaches' shower room, where he fucks all my 3 hot horny holes, and hot sweaty marathon sessions of sex on the weekends, where he does my cunt, ass, and mouth as many times as he can get it up, which, being a horny 18 year old, is MANY times. We may skip the after school basketball, but we never skip the after school sex, and his cock is keeping my horny holes very well filled and satisfied!.



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