Bad Girl


Tiff slowly crawed across the bed as Ray sat down on the edge . He reached out and pulled her face down across his lap and pulled up the tail of her tshirt exposing the the perfect baby pink ass underneath ,he could see the pale wet lips of her smooth pussy peeking up at him. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you he said as he brought his hand down in a sharp stinging slap. Over and over again he slapped each as cheek untill they were bright red and hot to the touch. Tiff cried out at first and wiggled and sqirmed around trying to exscape the stinging blows. As she moved around she could feel something hard coming to life underneath her tummy. Oh my god she thought he's getting a hard on like the guys in the magizines. As the slaps kept coming Tiffs cries became moans and she started to push her ass up and part her legs so that her pussy began to catch the stinging pops. Oh so that how it is said Ray clearly breathing hard ,well I guess you had enough punishment, did it hurt very badly?Uh huh sniffled Tiff sitting up on the bed . Well you desearved everybit of it for being such a bad girl, but I guess I was a little rough. Here lay back and I'll make it better . Tiff shyly lay back on the pillow and pouted her sexy young lips, tears shimmered in the corners of her eyes ready to spill over. Ray gently reached out and pulled her legs apart. Lifting her ass in his hands he began to kiss the red throbbing skin of her buttocks and slipped his toung into the hot wet crack of her pussy. Oh my god Tiff cried as she arched her back and pushed her body down onto his mouth, this was so great she had never made herself feel this good in all the years she had been playing with her self.

It was so wonderful like little sparks were running up from inside her all over her body.

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  Ray continued to lavish attention on her lips and tounging the little hard bud until wetnes was streaming glistening down her and the entire bed underneath felt damp with her moistness. She pushed herself down on his long seeking tounge as it delved deeper and deeper into here tight untried hole. Baby girl you taste so good said, Ray as he started to trail kisses up her tummy and gently teased the nipples of her small firm breast sucking them up into his hot mouth. Once again Tiff arched her back and pushed up gainst the hardness she needed so bad ,wanting but not knowing what she was asking for. Yes baby thats right open your leggs for me . Ray rubbed the tip of his rock hard eight inch cock up into her hot wet opening . Gently pushing into her trying to hold back ,she was so tight it was a fight just to get the head into her small little girls opening. Slowly kissing her puckered lips and gripping her sweet ass in his hands he pushed into her just a little . Ow said Tiff trying to sqirm out from under him that hurts please stop. Tears came to her eyes and she pushed against his chest. Oh no you don't little girl not now said Ray. Pushing her back onto the bed he firmly held her down and reched down between them to rub his dick up and down against her pussy as she continued to fight against him trying to get away. Placing his hardness at the opening once more Ray pulled back and thrust himself hard into her pussy . Tiff screamed as she was suddenly impaled by him and she felt a painful ripping inside herself as his long hard cack slammed into her small body. Resting for a second Ray leaned down and gently kissed the tears streaming from her eyes.

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  Then pulling back began to slowly push deeper into her young virgin pussy so excited he couldn't hold back . The deeper he went in the harder he pushed until he was brutally slamming into her hot hole up to the hilt . Her cries of pain slowly turned to cries of passion. Wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her pussy and up her body. She screamed out in pain and pleasure as he plunged into her swollen torn pussy,wet with her juices and blood. Then with a loud growl of pleasure Ray pulled himself from inside her hot drops of cum gushed out of his cock to splash all over her tummy bathing her breast in hot gooey semen even shooting up into her long black hair. Shaking the last drops off onto her Ray stood up to look down at her young abused body and smiled. Next time you decide to be naughty you just remember what happens to bad little girls . Then he turned and left the room leaveing Tiff to curl up in a tight fetal ball as she wondered just how many times she could be bad before mom got home. :).