The first time I had sex was when I was 14.
I was babysitting for an older couple
Who lived a few streets over from my parents house.
They were friends of my parents and I baby sat for them often.
The minute they walked through the door, I knew they had been drinking, I could tell she was drunk, but I wasn't to sure about him.
Since it was late he offered to drive me home after he helped his wife into bed.
A few minutes later he came walking down the stairs.
I finished gathering up my things.
He asked if he could grab a quick snack before we left and I followed him into the kitchen.

We made small talk while he searched through the refrigerator.
Sitting at the bar I got up to get me a glass of water.
I noticed him looking at me, checking me out.
I was wearing a pair of sweats, I guess you could say they were tight, I sure made all the guys in gym class stare.
I wore them with that in mind. I had worn an old loose t-shirt. With a sexy tiny bra that matched my thong panties.
When I bent over to pick up a piece of ice that I had dropped, I heard him lightly moan.

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I was teasing him again, just like I always did. I used my body to get more money from him.
I knew that all guys like to look at women. Especially married older guys.
All older guys have a secret fantasy about younger women, ever more so if their as young as me. I knew he wanted me. For the past few months since I turned 18 I had been leading him along.
I would wear short skirts dressed like a school girl, or skin tight short shorts with no panties.
As I put the piece of ice in the sink, I felt him against me, his hands wrapped around my waist pulling me to him.
I was scared, I didn't know what to do, I thought about trying to pull away. But it was fun, he was married, his wife was upstairs asleep, I had read stories about this kind of thing, even seen a movie were the babysitter was fucked by the husband.
I had planned this all along I had even been taking the pill.

I felt something hard pressing against my ass. It was him, his cock. It felt really big.

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He was pressing against me. Grinding it in between the covered flesh of my ass.
His hands roamed my body wildly, his mouth pressing against mine, his tongue darting in and around my mouth.
I felt his hand pushing down my sweats, then his finger slid inside me, he was rough with me. I had finally drove him over the edge.
I wasn't sure what to do next, he was in full control of what was going to happen.
He pushed my sweats and panties down around my ankles.
Turning me around and leaning me over the counter, then I heard his pants hit the floor.

I felt him pressing his cock against me my pussy.
This was it, I was going to get my cherry popped. My first cock inside my body
I felt his cock start to enter me, the a sharp pain shot through my pussy, it felt like he was ripping something inside me.
He pulled slightly back out of me then with a more forceful thrust, he drove back into me filling my virgin pussy with his cock .
I wanted to cry out from the pain but held it back. I didn't want to wake anyone up.
I could feel him pressing against the insides of my pussy.

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I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my cervix
Pressing me against the counter he pumped into me picking me up off the floor on my tip toes with every thrust into me.
I felt him shoot his cum into me, it felt warm inside me.
He was grinding into me, his cock twitching inside me.

I had his cum inside my body. The same cum he pumps into his wife when he fucked her
I was a woman now, giving a married man my virginity.
While his wife was in bed upstairs asleep.
And somehow I knew he wouldn't be the last married man I would let fuck me and allow to pump his seed into me.
besides I enjoyed the extra cash for a job well done babysitting. .



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