Babysitting for family friend’s: Pt 1


Topic: Gail's HouseBabysitting for family friend’s: Gail’s House:      My mom has a lot of friends that she is always visiting with. This often leaves me to take care of their kids and or grandchildren. Little did I know what one night would lead to when I was fifteen-years-old. Mom’s friend Greta asked if I would baby sit for her twenty-six-year-old daughter Gail. I didn’t have anything else planned so I gladly said yes since it would get me out of the house that Friday night and put some money in my pocket.
     Friday arrived and after I got home from school I got ready and walked the four miles over to Gail’s house. When I arrived Gail let me in while she was just wearing her bra, slip and panties. I walked in behind her getting a long look at her from behind. Gail never saw me looking closely at her as I looked away before she turned back around. When she was facing me again she said please excuse me but I wasn’t quite expecting you this early so I am still getting ready for the night.
     Being upset was the farthest thing from my mind at that point; I was too involved in seeing what I could of her. Gail went in to her bedroom closing the door behind her and finished getting dressed. When she was done she opened the door and had me come in to her room where she pointed out some things that I could look at while she was gone and I could see that her nightgown was lying on the bed for when she got home. Gail went on to tell me that if she came home drunk and had a man with her that I was not to let him come into the house; stating that the last time she got that drunk she wound up pregnant and she didn’t want to have that happen again.
I asked her what should I do if he tries to push his way inside. Gail then took a piece of paper out and wrote down that if I am drunk and a man brings me home this is to let anyone that reads it know that I have given instructions to my babysitter that if a man brings me home and tries to force his way in to call the police.

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   She then signed the note and handed it to me saying that if I need to call the police and she starts to tell them that she invited the man inside to show them the note and let them do what they need to do.
     Shortly after that Gail’s friend arrived that she was going to ride with and they left. I played some games with her son before putting him to bed. I sat down to watch some T. V. while waiting for Gail to get home and found myself drawn to her room where I looked through her panty drawer, finding all sorts of sexy panties from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I then looked to see if there were any in her laundry hamper, lucky me I found three pair all with stains on them where she had leaked her Pussy juices into them. I sniffed them to find out which pair was the freshest and started to beat off while sniffing them.
     It was almost eleven PM by this time and I was having a hard time getting my cock to shoot its load when I heard a car pull up in front of the house. I quickly put the panties back into the hamper as I pulled my pants back up and went to the door. Just as Gail had thought she was too drunk to stand by herself and a man was helping her to the door. I stepped out to take over for him and bring Gail inside but he tried to push me away saying that he had her. I told him that I had instructions not to let any one in except for her and that if he wanted to try and push his way in that I would just call the police and let them arrest him. Although the man let his anger show he handed Gail off to me and went back to his car. I guess he was waiting for me to leave but it had been decided that I would stay the night at Gail’s since I had a long walk home.

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   Finally the man started his car and left without looking out for other cars that might be coming.
     I had sat Gail down on the couch while I watched to se what he would do so now I walked back over to her and helped her to her feet so that I could put her in her bed. Halfway to her bedroom Gail said that she needed to get into the bathroom to throw up so I took her in and raised the lid and held her while she emptied her stomach into the toilet bowl. A little of the puke got on her dress so I decided that since I had already seen her in her undergarments that I would take off the dress before I laid her down on the bed.
     I slowly undid the catch and zipper on the back of her dress and lifted it over her head when she said that she needed to go back to the bathroom. I got her back into the bathroom and started to lift the seat again thinking that she needed to throw up again but she stopped me saying no I have to pee this time. I got a small smile on my face thinking that yeah I was going to see her without the panties covering her nice Pussy. I reached under her slip to pull down her panties and she stopped me saying to just pull it all down so that she didn’t get any pee on her slip. This made my smile grow even bigger because now I would definitely see her Pussy. I took hold of her slip and panties pulling them down to her knees and then letting them drop to the floor.
Gail sat down on the toilet and with her legs partially open I saw the stream of piss as it came out of her very wet Pussy. When she finished she reached for the toilet paper and try as she did she just couldn’t seem to find her slit to wipe herself dry. I took the toilet paper from her and wiped here Pussy for all I was worth enjoying the feel of her soft Pussy and pushing in to her slit I pulled the tissue across her very erect clit causing her to shudder and moan ever so softly. I dropped the toilet paper into the toilet and made her sit there as I got a washcloth wet and came back to her.
     Gail sensing what I was going to do spread her legs further apart and let me wash her Pussy.

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   I then helped her to her feet without pulling her panties and slip back up. Gail stepped out of her slip and panties leaving them on the floor and I helped her back into her bedroom where I decided that I already saw everything else I might as well take off her bra as well. I got her to the bed where I sat her down and reaching behind her I unhooked her bra, Gail asked me what I was doing and I told her just getting you ready for bed. Her response was to that’s so sweet. Gail fell back on the bed as I removed her bra, and rubbed her nice hard nipples causing her to moan again. I continued not knowing how far I would let this go.
     I was practically laying on top of Gail as I rubbed her stiff nipples causing my throbbing eleven and a half inches of rock hard cock rub across her naked Pussy. I hadn’t even thought about removing my own clothes thinking that all I would get from her was a good feel of her naked body. Gail had other things on her mind though having brought a man home she just started to rub my cock through my pants and whispered when are you going to take these off so that I can really feel this monster of yours. I quickly stood up and dropped my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. I then pulled my t-shirt off over my head and lay back on top of Gail letting my hard-on rub into her extremely moist Pussy, as I went back to rubbing on her nipples. Gail reached between us again and gripping my cock she rubbed it up and down through her slit and across her hard stiff clit. With her other hand she reached around my head and pulled it towards her right breast saying suck it please its been so long since anyone has sucked my breast.
     I started to suck on her right nipple and soon she was moaning louder and louder. Her hand on my cock was sliding it faster and faster over her engorged clit until she couldn’t take it any more and placing it at her opening I pushed into her tight as a virgin Pussy.

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   As the head disappeared inside of her; I kept pushing until I bottomed out against her cervix. I knew that there was still another two and a half inches of meat that hadn’t entered her but I started to pump in and out of her any way going faster as she began to push and grind back against me. I hooked my arms under her knees and lifted them to my shoulders as I picked up the pace of my thrust into her tight Pussy. Gail screamed out as I pushed past her cervix and into her womb.
The tightness of her cervix on my cock was too much for me and after the third entry into her womb I stopped forcing all of my cock into her and let my potent seed flow into her womb. After seven huge spurts and with my cock still rock hard I again set up a steady staccato pumping in and out of her now filled womb. My orgasm caused her to fly over the top and start her own climax, which lasted for about two minutes. Then she started to thrust with me in the steady rhythm that I had set up. We continued for about thirty minutes with me bringing her to multiple orgasms, before she started to move faster wanting me to hurry up and finish. So I increased my pace and soon I was buried inside of her shooting my second load directly into her womb just like the first load.
We fell asleep like that but I was soon awake and I pulled my cock slowly out of her and picked up my clothes. I dressed on my way back to the living room where I was supposed to be sleeping. Ten minutes later Gail came out of her bedroom still naked and went to the bathroom where she again peed and needed help to wipe again. I could see that none of my semen came out of her and none had leaked out when we were having sex. I helped her back to her room where I pulled her nightgown over her head and let her lay back down.

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     I again had a raging hard-on so I spread her legs, pushed her nightgown up; and pulling my cock out of my pants I rubbed it across her slit causing her to moan once more so I thrust it all the way inside of her and pumped hard and fast pressing deep into her womb until I could feel my cum building for another release, so I thrust deep into her womb again and emptied my seed into her for the third time that night. I returned to the couch where I fell asleep. I was awakened at seven AM by Gail’s four-year-old son Nathan so I got up and fixed him some breakfast and let him play afterwards.
     When Gail finally woke up at one that afternoon she made her way out to the living room without changing out of her nightgown. Gail asked if a man had brought her home last night, I responded yes but just like you told me I didn’t let him come in the house. I brought you inside and locked the doors; you had puke all down your dress so I took it off of you, I didn’t think you would mind since you answered the door in just your slip and under garments when I got here. I put you to bed and about ten minutes later I heard you throw up again so I helped you into the bathroom where I got you cleaned up and then took you back to bed. Gail then said that’s good because I ovulated yesterday and am at my most fertile time of the month right now.
I asked her don’t you take birth control, where she said that she would but the medicine that she had to take didn’t work well with the pill so she had to use rubbers when ever she had sex or risk getting pregnant, that was when I found out how wrong it was for me to take advantage of her drunkenness. I hoped that she would never find out what happened between us that night but four weeks later when I went over to baby sit for her again I found her crying. When I asked her what was wrong she just simply said “I am pregnant and don’t know who the father is, or how it happened since I haven’t had sex in over six weeks.
     I broke down and said that I was sorry but I know that you didn’t want any one coming inside last time I baby sat for you, but as I was putting you to bed you started to grab my cock and one thing led to another and I wound up inside of you where I shot my load straight into your womb. Gail was adamant that she wasn’t mad at me but she didn’t think that one small load would get her pregnant. I then told her that it wasn’t just one small load that I had released into her womb but three different huge loads, and that I knew that they were all the way inside of her because I had felt it when I pushed past her cervix. Gail didn’t believe that I was all the way inside of her womb so I said if she wanted the proof it wouldn’t hurt now that she was already pregnant so we went into the bedroom, took off our clothes and proceeded to fuck for the fourth time in our relationship.

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After several short strokes and her telling me; see I told you that you couldn’t get past my cervix. I thrust as hard and deep as I could push, pushing through her cervix and bottoming out deep in her womb where I released another huge load inside of her. Gail shot through the roof with a huge orgasm of her own that caused her to shake and scream out loud. We got together regularly after for a good fuck where I would unload three or four loads inside of her womb right up until she couldn’t take it anymore about three weeks before our daughter was born.
The saddest thing about the whole affair was that Gail died of complications three days after giving birth to our daughter Sara. I took both children to raise with my mothers help and soon Sara will be having her fifteenth birthday and she is still a virgin. I just may have to give her the ultimate birthday present by teaching her how to make love. But that is another story if I do, Nathan graduated last year and is now in medical school where he plans to be a doctor who will try to find a way to prevent other woman from going through what his mother did causing the complications that took her away from us.



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