Babysitting for family friends: Chapter 2


Topic: Traci's HouseBabysitting for family friends: Chapter 2 Traci’s House:      Before I go to much farther I should tell you about our family. There are four of us at home now, dad got killed when a man tried to rob him while he was on the job out of state leaving mom to raise me (Toby) , and my little sister Julie, mom was pregnant with our brother Jimmy who was born three weeks after we buried dad. Mom is thirty-eight-years-old now while I just turned fifteen, Julie is thirteen and is wearing a AA cup bra, Jimmy was still little.
     Traci is a young woman who got pregnant when she was just fourteen-years-old. Against her parents wishes she decided to keep the baby and named her little girl Cathy. Traci’s parents kicked her out when she got pregnant again, but they let her stay until the baby was born and she got somewhat on her feet. Traci was nineteen-years-old when she moved in next door to us with her two children Cathy and Joy . I had just had my birthday two days before they moved in.
     Mom enjoyed having them living next door to us and she became good friends with Traci while I was trying my best to see her with out any clothes on. I always seemed to go over to their home at just the right time for Traci to be coming out of the shower and walking to her bedroom in the nude or with a towel wrapped around her body. This didn’t seem to bother Traci too much as she would walk around her home in the nude and even let her kids go naked all the time.
     The first time that I babysat for Traci was when I was thirteen-years-old. Cathy came walking out of her room naked two minutes after Traci left to go out for the evening. Seeing her naked didn’t faze me at all since she hadn’t started to develop yet, so I didn’t think anything about it. I told her that she needed to put some clothes on so no one would think anything bad about me being there. Traci got pregnant with her third child that night by some guy that got her drunk and took advantage of the situation.

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   Traci had tried to use birth control pills but her body had a bad reaction to them so she couldn’t use them. She gave birth to her son nine months later and named him Joshua.
     I told Traci what Cathy had done and she then told me that she didn’t make the kids wear any clothes unless they wanted to. I continued to baby sit for them on a regular basis and would sometimes get naked right along with them to see how it felt walking around in front of a girl naked. This went on over the next three years; I was so use to being around Cathy, and Joy with nothing on that as Cathy started to develop I didn’t really pay any attention to her sexually. That is until after my night babysitting for Gail and getting to fuck here four times that night. Cathy had started her periods and had a tiny patch of hair just starting to grow in above her Pussy, and just barely budding breast.
     The first time that I babysat for Traci after the night at Gail’s house was two weeks later. Cathy was playing and sat down on something that poked her hard in her Labia causing them to bruise up a little bit, Cathy refused to do anything until I looked at her and assured her that she would be all right. I had her lay down on the couch and spread her legs so that I could look at her and see if there was any damage to her young Pussy. I began to poke and prod her labia just a little and Cathy started to squirm around a bit. I asked her if it hurt where I was touching her and she said no it just feels tingly when you touch me. I decided to see just how tingly it felt to her so I rubbed her labia a bit harder and she moaned a bit. I spread her Pussy lips apart to see what it looked like inside.
    Cathy was extremely wet inside of her little Pussy so I pulled my finger through her slit to pick up some of her juices on my fingers causing Cathy to lift her small body off the couch a bit.

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       I found her tight little hole and pushed a finger inside of her, Cathy let out a sigh and moan that told me that it felt good to her.
         I leaned in to lick her Pussy and caused her to jump a bit when I reached her tiny clit. My cock was standing at full attention and wanted to get into another Pussy so after I licked and sucked on her Pussy for over ten minutes bringing her to six orgasms I kissed my way up her body and stopped to nibble her tiny rose bud nipples before I moved up and tried to get my cock into her tiny hole. Cathy was so tight that I couldn’t get inside of her but I still rubbed my cock through her slit stimulating both of us and bringing Cathy to a huge orgasm. I needed to get off so bad that I started to jerk my cock until I shot my load all over her tiny Pussy lips and belly.
         I took Cathy in and got her cleaned up and put her to bed feeling overly excited. When Traci got home I was still naked when she walked in. Traci said I see you got comfortable. Yes, I said it seemed like the thing to do when every time I am over here Cathy and Jimmy strip off their clothes as soon as you walk out the door. Traci then said to let her run to the bathroom and then she would come out and pay me for the night.
         Traci didn’t just use the bathroom when she went in, she also stripped off her clothes to get comfortable as well. When she came out of the bathroom and I got my first real look at her nude body my cock sprang up to its full ten and a half inches of steel man meat. Traci just looked at my cock for about five minutes before she said anything. I continued to look at her tight Pussy with just a little strip of hair above her slit. I could see that she was getting wet from across the room so I stood up and walked over to her.

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       Traci still didn’t say anything as I got to her and reached in to rub her slit with my fingers. I pushed my middle finger into her slit and pulled it across her clit. Traci was so wet that I guided her back over to the couch where I eased her down on the cushion and spread her legs to allow me access to her soaking wet Pussy. I began to lap at her slit and clit until she let out a loud sigh and moaned ooooohhhhh thatttt ffffeeeeeellllllllls sssssoooooo gggooooooddddddddd dooooonttttt stoopppppppp!!!!!!
         I couldn’t take any more so I kissed and licked my way to her breast and lapped at her nipples sucking her right nipple into my mouth as I rubbed my hard throbbing cock through her slit and across her stiff clit. I brought Traci to a huge orgasm and before she could come down from that orgasm I pushed my cock into her tight Pussy until I felt the head hit the opening of her cervix. I started to slowly pump in and out of her building my pace until we were moving together in perfect rhythm with each other.
          I continued to suck on her nipple and started to rub her clit with my free hand. Traci lifted her legs in the air and grabbed them behind the knees to pull them further up and apart giving me more access to her depths.
      I soon increased my pace and depth pushing through her cervix and into her womb.
           We were so caught up in what we were doing that neither of us heard Cathy come into the living room to watch us, I drove Traci to another huge orgasm and buried my cock deep in her womb as I started to feel the semen rise up my cock to fill her. I shot the first spurt just inside of her womb and continued to push in and bottom out with the head hitting the back wall of her fertile womb causing Traci to hit another high in her orgasm. Traci continued to fly higher with each spurt of cum that I released into her womb, in multiple orgasms clenching her Pussy tightly around my cock locking it inside of her. I couldn’t pull out when I was finished with her Pussy holding me so tightly so I waited until she calmed down and with a still hard cock I pulled out finally and lay beside of her.
           We both had our eyes closed just enjoying the feeling that we had both just gone through when suddenly we heard an ear piercing scream and looked to see Cathy sitting on my throbbing hard cock. Cathy was trying to hold herself up so that I didn’t go in any further, but she quickly lost the battle with gravity and dropped down causing my cock to push all the way inside of her opening her cervix and hitting the back wall of her fertile virgin womb.

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         Her little cervix locked on to my cock and wouldn’t let me pull it out at all. Traci tried to pull Cathy off of me but the only thing that happened was for Cathy’s tiny no longer virgin Pussy to rub and stimulate my cock with each little bit of movement.
           Traci was frantic now trying to pull Cathy off of me begging me not to shoot my load inside of Cathy since she was at her mast fertile time right now. Try as I did I held out for fifteen minutes and just as Cathy was starting to loosen up I said no I cant hold it anymore and Traci just let Cathy drop down taking all of me back inside of her tiny Pussy and womb. That was it for me and I started to shoot my second load into that tiny fertile womb filling it with more than it could hold.
      This forced my cock to withdraw from her depths as Cathy flew into her first cock in Pussy orgasm. We got Cathy off of me and laid her down on the couch where we both took turns sucking her little Pussy trying to suck out the cum that was deep inside of her. Like her mother Cathy’s vaginal vault locked closed and wouldn’t release any of my seed from her fertile womb. Six weeks later Traci told me that I was going to be a father and that she was sorry, but both her and Cathy were pregnant and that she didn’t believe in abortion so they would have them.
      We all three agreed to keep quiet about who the father of Cathy’s baby was so that I wouldn’t get in trouble for having sex with her. After they both gave birth on the same day, Traci having another girl and Cathy giving me a son. I sat down with Traci and we decided that if I wanted to when Cathy got older that she could join us in three ways, but unlike Traci Cathy went on the pill and stayed on them until after she turned eighteen and we enjoyed many more days of sex together right up until then. I had three more children with Traci but never did get Cathy pregnant again although Joy has decided to join in our little tryst of sex but she unlike Cathy was already on the pill before her first time.  
      Well thats all for this chapter but there will be more to cum.

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