Babysitting becomes Interesting - Part Two


    So, when part one of the story ended, the doorbell had rang.   NOT the kind of thing you want to have happen while you're lying naked on the floor with two underaged girls, who are also naked.   Me and Rachel panicked, as Katie slept.   Whispering, I instructed Rachel to drag Katie out of sight somewhere, while I quickly got dressed.   However, staying hidden was futile from the beginning, as the unknown guest was already in the house.     As we were frantically trying to hide, a female voice came from the entryway, "Hello?  Is anyone home?"  Rachel gasped, and said "It's Em!"    When she said 'Em', I instantly knew who she was talking about.   It was Emily, the third girl who was getting picked up for the pool party.   I knew her fairly well, as we had gone out once.   She was taller than all the rest of them, around 5'5" or 5'6".   She had breasts on the large side of a B-Cup, and had blonde hair.      She wandered into the main part of the house, where we were all naked.   Emily just stood and stared for a second, before asking "What's going on in here?"  For a while, nobody spoke.   Then, Rachel timidly said, "umm. . . .


  . . . we were bored. "    As we laughed, Emily continued staring at us as if we were all insane.   With the sudden noise, Katie began to wake up.   However, as soon as she saw Emily, she jumped up right away. "Shit," she said, "Em, what are you doing here!?"  She replied that she was here for the party, of course.   After an awkward silence, Katie asked "So. . . . . what do we do next?"  They looked at Emily, who was still in her bathing suit.   Without requiring any further cues, she peeled off her bathing suit.

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    Katie and Rachel looked surprised, as they looked from me, to her, and back to me.   Emily said "What, it's not like it's anything he's never seen before. "  Katie and Rachel looked at me, shocked.      I had never mentioned it to anyone, but the one time that me and Emily went out wasn't just one time.   That 'one date, as friends', quickly turned into another, and another, and eventually turned into us being naked, alone in my basement.   There was no actual fucking, but we did get quite an opportunity to closely examine each other.     Emily told us her story at that point:    About 2 months ago, her parents had gone on vacation, leaving her brother (who was my age), in charge.   The first night they were gone, he held a party at their place, after which many drunk teenagers had needed a place to stay.   Knowing that his parent's wouldn't be home for a week, Jon (that's her brother), let them sleep on the floor in the living room.     Now, she assumed before her brother had woken up, a small group was already awake.   They came up the stairs, and quietly entered Emily's bedroom, where she lay, still asleep.   However, after seeing that sexy, almost-nude body lying in the bed, all thoughts of carefulness left them.   They quickly ripped off the blankets, and began stripping her.   Of course, she woke up and began protesting, but to no avail.      One of the guy's began grabbing and sucking her tits, while another one started jamming fingers in her pussy.

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    Her screams of pain were just encouragement for the guys to continue.   It finally ended with one of them fucking her hard in the pussy.     After that event, she talked to her dad, without revealing any of what happened.   She posed the question as a what-if someone tried to rape her some day, and convinced her dad to get her birth-control, without the knowledge of her mom.   Ever since that day, she had been on the pill.     Which leads me to the whole basement scene.   After a date, she came into my house with me, where we headed down to the rec room in the basement.   We started watching some dumb movie, but mostly just cuddled on the couch.      At one point during the proceedings, Emily told me the whole story of what happened.   She said that, although it was extremely painful, there was definitely pleasure too.   She said that she wanted to know what sexual contact with a guy felt like, but not in a forced way.   So, that led to us naked, feeling each other, but, as I mentioned earlier, no actual sex.     Which brings us back to the main story.   Emily said, "So, that's why I don't mind seeing him naked. "  She looked at me, and said "Well, how about it, do you have one more fuck in you for me?"    It was probably the hardest thing I had ever done, but I had to admit that I probably was done fucking for the day.

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    However, I told her that I'd do anything else she wanted with her.      I lay down on the floor, and Emily came over and lay beside me, her pussy right beside my face.   I saw that her pussy was absolutely dripping, took it as an invitation to dig in.   So, I started licking her pussy, as she played with my cock a little bit.   Before long, my cock was starting to get hard again, which she also took as an invitation.   Pulling away from my face, she told me to get up.   She kneeled down on the floor in the 'doggy' position, and told me to go ahead.     So, I did.   Moving behind her, I started filling her pussy with my cock, thrusting with all the strength I could still muster up.   As this was going on however, I heard the door open.     At this point, there was a major battle going on.   On one hand, there was nobody else who was supposed to be here, and I knew that this would  not be a welcome sight for anyone walking in.   However, there was NO WAY I was going to give up my final prize, the girl who I had dreamed of fucking ever since our first date.      As I thrust one last time, as hard as I could manage, I came one last time.   I instantly pulled out, and told them to hide.

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        However, it was too late, as I heard a familiar voice coming into the house.     As Jason walked into the room, he was obviously mad.   "The stupid fucker fired me!  He fucking fir. . . . . . "  He had been yelling, but he trailed off as he looked up and saw the 4 naked people in the room.   "What in the fuck," he said, starting quietly, progressing to a full out scream, "IS GOING ON IN HERE!?"  He looked around, seeing me, his naked sister, and her two naked best friends.   "And more importantly," he continued, "Why was I at work when I could have been here!?"    With absolutely no hesitation,  he stripped down, ran to the couch and flopped down right where Rachel and Katie, his sister, were laying.   Katie was obviously somewhat disgusted, but Jason had absolutely no second thoughts.      As we all stared at him, Emily finally spoke up. "Umm. .

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       Jason. . . . . I got here kind of late, and Jay didn't have much left in him. . . . could you. . . . ," she trailed off, gesturing at her wet pussy.     Jason didn't need any coaxing, after that invitation.

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        He told Emily to come over to where he was, and sit on him.   She did just that, and began slowly.   After a while though, she started actually standing up and slamming back down on his cock.      As this display was happening, I looked at the clock. The time read 5 minutes to 4.   "Umm. . . . guys. . . . ", I said to them, "I hate to break this up, but your car's going to be here in 5 minutes.   Everything suddenly stopped.

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        Nobody spoke, until Katie broke the silence with a single word.     "Shit. "    As they started running around frantically, I took back my role as the babysitter, and started barking orders.   "You three, go shower.   You smell like sex.   Don't worry about taking turns, God knows you've seen enough of each other already, I think you can manage.   Just worry about the key areas.   Make sure you don't stink.   Then, get your bathing suits back on.   Me and Jason will clean up. "    Just then, I heard a horn honk from the driveway.   Jason was still sitting on the couch playing with his cock after being left so abruptly before cumming.   I quickly got dressed and ran outside, knowing that they'd leave if they thought nobody was home.     So, I headed outside and told the driver that they were on their way, and that they had forgotten to pack a few things.   I headed back into the house to tell them that their ride was here, and to hurry.

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        Fortunately, the shower was over, so they headed outside and left.   But, as they left, I called out, "We'll have to do this again some time. "  So there, everything turned out fine in the end.   However, is this really the end?  Who knows what could go on from here.   I've got some thoughts, but there's no point putting them down if nobody's appreciating my work.   So, if the good ratings keep coming, so will our main charactors!.