Baby Sitter Gets punished


This is my first story so let me know if you liked it or not

My story start with me being a 30 year old guy 6 foot well built and i have a 7 inch dick that is 1.5 inches around. I am happily married and we have a young son.

Well me and my wife like to go out a lot and so we were always looking for the right baby sitter it took us about a year to find the right baby sitter but we finally did her name was Hanna and she was 18 about 5 3 and 34 c cup boobs with a perfect ass and long slender legs

In the summer time she would always wear the skimpiest shirt showing off her breasts and a either tight shorts or a short skirt My favorite was one of her denum skirts that showed the bottom of her ass also we have a swimming pool and sometimes when we had her baby sit she would come over early and swim the last time she came over she wore a thing bikini bottom and a enough cloth on the top to cover her nipples i was instantly hard

I ran up to my room and jerked off as i watched her swim in the pool bikini top had a hard time keeping her tits in control just as i finished up my wife called out for us to leave we went to the movies and when we got home she was sleeping on the couch and our son in bed my wife went up stairs to bed and i said i would take hanna home she was still wearing her bikini so i walked up to her and saw that her thong had slipped a little and one of her pussy lips were stiking out and one tit was out i had to hold back from jumping on her right there

I woke her up from Inside the kit chin and watched out the cor nor of my eye as she readjusted her bikini i always paid ed her then she drove home as the summer went on my ability to hold back from fucking her got smaller and smaller to the point that i would have sex with my wife to imagine i was fucking her virgin pussy

the last time that she came over she was wearing a thin shirt and a short skirt she then told us that this would be the last time she could baby sit Cu's she was getting another job i knew then that tonight i had to fuck her

The whole time we were at dinner i was thinking of a way to actually fuck her it was getting late and when we got home i noticed that she was sleeping on the couch again and my wife went up to bed i woke Hanna up and she was sorry for being a sleep

i paid her felling bad i couldn't fuck her and she "accidental" dropped her money on the couch seat she bent over the back of the couch and when she did that her skirt rode up and reveal led her wet pussy had no panties over them

i lost control and pulled out my dick and walked behind her when she felt me push her into the back of the couch she freaked out she started pleading with me not to do this she wanted to save her virginity

i didn't care i pulled down her skirt and pushed up her shirt to reveal no bra i told her that since she dressed like a dirty slut then i was going to fuck her like a dirty slut

I pushed my head up against her pussy entrance i started to push in and she started to cry god was she tight it was like a vise trying to push me out but i wanted in i felt her natural barrier and i pulled back a little and squeezed her tit hard till she gasped and slammed my dick into her hard

she really started crying hard now and then moaning as i thrust ed into her she started pushing against me she cum med and her Issy gripped my dick so hard i though i was going to cum right there

She told me not to cum in her because she wasn't on the pill so i told her i had to come some were and she said on her face and tits

Just as i was going to cum i spun her over and shot my hot cum all over face hair and tits then when i was done and whipped her all up i gave her some extra Mooney and she went home and i never saw her again