Aunt, Daughter and Maid Part 4


This is the 4th part in the series. I hope you are familiar with the plot :-). The action starts with Sam, the nephew getting a bright idea after finishing lunch with his aunt. Aunt and the maid in some hot lesbian action. So my bright idea was to hide in my aunts closet and surprise her. I went into her room and went into her spacious closet. I opened the door slightly so that I could see the room. I could see her bed and dressing table from the closet. I waited for her impatiently. My cock hurt a little due to the action in the morning. Right now, it was starting to get hard again. I did not know what I would do when she came into her room, but I just wanted to be there. After a while I heard the room door open and I saw my aunt come in. She usually has a nap from 2pm for about 2 hours. She went in front of the mirror and started to take off her blouse. She looked at herself in the mirror in her sexy bra and turned to look at her back.

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   Then she proceeded to take off her shorts. She was now standing in front of the mirror in a bra and panties. She continued to admire herself in the mirror when I heard a knock on the door. My aunt hastily got into a robe and she opened the door. It was Namitha the maid. "Madam, can I clean your room now?""Why, yes of course. " I heard my aunt say. "Well I can come back later if you are busy. ""No. no. its perfectly fine," my aunt said, as she let Namitha in. "I guess you were too busy in the morning to do any work huh?" I heard my aunt ask with a short laugh. Namitha giggled. "Yes, madam, I was busy showering with your cute nephew. ""Well, thats interesting.

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   I hope you didn't do anything naughty," my aunt said. "Well, he is still being trained madam," said Namitha. "Well did you go all the way with him?""No, madam. I will need sometime. But I heard some noises in the afternoon just before lunch. What were you upto madam?""Well, I had a bit of fun with him. It was accidental of course but he started playing a porn movie by accident and I couldnt help it. ""What did you do?" Namitha sat down on the bed next to my Aunt. "I let him kiss my breasts and he gave me a hand job. It was so good. I have never cum like that after my husband died. ""Then I gave him a hand job too. His penis is so small but so sexy. ""I think I may have pulled a muscle after all that playing," my aunt said touching her left shoulder. "Do you think you can give me a massage, Namitha?""Of course madam, come here lie down on the bed and take off that robe," she said.

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  "Do you mind if I get down to my underwear too, madam?""No. Thats fine," I heard my aunt say. Namitha started to rub my aunts back with cream as she rubbed her shoulders. I heard my aunt sigh. "Oh this is so good. Where did you learn to massage like this Namitha?""Well madam, all you need is to know the points on the body that need most of the touch. That is the areas that you dont let people touch. ""Mmmm. . . sounds interesting. What would those areas be?""Well, for instance like your back. It is starved for touch. So are your shoulders and backs of the thighs. ""Oh, I was thinking of more exotic areas," laughed my aunt.

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   "I think you are right, you are doing such wonderful things to my back. ""Do you mind if I straddle you tush while I rub your back?" asked Namitha. "No, of course not. Go ahead. "I saw Namitha straddling my aunts buttocks in her panties and bra and start to rub her back slowly and sensually. It made me feel hard again. She leaned further up my aunts back so much that her breasts rested on my aunts back as she rubbed my aunts hands kneading them in her hands. My aunt moaned as she felt the pleasure of Namitha's touch. "Oh Namitha, your body feels so warm and soft," my aunt moaned. without a word, Namitha unsnapped my aunts bra and started to massage the sides of her breasts. Without my aunts knowledge she slipped off her own bra, and continued to massage her. Her dark heavy breasts burst out of their imprisonment, making my cock jerk in response to the wonderful sight. "Namitha, do this any longer and you may have a horny old lady in your hands," said my aunt gasping as she felt hands caressing the sides of her breasts. "Relax," was all what Namitha said as she rubbed my aunts back and under her arms. I saw her gently rocking on my aunts buttocks and her face was getting excited by the second.

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   I could see her chest moving up and down rapidly and I realised that Namitha was rubbing her pussy on my aunts buttocks through her panty. Then Namitha leaned over again and started to kiss my aunts cheek and ears. She started to suck her ear pulling on the earlobe. Her breasts were now resting against my aunts back and there was no way that she could have missed that fact that the bra had come off. Then I saw Namitha kissing my aunts lips while her head was turned to the side. Then without saying anything Namitha lifted herself and turned my aunt around, taking off her bra. Then she lay on top of my aunt and started to kiss her eyes and nose so gently and moved slowly to the upper lip, sucking on it slowly while her breasts rubbed against my aunts breasts. She then started to french kiss my aunt while taking her hands and imprisoning it above my aunts head, totally in control. Then she moved slowly to her neck sucking noisily. She then started to trace her throat with her long tongue moving up to the chin and then sucking it and back to her lips kissing hard. My aunt was going crazy bucking her hips trying to rub her pussy against Namitha. Namitha held her back kissing my aunt harder and harder and then slowly moving down to her arm pits. I never seen a woman jump like that when Namitha started sucking my aunts shaved armpit. She started to moan loudly, while her maid sucked her like a vacuum cleaner. Then Namitha moved to her cleavage and started to lick up and down its length.

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   Then she moved slowly to one breast. Like I did earlier, she started to lick around the nipple avoiding it. Then she started to suck the whole nipple making my aunt cry out. She was writhing under Namitha like a snake, moaning and crying and screaming at the same time. She held Namitha's head in her hands directing her on her breasts, urging her to suck them and pleading not to stop. Namitha switched to the other breast and gave her the same treatment. Then I saw my aunt pushing her down towards her tummy. Namitha, started to suck and lick my aunts tummy spending extra time on her navel. She then spread my aunts legs and started to kiss the top of her crotch over the panty. She kept licking the top and started to move slowly to the slit. "Oh, madam your panty is so wet," said Namitha in a low voice and started to suck my aunts panty noisily just above her pussy moving down lower and lower. My aunt was urging her to lick her hard and she pushed her panties down making Namitha lick her pussy directly.
    "Oh, baby push your lovely tongue into my pussy, pleeeeasee,. . oh god," she kept moaning.

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       Then I saw Namith push her finger into my aunts pussy and my aunt lifted her pelvis up moaning. "Oh god, what are you doing? Are you licking my ass too?"I could see Namitha going lower and lower and she must have put her tongue into it because my aunt screamed in ecstasy. "Oh god, I never knew that it would be this nice, oh god. . please. . . more" she moaned as I saw Namitha insert her finger into her ass, while she sucked on my aunts pussy. My aunt continued to moan and buck at the attention and finally she came very hard. This was much louder than when she was with me. They lay there for sometime recovering from the activities, and Namitha went up to my aunt and started to kiss her hard. "Can you taste your pussy on my lips, madam?""Oh god yes !! Please let me suck your pussy too?"I saw Namitha start to sit on my aunts face letting her lick her. She started to rock on her face and started to moan while squeezing her breasts. She reached back and put a finger into her anus while my aunt licked her. I was surprised to find that I liked to see her finger going in and out of her ass.

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       I reached for my cock and started to jerk it. It still hurt a little after being used twice in a day but I didn't care. I wanted to cum again. Finally I saw Namitha cum hard on my aunts face and then they kissed passionately. Then to my surprise, Namitha sucked the finger she had in her ass. This made me cum so hard that I was sure that they heard me. I wanted to join them but I didn't want to mess up the moment. So I waited until they kissed each other lovingly and Namitha proceeded to clean the room. My aunt fell asleep almost immediately and thats when Namitha found my hiding place. She was amused to see me with my shorts around my ankles and cum on the floor. "Well, look who is peeping on his aunt," she said kneeling before me about to take my cock into her mouth. I pulled away saying that it hurt so much. She understood and asked me to be a good boy and take a warm bath and that everything would be fine by the next day. I left my aunts room and went back to my room and had a nice long bath and slept like a baby till 6pm when the sound of thunder woke me up. Jenny, my aunts daughter had come back home after visiting her friends, and I realised that it would only be a matter of time when I would play with both my aunt and Namitha.

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       But boy was I wrong about that !! Wait for my next installment of this story. Thought I would make this story a lesbian encounter for any ladies out there. Comments please gen_man69@yahoo. com. .



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