Aunt, Daughter and Maid Part 2


Continued from the first part. I spent most of my school holidays at my aunt. I was once caught by my aunt when I was pleasuring myself in my room. One thing led to another and the maid came to my room that night and we had a nice time pleasuring each other. The next few days were awkward for me since the maid did not come to my room. This was most because my aunt was up until late entertaining some of her friends from church. Since I had that wonderful experience with Namitha, I could not help fantasising about our next encounter. The following Saturday an opportunity arose when my aunt left with my cousin to the Sunday fair. Usually this is after church and so she would be out for at least 3 hours. My heart was beating fast and I could not wait until they left. I pretended to be asleep as I had an annoying erection and didn't want to go out with my penis sticking out like a sore thumb. However, my heart skipped a beat when I heard a knock on the door. It was my aunt. "Wake up sleepy head" she said. She came into the room as it was unlocked and came round the bed to the side as I was facing my back to the door. I had to ditch the pillow since I did not want her to think that I was being naughty.

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   She sat down by the edge. I could smell her perfume and her face was partially hidden by her chest. I turned onto my back so that I would not get caught staring at her breasts. She leaned over a little looking at me, I could see that she was wearing a low cut blouse and a few more degrees lower and I would be able to see her cleavage. I tried so hard not to look and I could feel her eyes on me and detected a half smile on her lips. Before I could say anything she started to talk. "Listen, I am sorry about what happened the other day. I spoke to Mrs. Jones and she said that its normal for boys your age to experiment. " I was shocked. She had spoken to her neighbour about what I did ! She must have seen the shock on my face cos she bent over again even lower this time to pat my cheek and reassure me that it was Mrs. Jones who had talked to her about her daughter Lisa. I couldn't believe it !! Lisa was a really plain looking girl with freckles and glasses. I would never have thought that she would be the type who masturbates. I was even more shocked that my aunt would share such a thing with me.

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   I felt my cock getting harder. I hoped that she would not notice. But then, my uncomfortable glance towards my crotch must have alerted her because she looked over her shoulder and she must have spotted my dick since I heard her take a sharp breath. "Oh my! Looks like what I told you got you excited?" she looked at my face. I could have died ! "Well, I guess the pillow will come in handy now, huh?" she asked with a sly smile. I didn't know what to say. Then she did the most incredible thing. She placed her hand on my erection over my pyjamas and I almost flew through the roof. I bit my lip and that is the only way I could manage to lie still. She cupped it for a while looking at me. Then she sighed. "I wish I was younger," she said and got up abruptly and walked out of the room without another word. The moment she was out of the house I got up quickly and cleaned up. My cock refused to go down. I was so excited to think of the possibilities of being alone with Namitha.

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  I went downstairs and I could not find her. Then I went to her room. The door was unlocked and I went in. I was wearing a pair of shorts and underwear where I managed to cram my unrelenting cock. It hurt but I didn't want anyone else to come by and see my predicament. I was about to turn back when I heard the sound of the shower in the maids' toilet. I went down on my knees by the door and slowly eased it open as it was unlocked. I could see the maid under the shower. Her body looked so inviting and the pain in my shorts increased. Without thinking I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" asked Namitha. "Its me. I need to talk to you," I said. What a stupid thing to say I wondered. I heard the shower stop and the door opened and Namitha was in a hastily wrapped towel.

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   Her long hair was wet with strands all across her face looking at me with an amused expression. "Mmmmm. . nice to see you around here. Has your aunt left?" she asked me with a mischievous smile. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. She came closer and closer, her eyes sparkling and her hands on either side lifting up to encircle my body. I shivered involuntarily, my heart hammering like a bass drum to a techno beat. I felt the blood pounding to my head and elsewhere as I felt her cool hand pull me to her and give me a big hug. It felt so comfortable to be held by this woman. I sighed as I felt her breasts press against me. "Does my little master need a shower?" she whispered kissing me gently on my cheek. I nodded dumbly my hands shaking as I tried to hold her. She must have felt it because she asked me to relax and hugged me even harder. She then half dragged me into the toilet and started to undress me.

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  "I will give you the best shower that anyone has given you," she said as she pushed my shorts down. Leaving my underwear on for the moment. "Oh my, you seem to be thinking very naughty thoughts," she said as she threw away my shorts. Pushing me towards the shower cubicle. She turned the shower on, adjusting the controls to a mildly warm temperature and then shed her towel. Her body looked so inviting and I got bold and looked at her luscious breasts drinking in their beauty. They were much bigger than my aunts with dark nipples. I wished I could touch them but I couldn't get my hands to move. It was so exciting to be with a woman twice my age, willing to teach me stuff. I always used to feel invisible around girls my age where guys who were better looking that me got most of the attention. Having someone so close to me, made me feel like a scientist who discovered something for the first time. I wanted to experiment and see the possibilities the new discovery offered. "I missed you. " I said, finally managing to get something out of my mouth. she came closer with a sponge and started to rub my body starting with my chest and moving lower.

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   Her breasts jiggling at the effort. I stood and stared at them, mesmerised by the soft lovely mounds moving in concert to her efforts. "I know," she said continuing to rub my tummy with the sponge moving lower to my crotch. I gasped as I felt the soft sponge touch my dick. Before I could get used to the sensation she went down rubbing my thighs and then the back. Then I heard the sponge drop and I felt her breasts against my back and her hands started to encirle my waist rubbing my tummy and moving up to my chest teasing my nipples. I felt her licking my ear which made me shiver. She then took some of liquid soap and started to rub is slowly over my chest. Slowly moving down as she bit my neck slowly. I never thought my neck would be that sensitive as I shivered as I felt her tongue exploring it. I felt her hands move closer and closer to my crotch. She then turned me around and her mouth decended on my lips sucking the lower lip first and her hands starting to rub soap on my cock and balls. Then her hands moved to the back and one finger started tracing my butt crack moving towards my anus. I started to suck her lips as I felt her finger getting closer and closer to my anus. I felt it cleaning my anus and slipping in slow because it was well lubricated.

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   I started sucking her lips so hard involuntarily as I felt her finger work its magic there. I started rubbing my cock against her tummy feeling her reciprocate the movement. After a few seconds, she then moved away pushing me under the shower again washing off the soap carefully. Then she took her towel and dried me off, lingering at those special places making sure I was dry. Then she took me by the hand and led me into her room. She made me sit on her bed and knelt before me so that she could kiss me. We were more or less at the same height because the bed was low. She started to kiss me hard pulling me closer with her hard dark nipples grating against my barely hairy chest. Her hands pulling me to her. I could feel her hands getting tighter around me kissing me harder. Then she got up taking her left breast and pushed it against my lips. I started to suck it into my mouth. She almost jumped moaning pulling my head to her fiercely. I sucked harder pushing my whole face into the lovely mound. Without thinking I started to caress her tummy and started to move down.

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   She must have felt my hand because of one of her hands started to come off my head and pushed my hand down between her legs spreading herself for me. I felt her lips and the fingers slid across the lips because they were drenched in her juices. I started to rub her lips tentatively. Her hand came down impatiently and gave me a little lesson. She made me push the finger into the slit so that I could rub the clit and the lips. I continues to suck and then she gave me her other breast. I went on sucking and playing with her breast in my mouth while my hand rubbed her. After a minute or so she moved away lying down on the bed. Without a word she made me kneel and put my head between her legs. I started to lick her up and down her slit. She tasted funny but I didn't care. I heard her whisper, breathlessly. "Put your finger inside darling" she said. Then she gave me another lesson on how to find her pussy hole. After a few attempts and a few cries of pain, I was inside her.

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   My fingers seemed small insider her pussy as I moved backwards and forwards while licking the top of her pussy. She started to moan aloud and started to buck as I continued. Then she came so noisily that I was scared that she was hurt. She pushed my head away, shivering and shaking hard. After a while her breathing came back to normal. Before I could say anything she made me get up and come over her head and started to suck my cock. I felt a finger under my anus pressing as she started to suck me hard. I held on to the wall as she sucked and sucked with all her might taking most of my 4 inch cock into her mouth. I knew I could not last much longer and the moment the thought was complete, I started to cum in her mouth as I felt her finger slide into my anus. It was too much and I heard her moan as she felt my sperm in her mouth and throat. I pulled out of her mouth slowly and lay down next to her. It was unbelievable. I wished that moment would never end. I closed my eyes to picture it in my mind and suddenly I felt her getting up and before I knew it, her pussy was on my mouth and her thighs straddling me as she pushed it next to my mouth. I started to lick her hard again and she took one of my finger and coaxed it into her anus.

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   She came in a few minutes with her cum all over me almost breaking my neck in the process. Then she climbed off and pulled me to my feet. We had a nice shower right afterwards and I went back to my room as if nothing had happened by the time my aunt came back. Well hope you enjoyed the second part. Write to me gen_man69@yahoo. com.