At camp chapter 1


I fought a smile as I showered. I had done it! I had begged my mom to let me go to camp.
What she didn't know was what kind of camp. I had shown her a brochure from some random nature camp, then gotten her to sign a form( one page of a huge contract signing over my sexual freedom for 3 months) and gotten her to drive me to a bus stop. I asked her to drop me off early, she kissed me goodbye, and I sat to wait. I am sixteen, nice body, nice tits, ass, and my virginity masturbated off.
I had been with my dom for two years. I am sixteen, and my dom is like my other mother. She owns a barn, but only lets me fuck her dog. The bus shows up, and some other girls get on with me. We all had tiny bags, all we brought were toiletries and a change of clothes to come home in. Once on the bus, the door closed and the driver held out a bin marked clothes. We stripped and put our clothes in, then walked through a curtain to a tiny segment, curtained off. There was a small suitcase filled with all kinds of dildos and vibrators.
A small woman with long hair and great features looked the girls next to me up and down, then picked out dildoes for them. She looked at me and rooted around also, until she came out with a 8 inch vibrating dildo.

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   Inside I thought, "I will never be able to take this all!" but I accept it, and step out of the curtained off area. In every seat is a girl, masturbating! A nice looking woman smiles at me and the rest of my group.
"Ok girls, you were our last stop, so find a seat and orgasm!"
She waits until we all are seated, but haven't turned on the vibrators.
"Dildos and vibrators off and out! If I see a dildo in a pussy, Its 20 pussy smacks on your card!
Welcome to camp O, short for orgasm! Here at camp, we like everybody to orgasm at least 300 times! Throughout camp, you will have a card with 300 dots on it, every time you orgasm, you cross out an x! If you reach 300 in the first month, you get to have sex with Brian! He is our male boy cabin counselor. He has a 18 inch cock, every girl wants him, throughout camp there will be other ways to get him also.
We have punishments if you don't follow the rules. Hey you, come here!" She said, pointing at me. "I like the way you look, so you get the first treat. " With that she takes out a chastity belt, puts a butt plug and my 8 inch dildo on it, and puts it in me, I of course grit my teeth and say," there is no lube on the butt plug!" She responds," Here at camp o, we don't believe in lube, so we dont have any! As your punishment for mouthing off though, you can jog up and down the aisle, 20 times. I agonizingly turn around and walk up the aisle, "I said jog!" she shouts, so I do, as I cry, the vibrator turns on, and I double over, but continue. when I am done, I have orgasmed 3 times, and she hands me a green card on a purple lanyard, with 300 dots, 3 xed out.
We finally arrive at camp, and I see about 90 guys lined up. There were only 30 girls! The counselor speaks though,"Girls, by the way my name is jane, and there are more boys on purpose! Each girl will be assigned 3 guys, except for the lucky one with 4! This way, you can do shows, and they can gangbang you! Through out camp, everybody will be able to abduct people and rape them, we have 5 virgins this year, they are all scared, so be nice!" Tonight is hide and go seek, boys will seek for half an hour, girls for half an hour, If you are found, you must submit to whoever found you for 5 minutes! If 20 guys find you, each one gets one minute, and it will be a gangbang. Meet at the square at noon, and we will start!
To be continued.
This is my first time with animal and guy sex, so I don't know if it should go under different topics or not, please let me know!

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