Anne and Alicia, What They Deserve - Chapter 2


"What the hell?" I asked her, sipping at my beer once more. "I want to go home, now. That son of bitch is a pervert. " She said, as she walked up to me. I was almost in shock at this. How could she have just fucked my best friend, sucked me off, then call Duwayne a pervert when he tries to get some? "Come on, Anne. Relax for a second, what did he say?" I asked, figuring that he must’ve been rude. Anne thought about it for a moment, and looked up at me with a frown. "He said he was going to fuck me, and I was going to let him. " She frowned, obviously unhappy. "He said that he and I were going to go over to those bushes and fuck, and if I fought him on it, he was going to hurt me. "This didn’t sound like Duwayne at all. I watched Anne as her discontent became even more clear, with tears now swelling from her eyes. My plan was falling through, and fast. I would have to come up with some other way to get this girl fucked until she hurt. Soon, Duwayne left, quite pissed off, and Chris came strolling back up to the truck.

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   He’d asked what was wrong, and Anne said she didn’t want to talk about it. The three of us loaded up into the truck, and headed back to my house. A little way down the road, I felt the weight of her head on my shoulder, and assumed that she had passed out. Soon, it’s presence turned annoying and slightly painful, so I attempted to move my arm to find a more comfortable resting position. This is when her head fell, to my surprise, into my lap. Silently, she slept that way the entire ride home. --Upon our arrival, we both worked to drag Anne from the truck, and helped her stagger into the house. We laid her on the couch, and took turns using my bath room. When we finished, we stepped outside to the truck to bring in the beer cooler. "What the fuck was all that about with Duwayne?" I asked Chris. "No clue, he just asked her if she was ready for more cock, and she slapped him. Seems to me that your friend has issues, man. " He told me, as we approached his truck. "Oh well, she’s asleep now. I’m probably going to go my ass to bed, too.

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   My back’s still throbbing. " I said, before reaching into the bed of the pick-up and grabbing a handle to the cooler. "You mind if I crash here tonight, man?" He asked. Of course that’s what he’d ask. Here I am, practically babysitting my wife’s best friend and soon to be sister-in-law, who appears to be a completely disrespectful slut, and Chris can get a piece from her anytime he wants. So who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend the night alone with her, especially if she’s this drunk?I thought about it for a minute, as we both began pulling the cooler from the truck. It was heavy, so as soon as we got it out, we sat it on the ground. I couldn’t really say no, since he almost always spent the night at my house, but I couldn’t trust Anne or Chris to be left alone together, either. I guess that meant that I’d have to stay up tonight and chaperone them both. "Yeah, I guess you can spend the night. Nothing else with Anne, though, alright? My wife and kid are asleep in the next room, and I don’t need to get my ass kicked because this girl feels like being a tramp. " I explained, before lighting another cigarette. Chris nodded in agreement, and we took the cooler inside, to find that Anne had found herself a thick blanket, and had relaxed across my couch, with only the light from the television to illuminate the room. "What took so long?" She slurred in my direction. "We were getting the cooler.

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  " I answered, still not sure whether to be pissed at her or not. "It took that long to get a cooler?" She asked, before giggling. She was just teasing me, now. "It does when it’s packed full of beer and ice, smart ass. " I said back to her, before pulling three beers from it and heading into the living room. Chris had taken a seat on the empty couch, and had sprawled out across it, leaving me no place to sit. I handed him his beer, then Anne hers, and sat down next to Anne, scooting her out of the way. When I sat down, she spread her legs across my lap, and giggled once more. I eyed her curiously, then proceeded to open my beer and start drinking. -The movie we’d been watching on the television was now ending, and it had been over two hours since we got home from the empty field. I’d managed to get the events of earlier off of my mind, by focusing on what we had been watching. But now that the show was going off, I found myself focusing more on what was going on around me. Chris was fast asleep, probably had been for a while. This left Anne as the only other person in the house that was awake. Her leg moved across my lap, and with a sly grin, she used the heel of her foot to massage the bulge in my pants. 

   This focused my attention on her, once more. Her hair looked very attractive in the dark surroundings, her pale skin glowing under the light from the television, as her eyes stayed locked with mine. Her small grin remained, as her bare foot moved back and forth across my crotch. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but could easily figure out what was going on. This was a mind game. I still hadn’t fucked her, so she wasn’t finished with me. The thought made me mad, and I refused to be just another orgasm for this slut. Silently, I stared at her, sipping at me beer and smoking my cigarette, while she continued. My eyes never left hers, and my face remained expressionless. I refused to give her the pleasure of getting me excited like this. Not again. Not with her. Soon, she realized that her advances weren’t working. This is when she moved on to plan B. "Carl, can I have another beer? It’ll be the last one tonight, I promise.

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  " She asked, leading me to believe that she had given up on her pursuit of my dick. "I should’ve cut you off hours ago, Anne. " I responded, in a cold tone. "Please? Just one more? I’ll only drink half of it, and you can have the rest. " She asked, nicely, pleading with me. Of course, I gave in. Silently, she moved her blanket-covered legs from on top of me, and I stood up to fetch another couple of beers. When I returned, she giggled once more, before I sat down. When I did, her legs resumed their place on my lap. She took her beer from me, and it disappeared under the blankets. Of course, I didn’t notice this because I’d returned my focus to the television. After a moment, she made a couple of movements, and I assumed she was trying to get comfortable again. Then I heard her moan, softly. This caught my attention, and I turned to her. Her eyes were again locked on mine, making me question whether she’d ever taken her focus off of me.

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   Her mouth opened, slightly, letting another small moan escape, as her body moved once more. This is when I realized that I never heard her open her beer, and began to suspect her of something more. Without a word, her hand came from under the blanket, grabbing mine. She pulled it back under the blanket, and I could feel it graze her skin. Finally, she wrapped her hand around mine, forcing me to grab her beer, which was positioned upside-down, between her legs. Oh, my God! I thought to myself, amazed at what was happening in front of me. Anne was literally masturbating with this full beer bottle, and had been staring at me the entire time she was doing it! I was in a state of shock, not quite knowing what to do.
    To make matters worse, even though I’d swore to myself that I wouldn’t allow her to excite me again, I could feel my cock becoming erect, in my pants. Her hand was resting on top of mine, forcing me to shove this beer bottle in and out of her pussy, and feel her juices wetting the bottle. There was a sincere passion in her eyes that astounded me. Suddenly, the blanket moved from on top of her, and I realized that she’d pulled it off with her free hand. This is when I realized that she had been laying there, all night, completely in the nude. She must’ve used the time she had when Chris and I were outside, to undress. Her free hand immediately went to her breasts, squeezing and kneading them to add to her own pleasure. By now she had me pumping the beer bottle into her with more speed and fury than even I thought she could take.

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       Without warning, her body shook violently, her hands and legs trembling across the couch, and I realized that had lost herself in her own orgasm. I couldn’t believe I’d just done this, and although I was very turned on, I looked to the doorway, expecting my wife to be standing there. She wasn’t. Anne pulled herself up to me and kissed me passionately as her orgasm subsided, and I couldn’t help but lose myself in her kiss. Finally, she let go and once again, I found myself in a state of shock. I had to go somewhere to think. I had to recover from this, or I was going to fuck her so hard that she’d wake up everyone in the house. "I’ve got to go to the bathroom. " I said, and stood up. When I glanced at her, on my way out of the room. She was just staring at me with a pouting look that I’ll never forget. --I spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom, just staring at myself in the mirror. I told myself, time and again, that this girl was nothing more than a cockwhore that was only disrespecting my marriage, and the one she was about to have. I told myself that it was natural for me to get excited when being treated like this, and that it was just because I was a guy, and not because I really liked her. I’d never cheat on my wife, and I knew I couldn’t start now.

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       Especially not with an infant in the next room. I flushed the toilet for effect, and left the bathroom. When I reentered the living room, I heard Anne crying, as she spoke. I found out that she was on her cellphone, and stopped to listen to her. "I can’t understand it, I mean, I know I’m drunk, but he might as well be my brother!" She exclaimed. "No, I think I pissed him off, he just walked off. ""No, you didn’t. " I said from behind her, calmly. She jumped and turned to me, her eyes bright red. "Listen, I’ve got to go. No, I’ve got to go. He’s right here. " She said, into the phone, while attempting to hide her tear-covered face from me. "No, don’t… fine…" She sounded defeated, as she turned to me. "Carl? You’re wanted on the phone.

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      "I was a little confused, but took the phone from her, anyway. I put the small cellphone to my ear, and spoke. "Hello?""Hello, Carl?" A female voice asked from over the phone. "Yeah?""What’s wrong with Anne? She’s crying and I can’t understand her. " She asked. I hindered for a moment, honestly not knowing how to answer her. Finally, with a deep sigh, I started. "First off, it’s been a long night and Anne’s more than a little drunk. " I said, before being cut off by the person on the other end. "Is it a long story?" She asked. "Kind of. " I replied, smirking. "I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, give the phone back to Anne. By the way, my name is Alicia. " She said.

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       I didn’t know how to respond. .



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