Angel In Training


She also knew the other side of Master Alan, the side that disciplined her, the side that had to be strict and rough with her at times when she disobeyed him or didn't satisfy him in some way, and thaat was the side the she didn't like to see but knew that she would continue to see because of her willful ways at times. She had felt his hand many a time in discipline over the past three years for mild discipline over small infractions that displeased Master Alan and also for severe discipline for the major disobediences that caused him to have to lift a flogger or whip against her soft tender flesh to correct her. She always knew that at anytime Master Alan disciplined her it was done in love, never in anger and that at times he would even leave her locked inside the dungeon restrained and naked awaiting him in order for his anger to dispel before he punished her for her willful disobediences. She had felt on of those such disciplines only two days before today and while walking out in the garden still felt the welts and bruises that marked her soft skin on her back, butt and thighs. She had gone through the hurt feelings that always happen after such a discipline add day the day before while being shackled in the dungeon and had again come to the conclusion that Master Alan was right in disciplining her the way he had because she had disobeyed him and gone out of the house without his permission worrying him when he had got home to gind her gone. He had worried about her for two long agonized hours, pacing the floors and fretting about her until she had walked in the front door, looking at him willfully rebellious and had yelled at him that she needed time away and would do it whenever liked. Master Alan upon hearing that looked at Angel calmly and quietly told her that she was acting like a rebellious child and he would discipline her as such if she didn't settle down. Angel having got a taste of being away from Master for that few hours got cheekier yet with him and said that she wasn't going to settle down and that she would do what she wanted when she wanted to and Master would not stop her. Master Alan was struck to the core with what Angel said but very maturely and experienced firmly stood his ground and told Angel that when she was quite through acting like a child and throwing a fit he was going to discipline her severely for her attitude and her behaviour. Angel then really acting like a spoilt brat put her hands on her hips, stomped her feet and spat the Master Alan that she didn't want to be disciplined and crossing her arms started pouting and looking at Master Alan in a little girl way.

Master Alan knowing his slave and knowing that she needed the discipline as a correction and also as a way of showing his love to her grabbed Angel, throw her over his shoulder and began the walk to the dungeon with her beating on his back and firm arms and beggin him to put her down. He smacked her bottom all the way down the stairs to the dungeon making her squeal and squirm over his shoulder, and said that if Angel was going to act like a child he was going to spank her like one then he would finish the discipline after the little girl in her was quite through throwing her fit. He walked over to a straight backed chair in the dungeon, set Angel down holding onto her with a vis-like grip, sat down and pulled Angel over his lap, raised her skirt that she was wearing and looked down on her perky butt cheeks covered with sexy cotton panties. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on Angels' bottom again an again hard, holding her tightly around the waist to keep her from wriggling off his lpa, watching her jump and her butt cheeks tense with each swat. He kept spanking her hard with his hand until he saw her tender pink skin turning slightly red then he peeled her panties down to her knees and resumed spanking her only harder listening to her yep and squeal, and watching her kick hard. Placing his right leg over both of hers to eliminate her kicking he continued to spank Angel until her entire bottom, sitspots, and thighs were completely covered with redness from his spanking her hard.

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   Angel finally cracked and laid over Master Alans' lap sobbing like a child and beggin him to stop, went limp and surrendered to his firm hand spanking her bare ass, sitspots, and thighs. Master Alan stopped when he finally heard Angel tearfully and weakly tell him that she was sorry for her behaviour and that she would behave. He lifted Angel up and sat her on his lap hugging her and whispering in her ear as she cried on his shoulder that he loved her but that he was not going to tolerate her acting like a child and throwing temper tantrums. He wiped her tears off, kissing her eyes and her cheeks very lovingly and rubbed her back to calm her down a bit and then picked her up carried her over to a corner and stood her in it, facing the wall he lifted her hands bring them to the back of her neck and whispering in her ear told Angel to keep her fingers locked together and that if he caught her rubbing her bottom it would only cause her to receive more discipline, then he gently pushed her nose to the wall and gently pryed her legs apart making her bottom stick out to him on display. He then told her to remain that way and not move an inch until he gave her permission to and walked off. Master Alan turned around a few steps behind Angel and surveyed his work, smiled as he saw Angel shiver and then went up stairs to fix himself a drink. He waited a good 20 minutes, took a frsh drink with him and went back downstairs to finish the discipline of his loving slave. Master Alan set the drink down on a table, walked over to Angel in the corner and caressed her hot red butt cheeks gently with his fingertips watching her squirm and hearing her moan. He leaned towards her and whispered in her ear that his little one was now going to be discipline for leaving the house without permission and turned Angel around leading her to the whipping post. Master Alan grabbed Angels wrists and lifted them over her head putting them in the cuff restraints and fastened them on securing her hands tightly. He then got a spreader bar and bent over behind Angel spread her legs wide and attached both ankles on it keeping her legs spread wide before him. He walked over to the implements picked up a flogger and went back to stand behind Angel, lifted it and brought it down on Angels' allready spanked butt cheeks, thighs and sitspots over and over until she was writhing on the restraints, crying again, and begging him to stop. He walked up and began rubbing Angels' now slightly welted bottom and thighs gently then backed up and applied the flogger to them again harder and with more finesse until she surrendered and hug from the whipping post sobbing hard, shaking from head to toe and resigned to the fact the he was in control and not she. He then put the flogger down and went to sit down, sipping on his drink while watching Angel cry and shake. Angel calmed down after a little while and wanted nothing but for Master Alan to let her loose so that she could show him her love for him even after discipline and hung quietly on the whipping post sniffling and feeling the stinging burn on her bare ass, sitspots and thighs from the welts left on her there by the flogger.

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   Master Alan rose and walked up behind Angel bending down unfastened the spreader bar from her ankles wrapped his strong arms around her waist and reached up with his other hand and unfastened the cuffs on her wrists, holding her up gently to keep her from falling lifted her up in both arms and carried her back upstairs to their bedroom. Angel clung to master Alans' neck sniffling with her head lying on his shoulder. To be continued in the bedroom scene.