An Expatriates Young Love (final chapter)



We slept on either side of Anita. Both of us we too wasted to think things through and we both passed out quickly. It may not be the smartest thing I’ve done but straight rum can lead to strange bedfellows.

The morning was unquestionably different. Anita woke up first and was snuggled tightly to me but she was surprised to find Kathy snuggled up against her as well. She woke me up quietly and we had a quick and quiet discussion of what had lead to this situation. I made it clear to Anita that nothing had taken place between Kathy and I choosing to omit the alcohol induced kiss we had shared.

I explained that Kathy knew about our relationship and had from the examination. I also told her about Kathy’s sexual desires and that I knew what had transpired during the exam being careful to insure that she understood she had done nothing wrong.

We spoke about our love for each other and that nothing would threaten it. I also explained that I needed to have adult friends to talk with just like she had school friends. How Kathy could be such a friend because we had many things in common including this secret that must be kept at all costs.

For being such a young girl with such a sheltered past, Anita never ceased to amaze me with her maturity and farsightedness. This time was no exception. She told how she wanted nothing more than for me to be happy and satisfied. How she really enjoyed having Kathy as a friend and being able to talk with her about things I could not understand.

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   She also allowed that Kathy had made her feel good in ways she couldn’t explain, in ways different than how I made her feel.

Then she kissed me and I immediately knew everything was going to be all right.

Anita kisses were amazing; it was as if her entire soul and being was being shared. Her lips were soft and warm, her tongue firm and active. We held each other tightly and enjoyed the quiet intimacy that only a kiss can bring. Our tongues danced, probing each other and caressing each other. I tasted her mouth and neck. She sucked and nibbled my earlobe, her hands caressing my bare chest. I slipped a hand under her shirt to cup her breast and she responded by pulling the t-shirt off leaving her naked. She unsnapped my pants and I stood to remove them, before I could even step free she was stroking my cock and licking along the shaft.

She continued for only a few moments before lying back in bed. Looking down at her I remembered how this child had stolen my heart and how incredibly beautiful and sexy she was.

“Popi, make love to me,” she said softly. “I need to feel you inside me and against me. I need to be one with you.

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With no more words between us, I laid down next to her and slowly entered her.

This was not sex for this was love.

I slowly stroked in and out of her, her tightness drawing me in. We could each feel the other others beating heart. I could feel her nipples, hard and pointed against my chest.

As always Anita came first, but this time was different as she just quietly mewed and shuddered as waves of orgasm coursed through her tiny body. When I came she just looked into my eyes as each jet of my seed went deep into her body. We just held each other in the afterglow, oblivious to everything around us. We each knew that we would never be complete without the other.

We had completely forgotten that there was another in the room, that Kathy was sharing our bed. At some point during our lovemaking she had awoken and now sat watching us. When she spoke we were both startled and abruptly returned to the real world.

Her voice was soft, like a dove cooing in the morning.

“That was beautiful,” she said. “It leaves me jealous of what you both share.

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   If I ever had doubts about the true nature of your relationship, what I just saw answered them. You are truly in love and I only wish I could share it with you. ”

Anita spoke quietly as well, “you can if you wish but you must love us both for we are one. ”

Kathy said nothing, she just leaned in to Anita and they kissed.

It was one of the erotic things I had ever witnessed. Even I could see this kiss was different than the ones Anita and I shared. This kiss was far softer, far gentler.

As they broke apart, Kathy looked at me and I could see the unspoken question on her face, “Was this okay, was I okay with this?” A smile and a nod was all I needed to convey my feelings to her.

Kathy stood and pulled her shirt over her head. She was as lovely as I imagined, her breasts were easily c-cups and she had silver dollar sized nipples. There wasn’t a bit of sag to them.

Next she dropped her shorts and I was glad I had a strong heart. The way Anita purred, I was sure she approved as well. She was shaved bare with protruding lips and her clitoris poked out as well. I also noted that she had no tan lines, so the nude home life Anita and I lead shouldn’t be a problem.

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Kathy returned to the bed and it was my turn to watch. Anita and her immediately began kissing again only this time with slightly greater force. They also began exploring each other’s body with their hands. Caressing each other’s curves, letting fingers dance across breasts and tweaking nipples they explored each other.

Kathy lowered her head and drew Anita’s nipple into her mouth eliciting a moan of pleasure from the child I considered both my daughter and my lover.

At nearly the same moment Kathy stroked her fingers across Anita’s open cunt.

“Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” the girl cried lightly.

I watched as first one finger than a second pressed into Anita, slowly and deliberately. They moved in and out, glistening with moisture. It was easy to see this was tender touch of someone who had mastered the art of pleasure.

Kathy had moved to the other tit but now she began to kiss her way down Anita’s body. Lower and lower, there was no mistaking where she was heading.

I sat quietly, stroking my own erection and enjoying the beautiful scene that was unfolding in front of me.

Kathy now placed her mouth on Anita’s pussy and began working what can only be described as magic. I loved performing oral sex and considered myself to be fairly accomplished.

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   Watching Kathy it was soon apparent that I was a rank amateur. The good doctor knew exactly where to lick and how to bite to elicit the greatest pleasure.

Anita was well on her way to a series of mind shattering orgasms. I just hope Kathy wasn’t spoiling her for my future.

Anita was wetter than I had ever seen and she was using both hands to press her lovers face tight against herself. Her voice was strong but incomprehensible. I could not understand anything she was saying but there was no mistaking that it was approval.

Then Anita came.

I had witnessed her cumming before but this was a different experience. I was just an observer this time, not a participant. From this viewpoint it was incredible to see just how intense this girl’s orgasm could be. I could actually see them rolling through her body one after another. Then I saw something that had never taken place before – Anita began squirting.

At first I thought she had lost control of her bladder but then I knew otherwise. She came in powerful jets and Kathy just drank them up.

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   I wanted to dive in and share the nectar but this was not my time. That would come.

After cumming for nearly ten minutes straight I expected Anita to drop from exhaustion and sleep as she normally does. But as it had been from the start, this time was different. Anita was like an animal possessed, instead of collapsing she pounced on Kathy. She went straight away to licking and eating out the woman’s cunt. As far as I knew this was the first time the girl had every knowingly been with another woman. But she must have had instinct for there was no hesitation or trepidation. She dove in and began to pleasure Kathy.

Anita licked and chewed on Kathy’s large lips, then when she began suckling on her clit I was amazed to actually see it grow even larger. For a moment I was concerned that I was going to be outsized again, like I had in many locker rooms during my youth.

Kathy’s clit was at least and inch long and looked like a mini penis. Anita was literally performing filatio to it like she would to a man. She was licking and sucking on it, nibbling and stroking it. It was the most incredible thing I had ever witnessed and it took all my willpower not to dive in and take over.

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It was evident that Anita was doing well as Kathy had a look of pure bliss and was talking to herself.

“There, yes, right there, so good, right there child, yes, yes, ahhhhh, oh my, oh my, yes, there…” Kathy said.

My cock was fully hard and I could feel my own cum getting close. I didn’t want it to end but I also didn’t want to stop. I so desired to move to them and slip my cock inside one, but this was their time together. My time would undoubtedly come.

Then Kathy began cumming, like Anita before her she came in waves but it was quite apparent that hers were no where near as intense nor did they last as long, no more than a minute, two at the most.

But that was enough for me and I came, my cum spurting out onto my leg and the bed where I still sat. It was wonderful and personal.

We all seemed to reach the end of our endurance together and collapsed together, holding each other and crying in joy for several minutes.

Then Kathy looked at me and turned to Anita, “Do you think the old guy can handle both of us?

“Claro, el es un toro,” Anita replied.

“He’s a bull, huh? Well lets see what the stud can do,” Kathy said.

With that I was tackled by both and immediately felt them alternately licking my cock.
    Having just cum minutes earlier it took a while but they got me hard. Kathy had turned and placed her cunt over my face.

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       I wasted no time exploring her massive clit. I sucked it like I loved to be sucked. It was hot and hard, I could feel it throb and she pumped it like a man would his cock.

    While Kathy delivered a wonderful blowjob, Anita rimmed my ass with her tongue. After a bit the two woman switch positions except this time Kathy lowered her self onto me and we began to fuck while Anita lapped at Kathy’s clit. We stayed in that position. My cock sliding in and out of Kathy, feeling her cunt lips against my skin while tasting the juice flowing from Anita’s pussy. I came explosively as did the two woman. We collapsed in a heap on the bed.

    After recovering we had a much needed meal on the deck. Kathy had readily agreed to our nudist lifestyle telling us that she loved lying in the sun naked at her home in town. But there she had to settle for light coming in an upstairs window to avoid creating a scandal in the village.

    I told her she would always be welcome at our home and the summer sun on the deck was warm and perfect.

    It was already afternoon and Kathy reluctantly told us she had to return home. She had not planned to be away overnight and still had chores to complete before returning to the clinic the next day.

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    We walked together to her car, Kathy and Anita holding hands.

    At the car, Anita stopped before getting in and looked at me, a smile on her face.

    “You are a very lucky man, when I first concluded that you were having sex with Anita I just assumed you were another man taking advantage of a child. There are many of them in the area. They think I do not know but I guess it takes one to know one,” she joked.

    Then turning serious again she continued, “But your different, you two truly love each other and I think that would be true regardless of your ages. I believe you would love and protect Anita even if you could never touch her again. Am I jealous of your relationship? Yes, it is something I have been spent years searching for. Now that I found someone who could handle it, she is already taken. Like I said, you’re a lucky man, don’t ever take that or this girl for granted. ”

    Turning to Anita she continued, “And you are even luckier. Many girls in your situation would have been tossed to the streets. Maybe you would be living with a man who would hit you just because he wanted too. Your life would have mattered to no one, look on the streets in San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa and will see hundreds of girls just like yourself. Their lives are measured in hours and days, not a lifetime.

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       You have a good, kind man here. He is a man who will do what is best for you. Don’t ever take that for granted or throw it away on a whim.

    With that she pulled Anita to her and hugged her tightly. Tears in her eyes, Kathy prepared to go when I finally found my voice.

    “You are always welcome in our home. You see yourself as a pedophile, I see you as a loving woman drawn to innocence and purity. A pedophile does not care if they cause hurt to fulfill their desires. You cannot hurt; it isn’t in your nature.

    “I think I speak for both of us,” I glanced at Anita who was smiling and nodding to me, “when I tell you this home can be your home too if you wish. When can all be a family and learn to love together. ”

    Nothing more was said, Kathy drove away but I knew in my heart it would be a roundtrip and she would be back to stay.


    The three of us have lived together for just over five years; I never did get the second bedroom built. Anita has grown into the lovely woman I always expected. She graduated at the top of her class and is leaving to go collage in the states shortly.


       We still love each other and she still gets my heart pumping. The little girl is now a woman and that woman is my lover.

    Kathy and I got married four years ago; it was the best way to keep up appearances. She still practices medicine in the village and is treated like a native. She has become a sister, a mother and a lover to Anita; for me she is a daughter and wife.

    She is also the mother to our twins. We adopted a brother and sister shortly after our marriage. They are 18 now, the same age as when I found myself with Anita and adorable. Anita introduced them to the joys of sex and they joined in the family sessions just last year. Roberto is well on his way to being the dominant lion of our pride. He can service each of the three ladies in the house consecutively. While Isa is turning into the nymph her big sister Anita was. She nevers tires and it isn’t unusual to wake up in the morning and find her already sucking or licking one of us.

    Ours is not the typical family and never will be, but it is our family and we are happy.


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