An Expatriates Young Love (Chap 8)



As I drove Anita to school the next morning, she seemed a bit different like she was holding a secret. I was a little concerned and her wild lovemaking the previous afternoon seemed like a good place to start.

“Can I ask you something,” I started.

“Si Popi,” came her reply.

“You were pretty wild yesterday on the ride home, any particular reason?” I asked.

She was silent for a little while longer than was necessary when she finally answered.

“No, I just wanted to feel you,” she said and then hesitated again.

“And…” I said encouraging her to continue.

“I. . ,” she stammered, “ just wanted to be sure. ”
Okay, this was like dragging a turtle out of its shell. She wasn’t volunteering anything but some thing had definitely bothered her.

“You know you can ask or tell me anything. You should never be scared of me,” I said. “

Anita, you know I love you?”

“Si Popi” was her only reply.

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“I mean that, you are my very special girl. ”

“Si Popi. ”

And then she took deep breath before saying, “Am I your only girl?”

AHA! She was worried or jealous of someone coming into my life. I wasn’t sure what or whom she was referring too, but at least now I had something to work with.

“Yes dear, you are my only girl,” I replied.

She snuggled up next to me but said nothing more.

As had become our routine I picked her up after school and we drove home. She had returned to normal bubbling personality and waved goodbye to her friends as we drove off. I had picked up a few items for the weekend and they were on the floor by her feet.

“Que es eso?” she asked pointing to the box at her feet.

“Oh, I didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday as you were otherwise occupied,” I said and she smiled “we are having company tomorrow. Kathy is going to spend the day with us. ”

“Kathy?” Anita asked puzzled.

“Err. Dr.

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   Mercedes, her first name is Kathy,” I explained.

Like a light switch Anita grew sullen and I immediately knew what was troubling my girl, she was jealous of Kathy.

I could not have been more wrong.

That night after supper, we were once again relaxing together in the hammock on the deck. I decided I needed to reassure Anita and try to put the green-eyed-devil back in its box.

“Anita, you are so special to me. I never thought I could be happy after the accident but you have brought pure joy and love to me. I never want to lose you or give you any reason to leave me.

“I sense that you are worried about my friendship with Kathy. Don’t be, she is just someone who I can talk about home with. We both came here from the same place and it is nice to think back at times. She isn’t ever going to replace you in my heart,” I said.

“Gracias, Popi,” Anita said softly, “But I worry she will take me away. ”

Now I was confused, “You are going to be my daughter, she won’t take…. ”

Anita stopped me, interrupting “No, I no mean that way.

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She took a breath and then slowly continued, “When I was at clinic for exam, she touched me everyplace. Sometimes she felt like you touch. It made me feel very good and I told her she made me feel good. She told me that was good, she want me to feel good. Then she touched me inside, down there and I felt like I do when you touch me, but not the same.

Her touch was soft and slow. But she made me feel like you do, again and again. She told me what happened was normal, it happen to many girls. But she said I should no tell you, that men not understand,” Anita finished.

“Well I understand and she is right, it is normal and you are fine. ” I told her knowing that I wasn’t sure myself. Maybe she had just misunderstood during her exam, maybe it was just an accident and Kathy was trying to save Anita from embarrassment. But maybe there was a side to Kathy that was a secret.

While we were talking we arrived home and I carried in the supplies while Anita went to change. It wasn’t so much that she changed as much as it was that she stripped.

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   Neither of us wore clothes around the house much anymore. I would have to remember to tell Anita that she would need to dress tomorrow while Kathy was here. I would also need to remind her that I slept on the couch if any questions were asked. I planned to head most of those off by giving Kathy a quick tour (with two rooms, there was no other kind of tour) and pointing out how I had to adapt to having a child here. I would also mention a hope to add a second bedroom in the future or at least get a good sleeper to save my aging back.

Anita came out looking as lovely as ever; I never tired at looking at her beautiful little body. She headed towards the kitchen announcing her plan to start dinner.

I had other plans and told her to finish up her schoolwork now so she could have the whole weekend free. If anything in this world is universal, it seems a child’s efforts to avoid schoolwork is it. After a little back and forth, she settled in and started.

I wasn’t planning to mess up the kitchen area after spending the day cleaning it. So I had picked up some food in town that just needed to be reheated. For me that meant a container of albondiga soup and fresh tortillas while Anita would get a rare treat – a pizza with chicken and corn toppings. I was never a pizza fan to start with, but the locals’ version definitely was not a taste I ever acquired. The soup went on the stove and the pizza into the oven.

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   I opened a Coke for Anita and a bottle of Imperial Beer for myself.

Just as I was taking the food out to the deck, Anita announced she was finished with her schoolwork. I told her where I was and asked her to bring some napkins and another beer for myself.

We made small talk and listened to the birds during our meal. Anita loved her pizza and I made a mental note to treat her more frequently. Unfortunately I should have been concentrating on feeding myself. I spilt a tablespoon of hot soup on my lap. It quickly became apparent why most people at least have a napkin there – all I had was skin.

Anita thought my impromptu dance of the burning weenie was quite funny and once it settled down, I have to admit it was. When she offered to kiss it and make it feel better, how could I ever say no.

She was right too; her lips were quite soothing as I felt them slide over the head of my cock. Since our first night together she had become quite accomplished at giving blowjobs. Tonight was no exception.

She started very slowly just taking the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Tracing the edge of the cap and then very slowly working her way down the shaft, just ½ inch at a time, pulling back a little every other time.

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   She soon had my entire cock in her mouth and began pulling back as slowly as she had gone down. Next she held it up and tenderly nibbled and licked the underside where the head and shaft meet. I was in nirvana. Once again she started swallowing the shaft but this time she took a finger and pressed against my anus. Just a gentle press each time she took a little more in her mouth. She began to slide her mouth up and down the shaft while running her finger around my rosebud, sending every nerve ending into overdrive. Soon I was thrusting to meet her rhythm and getting closer and closer to cumming.

I felt myself boiling up and told her I was close; she increased her tempo and then pressed a finger deep inside my bowels. It was like a bomb had gone off and I shot my wad down her throat. She didn’t miss a drop, swallowing everything.

I was left a panting mass of jelly. This little girl had satisfied me in ways I never knew possible. She deserved a reward and I had something in mind that would make both of us happy.

Holding Anita close to me until my heart slowed and I could breath normally, I began to kiss and nip at her small breasts. I held each between my teeth just enough to cause her to squirm.

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   Her tits were small, not much more than small peaches but just as tasty. Being 18 they were just still growing and I was sure this girl was going to be beautiful.

I slipped a finger down and began caressing her still bald pussy, sliding it up and down getting it very wet. I slid a finger up inside her to rub her g-spot while tapping my thumb on her anus. She was very sensitive back there and I often made her cum by gently rimming her. She wasn’t sure about that at first, like many youngsters she had not associated the anus with sex. That had changed like so much about her and now she knew just how wonderful those feelings could be. Tonight I hoped to bring her to even a higher plateau when I took her anal virginity.

I pressed a welled lubed finger in her backdoor and slowly began working it in and out, loosening the muscles for an entry she still did not expect. I could feel her muscles relaxing as the sphincter grew accustomed to my intrusion. Anita was already panting, a sure sign that she was aroused and would cum soon.

Next I laid her back and spread her legs, she looked up at me and smiled as I moved in towards her. She was expecting to feel my hardness pushing into her pussy and closed her eyes to await the sensation as her walls closed around me. While I loved that feeling too, tonight would be more.

When I pressed my head against her sphincter, her eyes popped open in surprise.

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   She started to speak.


But I shushed her and told her to relax.

“It’s okay,” I said, “this is new and it will feel good, I promise. ”

She nodded but I could tell she wasn’t sure.

Being rather small, I knew it would not hurt her much. So I pressed on and was rewarded when the head of my cock popped inside her. She whimpered but did not try to push me away. I pressed on and soon I was fully inside her. Tight took on a new meaning and I felt like a warm vise had grabbed hold of my dick. This was a new sensation for both of us, something that only we cold ever share.

Very slowly I began to stroke.

I watched as Anita’s face went from a look of nervousness to one of pure bliss. I increased my tempo and enjoyed the feel of her incredible tightness massaging my cock. We locked eyes as I pushed in and out of her, both of us joining the other.

Then she started, I had grown accustomed to her multiple orgasms but this was different.

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   Her eyes momentarily rolled back and she let out a long moan and began shaking. Except this time the shaking continued in one long orgasm. It was almost as if she was receiving an electric shock. Her orgasm was still going several minutes later when mine hit me.

I could feel my semen pumping into her bowels, each individual spurt registered and all I could do was grunt. I emptied myself into her and began going soft; still she came. I pulled out and it was a good 30 seconds later before she started calming down.

Normally Anita is very vocal during our lovemaking, but tonight was different. Tonight she had been fairly quiet, just some low moaning.

But now that everything was over, she broke the silence.

“Dios mio!, incredible Popi” She finally said. “I thought I was going to heaven. It hurt a little to start but then it was so good. I never felt like it before. ”

Neither of us was in any shape to do more and soon we were both sound asleep.

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