An Expatriates Young Love (Chap 3)



She was so beautiful.

Lying on my bed she looked like a dream, my heart was pounding in anticipation as I dropped to my knees and started kissing my way up her leg. I’m not sure Anita knew what was coming but she seemed to be enjoying the new feelings and experiences. I know I was enjoying myself.

At 18 she was just into puberty and had not yet begun to grow any pubic hair. I could see the glistening from her moisture on her skin.

I kissed up her thigh and across her mound to go down the other leg. It was so hard not to just dive in and taste her. But I refrained and moved with deliberate slowness. I stole a glance up her body and she was pinching her nipples and pulling at them mimicking what I had done earlier with my mouth. Her breathing was hard and I could hear her moans and soft words.

Once again I had reached her mound and this time I intended to stay there for a while. I gently used my hands to open her knees and move my face in to start.

The first time I ran my tongue from her rosebud along her slit to her clit she nearly knocked me out by slamming her legs back together – several times.

Her taste was fresh and sweet, a nectar much too good for an old leech like me. It was a taste I will dream about for many years to come.

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   Her skin was smooth and pink inside; her clitoris was still small but very sensitive. I could get my tongue into her pussy hole all the way to her virgin barrier. Soon that wouldn’t be an issue.

I continued to lap at her pussy drenching my face in her juices during the process. With each pass of my tongue she came closer and closer to her first orgasm. When I finally sucked her clit into my mouth she went over the edge.

Her body went tense and she began moaning and crying “si, mas; si, mas. ” Then the tidal wave of feelings fully hit and she began thrashing around screaming in her native tongue “MAS, MAS, POR FAVOR DIOS, ALLI JUSTO ALLI, BESO DE MI CONO, TAN BUENO POPI, TAN BUENO!”

It was hard to stay in place but I held on to her hips and enjoyed the ride. I lost count how often she came but it wasn’t hard to tell when she finally couldn’t handle anymore – She went limp, passed out from exhaustion.

I reluctantly ended what had been one of the best times of my life. I placed a sheet over my Mayan princess and left her to recover while I went for a drink and to rest up for what would surely be an unbelievable encore when she woke up.

Living outside the states has benefits beyond a lower cost of living. Cuban Rum is one I discovered early and now I was enjoying some and deciding on dinner. I expected Anita would be hungry when she woke up and ordering a pizza delivery wasn’t an option here. There were options though and I fancied myself a pretty good cook.

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   Like any typical teenager, Anita had simple tastes but I also knew a simple meal could often be the most satisfying.

I found some ground beef and pork sausage, so with some onion and peppers from the garden I had the makings of a fine meatloaf. There were some plantains on the trees behind the house that could be fried, then mango smoothies for dessert.

Getting dinner ready kept me busy for a few hours and the meatloaf had about 20 minutes to go when I heard Anita stirring.

Wearing only her t-shirt, she came rushing out of the bedroom straight to me throwing her arms around my waist and nearly tackling me.

“Oh Papi! era tan maravilloso, mucho gracias,” she said before kissing me.

While I was appreciative and more than a little turned on, I was also conscious of the hot oil on the stove next to me,

Telling her to slow down and to be careful to avoid any danger, I fumbled a bit with my pidgin Spanish. “Frenar el amor, tomalo can calma pare que nadie esta herido. ”

Anita giggled a bit at my halting and basic ability to speak her language. She often did but I never took offense. I knew I sounded like the village idiot. I always regretted not learning the language but despite my efforts through the years I had never done well. I had originally meet my wife during my college years when I needed a Spanish tutor. She tried hard to help me, but I was pretty hopeless. Besides we found some much better ways to occupy our time together back then.

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“Dear, I’m making us some food and the stove is very hot. I don’t want either of us to get hurt. ”I repeated in English.

She looked at me and smiled, causing my heart to melt.

“Si, Popi, I am sorry. ” She said.

“I’m not mad, no reason to say you are sorry,” I replied. “I just want us both feeling good later. Earlier was just a warm up. ”

Anita’s eyes grew large, and then she blushed and hid her face.

The meatloaf was done and plantains were just finishing, I popped open a couple Bananita sodas and took the food to the table.

We were like school kids through dinner, laughing and teasing each other. We fed each other, kissed and made faces. I felt like a teenager myself. I didn’t think it was possible at my age but I think I was falling in love.

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Anita cleared the table and started doing dishes while I went out on the deck overlooking Lake Yojoa and swayed in a hammock. Life was wonderful and I had a feeling it was going to get better.

A short time later, Anita came out and lay down next to me. We just swung slowly as daylight faded to night. I couldn’t help but think about how much had changed in the last 24-hours.
    I also thought about how much more was likely to change.

    Just as I was deep in that thought, it became an exercise in reality as I felt a small hand began caressing the front of my shorts.

    I didn’t say anything; I just enjoyed her touch and grew harder by the moment. It didn’t take long until I was fully erect and harder than I had been in years. I wasn’t going to bust any zippers or poke out the top of my suit. I am only average in size and that’s being generous. At only five inches fully erect, I’ve always been a bit shy about my size but right now I didn’t care. I just wanted to enjoy this moment with my young lover.

    Turning my head I looked at Anita. She was obviously enthralled and while using one hand to explore me she had slipped her other hand inside her own panties.

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    I watched her fingers moving under the fabric and decided to take this to the next level. Without saying a word I reached down and unsnapped my shorts, pulling down the zipper.

    Anita looked up at me and we leaned together to kiss. While our tongues danced she slipped her hand inside my shorts and pulled my cock out. I looked at it in her tiny hand and it no longer looked so small. She held it and softly stroked making even harder.

    Then without a word she leaned down and took the head in her mouth; now it was my turn to moan.

    While I could tell she had never sucked a cock before, she was definitely a natural. She then stood and pulled my shorts down and off my legs. After looking at my cock closely for a minute, she licked the full length and covered it with kisses. When she kissed the underside of the head I couldn’t help but moan loudly in pleasure.

    Anita looked up at me and smiled. “You like? I do good?, she said.

    “You’re doing better than good,” I replied, “You’re perfect. ”

    She beamed a beautiful smile at me and then went back to kissing and licking my cock before once again taking the head into her mouth.

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       This time she went further down the shaft, slowly trying to take my full length. The feeling of her warm mouth on my cock is almost indescribable.

    She took most of the length in her mouth and then slowly started bobbing her head up and down. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I had forgotten how good this felt. Then she tried to take even more but gagged herself. She pulled off trying to get composed.

    “Lo siento, Popi,” she sputtered out.

    I reassured her that nothing was wrong and she did wonderful, that she made me feel very good.

    She smiled and continued to slowly stroke me. She leaned back down and I thought she was going to try again but instead she sucked one of my balls into her mouth while still stroking me. I wasn’t about to complain.

    I felt myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. My balls were starting to tighten and my cock grew thicker. I was reaching that point when a man knows there is no turning back. Then I came – I came in a mind blowing, howl at the moon orgasm that just didn’t slow down.

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       I pushed out more cum than I had in many years. As I started to come back to earth and try to resume breathing, I looked at Anita just in time to see her take my still throbbing cock into her mouth. Before I could warn her that I was too sensitive, she sent me back into orbit. She sucked me until I went soft and then licked up any cum she could find.

    I was speechless when she looked and me with a huge smile.

    “Delicioso,’ she said and then went into a fit of embarrassed little girl giggles.

    I pulled her up to my side and kissed her with all the love I had in me. I wanted to do so much more right then but my old body failed me and I dozed off feeling Anita’s body pressed to my side. .



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