An A for Effort


Mary was having a pretty tough time in math class and needed, I mean really needed some extra credit or some tutoring or maybe just a plain run of extraordinary luck to even think of passing. It wasn't like she wasn't trying, either. Every night she spent hours plugging away at her homework, poring over every problem like her life depended on it, and she thougth she had a good grasp on what was going on until the test came. It might as well have been a foreign language. And when her grade was posted she saw another F, a whopping 52%. In tears she wwent to her advisor , begging to be able to drop the class. But he was adamant, 'No way, Mary. You need it for college. And I'm sure all it's going to take is some extra work, some real studying on your part. Maybe if you went to the instructor you could work something out. '
Mary had her doubts. Mr. Wirtz was known for an unforgiving attitude and a no nonsense approach to grades. Since she was only a freshman, all of 18 years old she knew he'd just tell her to buck up and plan on taking the class over again. And if she didn't pass it was the end of her part in the school play. No extracurriculars if you were failing, after all.

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   She didn't know what to do, but resolved to talk to Wirtz anyway.
'No , Mary. You know I can't give you something you haven't earned and extra credit for you would mean I'd have to do it for everybody. ' As she expected. Wirtz stood in front of his desk, fussily straightening some papers  and not paying the slightest heed to her near tears. 'You'll have a chance to take this class again next semester, you know. . A fresh outlook would probably do you good. '
Mary looked at him. A desperate plan took shape in her mind. If she could tempt him withsomething he might want, she could make a trade. And she had just the thing. Wirtz was not an old man in the big scheme of things, 50 years old, and not a bad looking guy. He reminded her of her father,fairly tall, short hair, a moustache, and glasses. His hair was brown and full.

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   a slight paunch was beginning to form around his middle, but over all he probbably looked about the same as he had when he was 18 years younger. And she was fully aware of how she looked. She looked at herself every morning in the mirror.  5'2" tall, 103 pounds, long red hair, green eyes . Her breasts had developed a couple of years before and were now full B cups, with lovely puffy little nipples. She was slender, her tummy flat and toned, and everybody told her she had a nice ass. So it wasn't too much of a stretch for her to think she could convince him to take mercy on her and her grade. Or at least have something she could hold over him.
'Mr. Wirtz, I have an idea. ' She moved a little closer to him. He looked up, startled to see her standing only a foot or so away from him. 'We might work something out. . .


  . . . . . 'She reached out and put her hand on his arm. He pulled away, but not with any great conviction. She was a hard worker, just having a tough time with some of the concepts. She touched his arm again as she said,'Please Mr. Wirtz. I really need a passing grade. Is there anything I could do to show you how much I want to pass the class?'
Wirtz looked at her. 'Well, Mary, I have noticed you in class, sitting right up front every day. 'As he said this he looked quite frankly at her chest. Mary understood completely.

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   She unbuttoned her blouse, showinfg him how up front she really was. She wore a lace bra, the cups barely covering her nipples.
'I wear a B cup , you know. ' She said, hinting at what she expected was about as high a grade as she could expect to get.
He reached out and touched her right breast. 'A B? I would have thought a girl your age would have only an A. . . . . . . ' And with that he leaned in and took her in an embrace. It might have been a bold move , but they both had judged the situation correctly. He wanted to feel and taste a young girl and she was willing to try anything to get a good grade.

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   And Wirtz wasn't bad looking. She pressed up against him, her head barely reaching his shoulders. he felt the heat of her body, the press of her tits against him. He smelled her hair and looked into her eyes. 'Just how high a grade do you want?'
In answer she reached between them, taking his hardening cock in her small hand. 'I want and A'. She knelt down in front of him, unzipping his pants and was quite impressed when she took his cock out and saw it to be about 9" long and nearly as thick as a Coke can. Witha positive attitude, she opened her mouth and took him in, her tongue doing a dance on the head of his dick. He thrust into her mouth as she sucked on him. In and out, sucking and swirling until he came in a massive explosion, pumping shot after shot of cum into her willing mouth. Unable to swallow it all, some oozed out around her lips and dripped on her tits. He kneaded it around, giving them a slippery, shiny coating. Her nipples pressed against the lace of her bra. He slid his hand inside the cup of her bra, taking her left tit in his palm, feeling the nipple , hard and erect in his hand. A look of bliss came over his face, followed by a thought .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . 'That was good for a B only.  There is something else you could do for an A. '
She didn't hesitate.

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   She didn't have a problem with doing what she was doing. She leaned over the desk, pulling her skirt up around her waist and hooking her thumbs inside her panties, pulled them off  exposing her ass and pussy to him. He was big, huge in fact, but it waqs inevitable from the moment they had started. His cock twitched, hard and ready , even after cumming in her mouth only moments before. She was hot, wet, and wanting to feel him stretching her , filling her, and he was right there. . . . . . .
Wirtz spread her pussy lips with his fingers, and placing his cock right aginst her opening slammed into her in one cruel thrust. Mary groaned , but thrust right back against him. Never had she imagined how he would feel. She thought she would rip in half, but she wanted him to contniue, to pound into her.

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   She wante d him to feel how tight she was,partly because he was so big and partly because she was so petite. 'Unhhhh, you're so big, and God it feels so good. 'He reached around and took her tits in his hands and pulled her against him, ramming his cock into her , thrust after thrust. She ground her ass against him, taking all 9" into her quivering cunt, feeling the quaking explosion building in her until , together they met each other at the peak of ecstasy. He pumped stream after stream of hot cum into her, and she milked him dry, her pussy squeezing and contracting on him.
'An A, alright. ' Wirtz was pleased. Mary was pleased. And both were absolutely spent.
'I have an idea for extra credit next semester, Mary, if you want to take an advanced version of this course,' Wirtz said,rubbing his cock against her slim , tight ass.
'I may just take you on, at that,' Mary said, a smile forming on her lips. She could still taste his cum, still feel the waves of orgasm coursing through her cunt, but she knew  up the ass would guarantee her  an A for every semester until she graduated. 'I may just take you on at that. . .

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  . . . . . '