Amelia Chapter 7 - Double pleasure


Topic: Amelia Chapter 7 - Double pleasureThis is the seventh chapter of a 61 year old man seducing a young girl of 18 years.   He watched her growing up from a little infant and through all her stages of development.   He never had any sexual inclinations towards her when she was younger because he considered her his granddaughter.   This all changed however when he visited his brother in law one weekend and whether it was by accident or on purpose he doesn’t know, but as he was watching TV, Amelia entered from the lounge and as she entered she put her hands underneath her T-shirt and lifts it up exposing her two beautifully developed breasts.   They were exceptionally developed for a 18 year old girl and must be almost a B-cup with prominent nipples. It was only for a second or two but was long enough to give him an instant hard-on.   He was dreaming from that day every night of making love to Amelia.
 In the previous chapter she had her ass penetrated by a cock for the first time.   To follow the story properly I suggest you start reading from chapter one. We sat down on the couch each with our drink and spend the rest of the day just talking, kissing, and playing with each other’s genitals, drink some more and just plain relaxes, not that my cock had much rest, to that Amelia saw.   I must say, the relaxing and drinking did us some good and it also made us very brave.   When we decide it is time to eat we are so brave because of the drinks that we decide to have a braai outside at their LAPA just as we are in the nude.   Luckily for us they have a 6 feet wall around their house which gives us some privacy.   Not however from their neighbors in their double storey houses.  We eventually had our braai with a lot of playing and laughter and when the food was ready we sit outside the LAPA on two recliner chairs and enjoy our dinner.   We didn’t hear or see anything from the neighbors.

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    Perhaps they were astounded by the two sex freaks outside playing and touching themselves while visible from the neighbor’s houses.   I can tell you we weren’t afraid to touch each other, kiss each other and what have you.   We did everything except fucking each other.   I even suck Amelia’s cunt while she was lying in the chair and she at one stage had my whole cock in her mouth.   I can tell you I had a hard on the whole time we were outside.  Finally however we decide it is time to go inside and let Amelia experiences her first double penetration.  The moment we enter the TV room I go to the couch and sit down.   I tell Amelia to get the vibrator and bring it to me.   I then ask her if she can still remember how they fuck on the couch when the woman had a cock in her cunt and ass.   Well she is going to sit on my lap with my cock in her ass and she is going to fuck herself with the vibrator in her cunt.  Amelia looks at me with big eyes and says, “You mean I am going to fuck myself with two cocks?” “Not really little one because I am going to fuck your ass.   After a while we can change over with you lying on top of me with my cock in your cunt and me fucking your ass with the vibrator. ” Amelia takes the KY jelly and put a lot on my cock and her ass before she get on the couch and lowers her ass to my cock.   I flick my cock a couple of times over her ass before telling her to lower herself slowly onto my cock.   There is again an initial resistance before my cock goes into her ass.

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    Once the head is in she just sits down on my lap and impales my cock fully into her ass.   As she bottoms out she moans, “Uuuhhhhhhhhhh!!  Shit I forgot how thick you cock is.   But hell it feels good.   Here comes the vibrator. ” I can feel and hear her pushing the vibrator slowly into her cunt.   I can clearly feel the vibrator forcing it’s way into Amelia’s cunt and as the vibrator goes deeper Amelia moans continuously, ‘Oh fuck this is too much for me.   But oh shit it is soo fucking nice.   I am filled to capacity.   My shit can somebody have so much pleasure.   Oh fuck meeeee!  I want a real live cock in my cunt as well Uncle. ” When the vibrator was fully into her cunt she switched it on and it is as if you give her an electric shock. She jumps almost off my cock and says, “Oh my God, This feels awesome.   Fuck me with your cock uncle.   I want to be fucked by two cocks!” I put my hands underneath her buttocks and lift her slightly to allow me space to move my cock in her ass.   She also aids me by lifting her ass and then I start to really fuck her ass because the vibration of the vibrator also stimulates my cock through the thin membrane between her ass and cunt.

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    Soon we are fucking like two animals.   She rams the vibrator in and out of her cunt and I ramming my cock in and out of her ass.  “Oh my fuck yessss!!!! This is something unreal.   Oh my fuck I am so full I am going to split wide open.   Yessss, yesssss, fuck my ass deeper and harder!  Oh shit I am going to come!!!!!!!!!!” I look over her shoulder and see that she also has her other hand busy at her cunt and suddenly I feel her whole body begins to shake and she shouts, “Yesss I’m comminngggg!!!!  Oh my, I am dyinnggggg!!!!!! Uuuuhhhhhhhh!!! Nnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!” She just keeps on coming and coming and soon I can’t take it anymore and suddenly I feel my balls contract and come spurting out of my cock.  Yesss I’m commiinnggg Amelia!!!! Here is my come deep in your assss!!! Oh my fuck this is unbelievable, your tight ass and the vibrations of the vibrator Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Uuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Oooooooooooo!!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!” I just collapse on the couch and Amelia also falls back against me lying still with the vibrator still in her cunt. I don’t know how long we lie like that but when I am eventually back to my full senses Amelia is still lying on top of me with the vibrator still vibrating in her cunt and my cock still hard inside her ass.  I move my arms around her and down to her cunt where I take the vibrator and slowly start to fuck her again while my other hand starts to play with her clit.   It isn’t long before she slowly starts to move her lower body in harmony with the vibrator and soon her ass also starts to move up and down my cock.   She moves her hands up to her breasts and also turns her head sideways towards my face and says, “Oh kiss me Hendrik and please make love to me slowly.   I want to really enjoy this.   The previous session was to wild to really experience what I was feeling. ” “OK little one this time you can concentrate on the two cocks penetrating you simultaneously.   I will take it slowly until you ask me to fuck you harder and faster.   Do not worry about me because I won’t come again.

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    We both can concentrate to give you the maximum pleasure out of this.   But tell me how does it feel?” “Oh shit Hendrik I wish you can experience it.   It is not something to describe, you have to feel it to appreciate it.   Let me tell you it is something awesome.   I feel as if I am going to split right open and the feeling of the two cocks penetrating you together must be the height of sexual experience.   Oh please fuck me a little bit faster, at this rate we are going to fuck the whole night. ” I slowly increase the speed of moving the vibrator in and out of her cunt and very soon she starts to moan softly, “Oh my fuck this is sooo fucking nice.   I want to keep on doing this for the rest of the night.   Oh yessss fuck my holes, oh yess fuck them. ” I don’t know how long we continued this but eventually Amelia can’t take it anymore and suddenly she has such an intense orgasm that I never thought was possible.   She shouts and swears and cries and keeps on telling me to fuck her harder and faster till my hand is later only a blur ramming the vibrator in and out of her cunt.   I don’t know if she had only one long continues orgasm or a whole series of orgasms but it lasts for about 18 minutes before she actually passes out.  I lift her off my body and lay her down on the mattress so that she can rest and recovers.   I go to the toilet and when I return I see that she is still asleep so I lie down next to her, take her in my arms and after a couple of minutes I am also fast asleep. I wake up the next morning with a tremendous hard-on and the most magnificent feeling around my cock.

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    When I open my eyes and look down I see Amelia is down on her knees at my cock and give him a special treatment with her mouth and hands.   When she notices that I am awake she jumps onto me and starts kissing me as if I was away for a year.   When I eventually catch my breath and am allowed to say something I ask her what is going on.  “Oh thank you Uncle for a wonderful and absolutely fantastic experience.   I never thought anything could be so enjoyable and intense. You have really shown me what sex is all about and you have also makes me addicted not only to you and your cock but I think to any big cock that is available that I want to fuck.   You don’t mind me being so honest, do you, but you made me a real sex maniac. ” “Of course I don’t mind my darling.   Just as long as you don’t move me to the side for some other cocks that might be younger and bigger than mine. ” “I will never do it my darling Uncle, you will always be my first choice and I will never change your cock for someone else’s.    As long as you are able fuck my cunt I will be available to you.   Even if I get married my body will still be available to you. But tell me am I now fully trained in all the ways of sex?” “No little one we have only scratched the surface.   The next couple of days that we are alone we are going to try out lots of different positions.   We might even discover some new positions but believe me you and your cunt will not be neglected.

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    You know also what?  We still have to do the multi partner scene.   The first one being your mother and thereafter who now who else?  We will have to hurry because it is school today remember. ”  “Aw shit, are you going to take me to school naked Uncle,” she asks with a smile.  “I think I’ll have to put a shirt on little one but I think I will chance it without pants. ” Do you readers know how nice it is to go for more than a week without cloths and to have the company of also a naked teenager sex-maniac?  Let me tell you it is fantastic and extremely erotic to see her getting into the car without any underwear and knowing she will be that way the whole time at school and I can bet you thinking about you and your ready cock.   To pick her up after school without any pants on and to see her excitement as she sees your hard cock and grip it tightly in her hand.  She also tells me that she got extremely wet and had to put a cloth between her ass and school dress when she is sitting to prevent a wet spot from forming at the rear of her dress.   She also admits to thinking about my hard and ready cock awaiting her in the car when I pick her up after school.   I had to fuck her with my finger in the car everyday before we reach the house because she just couldn’t wait.  We fucked various positions and I am sure we also invented some new ones.   But let me tell you Amelia is insatiable and cannot get enough sex.   I bet she is even looking at some of the bigger grade 7 boys to satisfy her needs.   However till the Sunday we had the time of our lives and we fucked to our hearts delight and we even fucked two nights outside the house on the lawn next to the LAPA.  Amelia is now a experienced girl with sex with a male partner and is a real sex maniac with no inhibitions.   She is also very creative as far as sex goes and nothing is too wild for her and she has also teaches me some new tricks.

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    The next exercise will be to try and see if we can get some more partners, male and female, to expand her knowledge and our pleasure.   I told her that she must try and get some of her school friends to join us.   I really like to fuck young thirteen year old girls.   Maybe we will even go further.   Where is it going to end?  Who knows and who cares?  She loves horses also.   It was really heartbreaking when we see Phelia’s car stops in front of the house and we had to put our cloths on again.   But soon Phelia might be part of our action.

To be continued. . . . . . . .

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