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As mentioned above I am 61 years young and if you don’t believe it just look at the photo. I have an exceptionally good conditioned body because I have been exercising regularly for about the last 40 years.   I am 5’11” long with brown hair and green eyes.   My best feature however is 8” long and almost 2½” thick and he is in need of sex and a lots of it because my wife is recently very cold and if I am lucky I get one fuck a month.   If you see Amelia, look at photo, you will immediately see why I want to have sex with her.   I cannot imagine that I didn’t notice this much earlier.   She is about 5’2” tall with a body without an ounce of unnecessary weight.   She has long legs for her length that appears to just going on and on and on up to her nice rounded ass.   She is blond with blue eyes, the most kissable lips and the most magnificent smile you can imagine.   It virtually lights up her face when she smiles and you can also see the merriment in her eyes as she is smiling.   And last but definitely not the least she has the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen on a girl of 13.   They just beg to be touched and sucked. Amelia and I had always had a good relationship.   We love to touch each other and often hug each other.   She however never allows me to kiss her.   She tells everybody that I am her favorite uncle and it is a pity that we are family and I am so much older than her.

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    If she wasn’t so young and if she knows anything about sex I would bet that she was sometimes trying to seduce me. This story happens when my brother in law had a stroke and the doctor advised my wife’s sister that she has to take him out of his present environment for as long as necessary so that he can relax properly.    As she didn’t want to go all by herself she asked my wife to accompany them for at least a week.   She wants me to stay at their house to look after their 18 year old daughter.  When my wife told me I immediately agree because this will give me the opportunity to try and seduce Amelia.   I will never again have a chance like this. We arrive at their place the Friday afternoon about 1600 hours and as my sister in law had already loaded their stuff in their car I load my wife’s stuff in as well and they immediately leaves as they still have to go a long way before dark.   Amelia just arrived from her horse riding lessons and was still dressed in her riding outfit. As Amelia’s parents and my wife pulls out of the gate I put my arms around Amelia, press her against me and say “Hello my favorite, beautiful and grown up niece.   Are you ready and prepared to look after me this coming week?”“What do you mean, me looking after you.   You have to look after me to see that I am well, happy and satisfied. ”“Oh, if it depends on me you will be very happy and satisfied with lots of experience. ”“Experience of what?” she asks. “Of all the normal duties the woman of the house has to do when looking after her family and home or what did you think?”“I didn’t think anything but we’ll see about the experience thing.   Let’s go inside and have something to drink.

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  ” She moves out of my arms and started towards the house. I wonder if she felt my hard on because I had a tremendous erection when I pressed her against me.   As I am not wearing any underpants I was sure she must have felt something.   Whether she knows what it is, is another question.   I quickly turn around towards the car to hide my hard on and to collect my clothes and cool box with my drinks. When I enter the living room Amelia was not there.   When I walk to the bedroom where we usually sleep I hear the shower running.   So she is cleaning herself.   For what? I wonder.   I unpack my cloths and return to the living room where I unpack my cool box, a six pack of beer, two bottles of wine and a bottle of Brandy and put it in the fridge.   I open a beer, switch on the TV, take off my shirt and sit down to relax and enjoy my beer. “Drinking by yourself hey.   What about me?  Didn’t you make me something to drink?”  When I look up Amelia stands in the door dressed in her summer PJ’s. , sleeveless top that reaches halfway between her knees and crotch and no bra.   She really looks the picture of a little girl with a woman’s body but has no idea of the effect she has on a man.

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    I have an instantaneous hard on and have to cross my legs to hide it from her for fear of scaring her away. ‘What do you want little one?  I have wine, red and white, beer and brandy.   If you want brandy I hope you have some mix otherwise you’ll have to drink it neat or with water.   Just don’t tell me you want a cold drink that you will have to get yourself. ”“I will have a white wine with ice like your wife always has. ”“Okay, sit on the couch and watch how I do it.   Next time it is going to be your turn. ”I wait till she sits down before getting up hoping that my hard on will calm down while I make her drink.   There is no way I can hide it when walking back to the couch.   I use my time in pouring her a big glass of wine with ice and when I return to the couch my cock has luckily calmed down some and was not so clearly visible anymore. I sit down on the couch handing her, her glass of wine.   “Here drink and I hope you have watched me making it because next time it is going to be you. ”She takes her glass of wine and lies back sideways on the couch with her head on the armrest of the couch and swing her legs over my lap and take a long sip of the wine. “Ah, that is now nice and relaxing.   Do you mind my legs on your lap?  I’m glad you don’t have a hang up that underage girl’s uses liquor.

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  ”“Well just as long as you enjoy it,” I said, “I like woman to drink because it makes them relaxes and also lowers their inhibitions. ”I put my one hand on her leg and started rubbing them slowly up and down from her feet and back to her knee and back again.   She gives a sigh of contentment and takes a long sip on her wine again. “Now this is the life I would like to have, a handsome man, a drink and nobody to bother me with an Amelia does this or Amelia does that.   Oh I like the wine it makes me feeling so relaxed and in a daring mood. ”I am glad you are enjoying it because I enjoy it tremendously.   Just the two of us and nobody else to bother us,  We can eat when we like, sleep when we like and drink what we want when we want as a matter of fact do anything we want to. ”I move my hand down to her feet again and start to massage her foot lightly and eventually moving down to her toes and starting to massage them softly one by one. Amelia gives a sigh and says, “Oh yes that is so relaxing.   If you keep on doing it I’ll fall asleep. ”I finished my beer and lift her foot to my mouth and starts sucking lightly on he toes. “Oh yes Hendrik yess!!  That feels so nice.   It makes me feeling really hot. ”I look down at her and see the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.   In lifting her leg the hem of her PJ’s has moved upwards and allows me an almost clear view of her panty.

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    It is white and almost transparent.   I can clearly see the outline of her pussy, the outer lips with the slit in the center.   I can promise you I had suddenly the most powerful hard on you can imagine.   It almost hurts.   She must feel something because she moves her remaining leg that still lies on my lap across my cock to the side and this allows my cock to stand virtually upright forming a big tent in my pants.   She must surely see it.   There is no way she can miss it. “Oh my, I feel so strange.   You make me tingle all over.   I don’t know if it is the wine but, oh hell I like it.   I even want you to kiss me.   Please do not stop,” she said. “Okay my little darling.   I will do what you ask. ” I say.

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    I looked at her face and see that her cheeks were flushed pink and her nipples are standing upright.   I now then that Amelia was really turned on and my chances are improving rapidly to eventually fuck her.   I must just play my cards right and she will be putty in my hands. I keep on sucking her toes and my other hand slowly moves up and down her leg, every time lower and closer to he pussy.   Each time my hand moves down her leg I can hear her taking a deep breath and hold it until my hand starts moving up her leg again. When I reach her upper thigh I noticed her eyes are closed and she was beginning to breathe faster and faster.   She also brings her hands up to her tummy and starts to rub her tummy slowly up and down.   Slowly moving upwards to her breasts and as her hands move upwards she also pulls the top of her PJ’s upwards. I really have to control myself not to grab her pussy and force my fingers in.   I again move my hand slowly down to the top of her leg until I feel the hem of her PJ’s.   I move my hand still further down and under her panty till I feel the junction of her leg with her body.   I twist my hand slowly sideways and then suddenly I feel her pubic hairs and move my hand slowly sideways over her pubic hairsAs I touch her pubic hairs she slightly lifts her pussy towards my hand, sharply pulls in her breath and softly moans, “Oh my, this feel so good.   Please don’t stop.   It is the first time anybody but myself touches me there but please don’t stop. ”  I consider this also as consent to remove her panty which I do without further ado.

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    In fact she assists me by lifting her ass of the couch.   She then moves her one leg sideways off from my legs and lowers it to the floor.   This causes her PJ, s to open completely and allow me full vision of her pussy.   Oh my, what a sight.   Her pussy not fully developed yet but both outer lips quite pronounced and visible because her pubic hairs are still sparse and don’t cover her pussy.   I also noticed the wetness forming on the inside of her pussy lips. I move my hand slowly down until my fingers lightly touch her pussy and slowly moving them up and down over her pussy lips, carefully not to apply too much pressure.   As I touched her pussy lips she almost jumps off the couch, “Oh what are you doing to me?  But please don’t stop it feels so good. ”She has is the meantime move her hands to her breasts and are slowly moving them over her breasts and kneading them.   Let me tell you this really looks arousing, seeing a young girl with her pussy exposed and watching her playing with her own breasts. I almost shoot my load there and then. She is continuously   moaning, “Oh my, it is so nice, please don’t stop.   Touch me, oh yes touch me. ” This was the last motivation I need to press my middle finger between her pussy lips and searching for her clit.   It was not difficult to find as she has a pronounced clit and it was very prominent because of her arousal.

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    When my finger touches her clit she lifts her ass completely of the couch shouting, “oh yes that feels soooo good. Please touch my vagina.   I have never felt anything as good as this.   Please don’t stop.   Rub it faster and harder, oh shit, please help me it is sooooooo bleddie nice. ”I stop sucking on her toes and lower her leg to the backrest of the couch which causes her pussy to be completely open and accessible to my hands.   I move my other hand also towards her pussy and starts rubbing her clit softly while pressing the middle finger of my other hand inside her cunt.   Oh shit but she is tight and hot but also very wet.   It is going to be a battle to get my cock into her cunt once we get to it. “I am going to fuck you now with my fingers Amelia.   I am going to play with your cunt till you come so hard that you think you are dying.   I don’t know if you know anything about sex but after tonight you will know a lot and also how to please a man.   It is the experience I was talking about.   But enjoy this one little darling. I don’t know if it will be your first orgasm but it certainly won’t be your last.

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    Pull up you PJ’s Amelia, I want to see your breasts and how you play with them. ”Amelia is moaning and pushing her cunt against my hand.   I don’t know if she hears me but she immediately moves her hands down and pull her PJ’s up and over her head so that she is completely naked on the couch.   She immediately moves her hands to her breasts again and starts playing with them again.   Oh what a sight!I move my finger faster and deeper into her cunt until I eventually feel her hymen.   Yes she is still a virgin and very soon it is going to be my pleasure to take her cherry and make her a woman, my woman.   I also move my other finger slower over her clit because I don’t want her to come too fast. “Oh shit Hendrik what are you doing to me?  You make me going mad.   I have never felt anything like this but I don’t want it to stop.   Is this sex?”“Yes my little darling this is a way of having sex.   Not real sex but you will have an orgasm just as if I am fucking your cunt with my cock. ”“Your cock is it that thing between your legs?  My cunt is it my vagina?”“Yes little one my cock is the thing that I am going to use when we have real sex. ”“Are you going to put your cock in my cunt like you are doing now with your finger?  Oh please fuck me with your cock.   I can not take this anymore.   Fuck me faster and harder.

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    Please rub your finger faster and harder over my cunt.   Oh please I want to have an orgasm. I start rubbing her clit faster and harder and also move my finger faster in and out of her cunt.   I suddenly feel her whole body begins to shake and she lifts her ass about a foot off the couch.   She also mauls her breasts and rolls her little nipples between her fingers.   I know she is experiencing her first orgasm and that it is very big one. “Oh yesssssssss. Oh myyyyyyyyy. It is so nice, ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fell back on the couch, gives a long sigh and say. “This was incredible.   I didn’t know anything could be so enjoyable. ”I carry on fucking her cunt with my hands and after just a little while I feel her body begins to react to my fucking her pussy.   She presses up against my hand, playing with her breasts again and saying, “Oh my again.   Yes Hendrik fuck my cunt again.   Make me experience this nice feeling again.


    Oh yessssss!!!!!!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!Oh Aaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!”She comes again and after a short while she has her third orgasm. “Oh my God Hendrik what are you doing to me? Please stop I cannot take it any more. ”
To be continued……. .



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