After the bees, and Nicci, now the pain


Two days after my ordeal with the bee hive and my lawn mower, the pain from all the bee stings seemed to be subsiding. My niece Nicci never said anything to anyone about what really happened after the bees. She would though, brush against me seductively, or slap me somewhere she knew was sore from the stings, but never in front of anyone. Occasionally, when we were alone she would give me a look, kind of sexy, kind of dirty. I knew what she was doing, and I refuse to give in and give her any kind of response. My wife has been putting a baking soda mud on any of the bites that were still swollen, followed by ice. All in all, I guess I was doing OK. My wife told me that Nicci was a real trooper, and offered to help out in any way she could. "You two really have a special bond, don't you?"she asked. "I guess we do Hun. "

The following week went pretty much the same way. The swelling was all but gone and life was pretty much back to normal. My wife's job seemed to be getting more and more demanding of her time. Later nights and it was looking like it would be quite some time before she had a Saturday off. I did more of the shopping and Nicci was really great, helping out with cooking and cleaning. On Thursday, my wife announced that she had to be in at 5am on Saturday, as her boss was going to be entertaining her number 1 client, and it was quite important that things be just so.

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  She was heading up all the social aspects of the visit,the hotel, car service, meet and greets all that stuff. Then on Saturday night, there would be a meeting slash dinner for the client with the top 5 execs from her office, I guess, a way to get the clients ideas on what should be what. To me, it was all just a big party for kissing up to the customer. Her plan was to be to go in later on Friday, stay in the city, and come home on Sunday. I hate it when she has to do these things, but she makes quite a bit more money then I do, so I don't often complain. This one was big, and very important to her, so I backed her up all the way. I worked from home on Friday, and didn't dressed until 2:30, just before Nicci got home. When she arrived, she announced that she was going to the mall with her friend Aaron, and would be home early. "Fine, see you then" I offered, and out she went.

I was feeling a little horny so I popped a video in the DVD player and filled the Jacuzzi. When the water was up, and the bubbles going I hit play and climbed in the tub. I watched the movie intently, but the noise from the jets and motors drowned out the audio from the movie. After I thought about it for a minute, I decided who cares, all these movies have the same sound track basically, nothing but moaning and groaning, and poorly delivered lines. You know what I mean. So I relaxed in the tub, watching the action,one girl solo, then another girl comes in and helps,lick lick here, lick lick there,petting kissing nipples, pussy all the good stuff.

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  Then in walks a man wearing slacks and a button down shirt, and he starts flailing his arms and yelling at the two woman who are both totally naked and obviously engaged in lesbian sex. This guy looks allpissed of and yelling obviously"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE"Dumb ass. Then he takes off his belt and starts beating these woman, having them bend over his knee and using his belt on them. They cry and scream, blah blah blah. Then there they are, standing side by side, naked. He has them turn around and you can see red welts on their butts. He beckons one to come over to him and has her take his pants off, then his undershorts, then finally his shirt and tee shirt. Now he is standing there in his socks and is sporting a hard on. I guess he likes beating the girls. He then beckons the 2nd girl to come over and suck him off. All pretty standard. Under the water in my tub though, I am enjoying it, all the while stroking my own cock. The jets of the Jacuzzi are aimed just so, bubbling water massaging my balls and my anus. Life is pretty good.

As the movie drones on, I get the shit shocked out of me.

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  I'm in the tub, bubbles going, and the video going, and the guy on the screen is butt fucking one of the 2 girls, while the other is licking her tits, and all of a sudden I see Nicci and Aaron standing there, and Aaron is naked. Nicci ordered him into the tub with me. (not a big deal, it's a 2 person tub. Aaron turns, now showing me his hard-on and climbs in the tub with me. This kids cock had to be 8 1/2 to 9 inches, but more impressive then that is it was thick, it had to be 5 inches around. Aaron settles in the tub, sitting down by my feet, and thestretches his feet down by where I'm sitting. I'm not 100% comfortable being in a tub naked with another man. I mean, I'm not gay, and Ive only been naked with another man back in my Army days when we all showered together, and best of my knowledge, there were no hard-ons. Just then, Nicci turned off the jets and she was now able to see somewhat clearly, that I had been trying to pleasure myself as I too had a hard on, and my right hand was still wrapped around my balls. She ordered Aaron to help me with my hard on. He did. Without being told a second time, Aaron reached over and started pumping my cock. I was about to protest, but Nicci wouldn't allow it.

My cock started to go limp, but only for a moment, and after a few minutes, I felt like I was going to cum. Nicci reached in and pulled my legs apart at the knee, so she could have a better look.

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  Aaron now had a better position and took my balls in his other hand and really went to town. I was cumming in no time now, squirting my load in the tub. Actually it was pretty good. He gave me quite a good hand job.

"Drain the tub"Nicci ordered. I hit the lever. Nicci told us to get out of the tub and go to my bed. We did. Once on the bed, she told Aaron to make me hard again. Aaron got on his knees and starting stroking my cock and balls. Within a few minutes, I was fully erect again. She told me to give Aaron a hand job, but I refused. Then she told Aaron to suck me off. I told her "a hand job is one thing but I'm not letting him suck me off. "I protested.

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  "You will let him. " she said, "or I might start talkingin my sleep, get it?"she replied. Aaron started sucking me off, but I fought it,I was determined to go soft and stay soft. I tried with everything I had to not enjoy what this guy was doing to me, but damn it, he was good.
    It felt great, and it was having it's effect. As he was sucking me off, he was also stroking his own manhood, getting it back up to it's full size and glory. . Somewhere along the line, Nicci must have told him to roll me over and start licking my ass, because without much effort on his part, he did just that. He licked my ass and massaged my balls, and my cock was pressed hard against the comforter, then without warning, Aaron pushed my knees out, and he had my ass exposed to the world. Just as I felt like I was about to cum,Aaron backed away from me. I went to roll back over to have him finish the job, but Nicci wouldn't allow it. "STAY PUT" she barked, and just then I could feel someone climb on the bed, between my knees. It was Aaron, and then all I could feel was the pain he was inflicting by jamming his cock in my ass. This fucker was killing me. He didn't wait for me to loosen up, may have used lube, but only enough to get his head in.

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      He was holding my head into the mattress, so to muffle my screams. He backed out, but only to shove it deep into me again, and again and again. I couldn'tsee, I couldn't move, all I could do is scream into the mattress and hope it to be over soon. He fucked me so hard and so long I thought I was going to pass out, and just then I felt him shooting his load deep into my ass. He kept thrusting and thrusting, and when he was finally done, he pulled out. "Finally" I thought to myself,that is until I felt the bed bouncing around and another intruder, but this one was bigger, he had to be. This brought the pain back again, stretching me out more then Aaron had, and deeper too. It felt like this one was going to rip my stomach open right there. This one was just as brutal too, long, hard and relentless. Again I felt him shoot his load into my ass, but he didn't stop there.

    I felt someone grab my head by the ears, then someone else push me further up onto the bed. I still had this cock in my ass and I was being guided so I was laying flat on my stomach, and my feet were not hanging over the edge. The next thing I feel is someone else climbing on the bed. I hear Nicci saying"Aaron, Fuck Mark, while he fucks Uncle D. "I can'tbelieve how much this hurts, and this Mark guy is holding my head down so I can't say anything.

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      All I know is I want it to stop.

    I woke up, or if you will, came to lying on the bed, and on each side of me a body. One I recognized as Aaron, the other I assume was Mark. We were all, still naked. As I gained what might have resembled some composure or maybe just became aware, I noticed Mark was one fairly well endowed black man. Even flaccid, it appeared he was at least 8 inches long. I would hate to see how big he was erect.

    Nicci then came into the room but she was dressed all in black, with spiked heals on. She had black leather gloves on that went all the way up to her elbows. I want you to make Mark's dick hard. She told me. “No, I won't do this. I am putting my foot down now. Enough is enough”I told her. With this,Aaron rolled over and forced my face onto Mark's cock.

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      Aaron forced my face back and forth on it, until I could feel it growing, getting harder. Mark moaned and lifted his head to see Aaron rolling my face back and forth on is cock. Mark reached down and forced my mouth open and started to stuff his cock in. “Now don't you even think about biting me, I won't like that. ” Mark said, and with that, started sliding more and more of his cock into my mouth. Mark was jambing his thumbs into the jaw joint forcing my mouth open wider, all the while pullingmy head up and down, while he fucked my face. Just as he was starting to cum,Nicci told him to pull it out and to cum on Aaron's ass,Aaron rolled onto his stomach and Mark shot stream after stream onto Aaron's' ass. Nicci took her gloved hand and smeared the cum onto Aaron's ass, then forced her finger into my mouth. “Lick it clean”she ordered. I bit her, I bit her hard. .