After School with Mr. Smith


“Taylor, I need to see you after class. ”

She looked back and stared at Mr. Smith blankly for a moment before nodding. What for? Did she do something wrong? Taylor turned around, leaving the door frame and feeling her ears turn red. For the past year, Taylor had developed a series of fantasies that focused on a man twice her age – at the very least. Mr. Smith was perhaps 5’9”, in his late 30s with next to no hair. She couldn’t tell if he was balding or if he regularly shaved his head. Regardless, he exuded a subtle charm that caught her attention within the first few days of being in his class.

The bell rang and her breath hitched. He wanted to see her after class. No, he had said he needed to see her after class. But for what? She swallowed and her finger twitched as she made her way to Mr. Smith’s desk, which was unsurprisingly messy, strewn with papers, pencils, and sticky notes. Taylor regulated her breathing, counting silently in her head. 1…2…1…2…1…2…

“Hello, Taylor,” Taylor managed a smile up at him.

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“Hello, Mr. Smith. What’s this about?” Her breathing began to grow irregularly. It took all her control to keep herself together. This was the first time she had spoken to him one on one. It was like walking into some sort of dream – or a pleasurable nightmare.

“It’s about your performance in class. You don’t have anywhere else to be now, right?” The school day was over now and she usually walked home, so she didn’t have a bus to catch. She shook her head.

“No, no I don’t, Mr. Smith. ”

He nodded, obviously pleased. “Have a seat. ” He sat and indicated the chair behind her. She pulled up the chair, her hands subtly shaking.

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   Let’s get this over with…

“Do you have any idea why you’re here?” He asked. Taylor, slightly confused, shook her head.

“No, Mr. Smith, I- ” He suddenly got up from his chair and began making his way slowly around the desk, not looking at her directly. Taylor’s breath hitched. “I don’t know. ”

“You are my best student. Of course you know that and yet, I don’t understand one thing. ” He was now behind her, so she couldn’t see him. A low pressure began building in her abdomen. She shifted her legs uncomfortably and cleared her throat. She ignored the warm feeling accumulating between her legs.

“Why do you always avoid me?” Taylor gasped involuntarily when she felt his hands settle themselves onto her shoulders. What was he doing? This was like a dream she had once had. In the dream, they had been in this very classroom, alone.

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   He had been standing in front of her, though, and he had made some lecherous confessions to her. She had then woken up, unsatisfied.

“You never raise your hand and it seems like you absolutely hate eye contact. ” She felt his fingers flex over her shoulders, moving an inch down her arm. “I want to know why. ”

There was no hiding the heaving of her ample chest or the constant squirming of her legs. She squeezed her thighs tightly against each other, trying to suppress the burning. But it only seemed to increase the building pressure.

“I- I don’t know. I just don’t like answering questions. ” Her voice faltered and she quickly swallowed. Her lips trembled.

She heard him release a breath. One hand slid up her neck, making her flinch away. His hand hesitated, then reached the ponytail holding her dark, wavy hair.

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“My wife was like you when she was in high school: always quiet, unassuming,” his other hand slid down her forearm, “but absolutely lovely. ”

She wanted to run, to get up and leave without turning back. She couldn’t do this. No matter how much she seemed to want it… No, she just couldn’t. It was right…

Mr. Smith pulled the band out of her hair, letting the black locks fall around her shoulders. Her breathing was erratic. Her heart was ready to explode. This isn’t right, this isn’t right, this isn’t right… But her body did nothing to stop him.

“Taylor,” his voice was smooth and almost tired-sounding. “Stand up.

Fearing the worst, she slowly stood, but her legs threatened to give out beneath her.

“Turn around. ”

She closed her eyes hard. Opening them, she turned around.

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   Mr. Smith was half-seated on one of the desks. One leg was rested on a chair. He didn’t even bother hiding his arousal, so evident beneath his khaki pants. Taylor’s eyes widened as her gaze remained transfixed on his bulging erection. Catching herself too late, she looked up at his eyes. They held the same laid-back expression he always had, but there was an intensity in his face, a sort of strain, as if he was struggling to hold himself back. He slid down into the chair and tapped his thigh. No, oh please, no… Run, run now. But her body wouldn’t listen.

“Come here. ” There was a sharpness in his tone that she had never heard before. It wasn’t anger or frustration. Taylor hesitated. “Face me.

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  ” She bit the inside of her cheek as he looked up at her, his eyes a smoldering hazel that frightened her, yet aroused her at the same time. She assented and straddled him. Not having anything else to support her, she put her hands on his shoulders.

“Why do you avoid me, Taylor?” His eyes seemed to darken as his hands slid to the small of her back. “Do you know how much it hurts me when you try to avoid me?” His hands slipped under her shirt. The warmth of his fingers tingled against her back and she gasped, gripping his shoulders hard. He intentionally shifted his hips upward, rubbing his erection through his pants against her. Taylor shut her eyes and clenched her teeth, letting out a sharp, shaky breath. She suppressed a moan in her throat as her fingers dug harder into his shoulders.

“Mr. Smith,” she said breathily. “What are you doing?” She fought hard against herself to be able to speak. Her throat was dry and felt as if it were on fire. His hands slid further up her back, lifting her shirt up even more. He pressed against her back so that her face was only two inches from his face.

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   Her jaw quivered and her breaths were short and dry. “Mr. Smith- ”

“To show you how much your attention means to me. ” He pressed her completely against him, covering her mouth with his experienced lips. Taylor let out a scream, muffled by his passionate kissing, and she pushed against him. It was no use. He was much stronger than her and pressed his large hands against the bare skin of her back. She was trapped. Finally, he let go.

“Please, Taylor. I’m making up for lost time. All those times you refused to raise your hand, all those times you refused to look in my direction. ” His hands slid back down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. Quickly, he pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing her pure, white bra. It suddenly got cold, but the cooled temperature wasn’t the cause of her shaking.

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“No, please, Mr. Smith. ”

“No. Sh… Relax. You don’t have enough fun, Taylor. School is important, but you have to learn that it isn’t everything. ” As he spoke, he unhooked her bra and slowly slid off her bra. She didn’t resist. Mr. Smith smiled. “Relax. I won’t hurt you. ” His hand hovered over her side before making its way to her left breast. His touch was soft, handling her virginal body with care. Taylor flinched, her chest heaving as his large hand cupped her breast and his thumb made tantalizing circles around her hardening nipple.

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   She finally let out a moan. Mr. Smith smiled.

He lowered his head to her other breast and kissed it before gently taking it in his mouth. Taylor sighed and felt herself getting gradually wetter the more he awakened her supple body. Days seemed to have passed before he finally lifted his head and, with a look of restrained lust in his once mellow eyes, he took her mouth again. This time, Taylor returned the kiss with almost equal fervor. Her mouth moved against his unskillfully, trying to keep up with his fervent kissing. He bucked his hips and she let out a high pitched sound, feeling his arousal more than ever. She held his face in her hands as she continued kissing him as if she would never be kissed again.

Mr. Smith’s hands had gone to her waist and were tugging at her jeans. He lowered his head to her neck as he unzipped her pants and pulled them off of her legs along with her underwear. She lifted her body, letting the denim slide down her legs. She held the back of his head as he continued sucking the pale, sensitive flesh of her neck.

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   He nipped at it, making her groan against him. Taylor’s breathing quickened as she felt his hands caress her hips and glide over her abdomen.

He pulled away and simply looked at her for a moment. They were silent; only the sound of their heavy breathing filled the air between them. Without breaking his gaze, Taylor slid her hand down the fabric covering his chest and down to his pants. She smiled and her eyes widened with excitement as she felt his erection through his pants. She saw his jaw tighten and she parted her lips, pleased to have gotten a reaction like that from him. For a few more moments, she teased him, rubbing her hands against the tightening bulge between his legs. Finally, she brought down her other hand and unzipped his pants. His penis peaked out through his boxers, making her breath even more ragged. It had a positive effect on Mr. Smith, too, as he groaned, glad that she had finally released his dick.

Fear made its way back into her gut as she looked at his eyes, so full of a burning lust. Her smile faded. This was it.


   With a final motion, it would finally begin. Mr. Smith saw her fear and held her face in his hands.

“It’s all right. Taylor, it’s all right. I promise… to be slow. ” He pulled her closer to him so that his cock was rubbing against her clit. She whimpered and closed her eyes in a moment of ecstasy. Mr. Smith groaned in reply. He slowly moved his hips up and down, rubbing his throbbing member against her swollen lips. He slowed to a stop, then lifted her on top of his cock. It rested at her opening. Through gritted teeth, he let out a growl. It took all his restraint to keep from ramming into her.

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   He wanted to be gentle, to not traumatize the poor girl.

“Look at me. ” Taylor opened her eyes, fear still lining her eye lids. Her lips quivered and her body shook with anticipation and apprehension. His head was now inside of her. She could feel herself already stretching beyond her comfort zone. She wanted to tell him to stop. It was going to be too painful. Slowly, he pushed into her even further. Taylor inhaled sharply, clenching her teeth and shutting her eyes. With a final motion, Mr. Smith penetrated her completely. She let out a pained cry. Her hands clawed madly across his back and she held onto him tightly, burying her face into his neck. He pulled her face away from his neck and kissed her as he began moving her up and down along his cock.

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   Tears began forming at the corners of her eyes, but he ignored them and continued focusing on her lips and the tightness of her pussy.

Taylor’s clawing became less desperate and she simply hung onto his shoulders. The pain had almost completely subsided as he thrust into her over and over again. She was so wet, his cock slid in and out of her easily. She began calling his name in between pants. “Mr. Smith. . . Mr. Smith… Mr… Smith… Oh, god. ”

He pumped his cock hungrily into her quickening his pace when it was clear she had gotten over the pain. It was the tightest pussy he had ever taken. Her juices flowed around his cock, making him thrust into her even harder. Her moans only further egged him on to go harder into her until her tits were bouncing up and down furiously.

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   Her short, staccato cries filled with room and mingled with his own grunts and moans. He alternated between sucking her breasts, nipping her neck and taking her mouth.

“Mr. Smith, I’m- I’m- ” She gasped, “I’m coming!” She nearly shouted her words as he felt himself on the verge of coming. Her body spasmed against him and he could feel her pussy convulse and clench around his thick cock. He couldn’t hold it any longer and he came, filling her with his come. They were surrounded by their own cries as his cock continued to pump his juices into her and as her pussy stopped convulsing. He slowly, deeply thrust into her until he was finished.

Exhausted, Taylor leaned into him keeping him inside of her. Her short pants were in unison with his and she focused on the heavy heaving of his chest. He felt so good inside of her that she didn’t want to move from her spot.

Mr. Smith gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Now, you will never neglect me again. ”

Taylor nodded and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

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First story -so tell me what you think and tell me what you think the two should do next time!
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