Adventures in Taboo 7


Topic: Adventures in Taboo 7Being a daddy I found little time for sex. . To start Alexa was premature and had a lot of health problems. . I would stay up all night with her because I was afraid she was going to stop breathing in her sleep. . I even missed my 8th grade graduation because she was in the hospital. .  By the time I started High School she was doing a lot better and I I was able to leave her with my mom with out fear of something happening to her. . I spent all of my 8th grade year celibate but now I was in high school and I was looking for some high school pussy. . My next conquest was nothing special. . Her name was Holly and just about every guy had fucked her. .

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   She would even fucked the nerds and unpopular kids. . She was a slut and proud of it. . I am not saying Holly wasn't hot. . She had everything I like in a girl, Big tits, Blond Hair, Blue eyes. . I was just not into such an easy conquest. . The only reason I did fuck Holly was because my friends were teasing me about being one of the only guys not to fuck Holly. . When I did fuck her I had a condom on. . I learned my lesson after Alexa was born and I didn't want another baby.

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  . I am glad I did because who knows what I could have caught from her. . She gave good head but her pussy was loose and so was her ass hole. .  I fucked her a bunch of times. . Cumming in a condom was not the same though so I started pulling out, taking the condom off and cumming on her face or tits. . If you fucked Holly it was tradition to take a pair of her panties as a trophy. . That is a tradition I started to do and still do to this day. . Every time I fuck a new girl I take her panties as a trophy. .

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   Usually I would finger the girl with their panties still on so they would be stained with their cum. . When I get home I would put them in a zip lock baggy and keep them in a special drawer. . I have panties from every girl I fucked with the exception of Kate, Shyla and Christina. . I keep telling my self I am going to clone every girl I fucked and have one big harem of girls to fuck and watch them fuck each other. .  Holly though wasn't doing it for me. . . Even though I was popular, the girls in my school were afraid to fuck me because they think something bad will happen ( like with Kate, Shyla, Brittany and Christina ). . I was considered off limits. .


   My luck would change though, at least for 1 timeMy sister Lily moved in with us. . She was a recovering drug addict and was just released out of rehab and had no place to stay. . Now Lily was way older then me and was my second oldest sister. . She was not Brittany's mom bu she did have two daughters of her own. . She got pregnant at 18 and ran away with the baby's daddy. . she ended up having another kid with him. . He was also the one who introduced her to drugs. . In case you are wondering what happened to him, he was shot robbing a 7-11.

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  . Well Lily had the spare bed room. . My mom started a second job to take care of Alexa and my self so Lily was home alone a lot. . I didn't trust my sister to be alone with my daughter and I was lucky my school had a dare care center ( I guess there was a lot of girls pregnant in my town if the High School had a day care center ). . One day I was not feeling up to par so I cut the rest of my classes and went home. . I had all female teachers the second half of the day and they all flirted with me. . They also let me get away with anything, including cutting. . I figured I would leave Alexa in Day care, go home, get a nap and pick her up regular time. .

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   So I walk home ( my house was right down the street ). Enter my house when I hear some strange noises coming from upstairs. .  I go to investigate when a naked guy comes out of my sisters room. . . He goes to the bath room, takes off his condom and throws it in the toilet. . He comes out, grabs his pants, looks at me and says "She is going to be out for a while and she wakes up, she is going to have one hell of a head ache, Have fun Kid". . Then he walked out of my house shutting the door behind him. . I go into my sisters room and there she is, buck ass naked and passed out. . I call her name "Lily, Lily, are you ok?" and shook her a little bit but she didn't move.

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  . I took my ear and put it on her breast to hear her heart beat and was glad that it was there and it was strong. . I looked at her wondering what I was going to do when I started thinking to my self "God Lily is hot". She had black hair and grey eyes and huge tits, maybe D cups. . I am not sure what came over me but I got in between her legs and started eating out her pussy. . I knew the guy who just fucked her wore a condom so I knew I was not going to be tasting anything I didn't want to. . That was not enough though. . I was so Horny and the thought of fucking my sister made it even worse. . I took my clothes off and went in my room for a condom.

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  . I guess I used them all on Holly because I didn't have any. . I was not going to let this opportunity pass though so I had a plan. . I positioned Lily a little better and got on top of her. . I took my cock and rammed it into her pussy. . I was going very fast and even though she was passes out she would still cum for my huge cock penetrating her pussy in and out. . I knew though I could not cum into my sisters pussy. . I didn't want another kid and I learned about genetics in high school so I didn't want to impregnate my sister and get a mutant baby. .

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   As soon as I had my fill of her pussy I turned her over and started to fuck her up her ass. . The thought  of fucking my unconscious sister in the ass was more then I can take and it didn't take long for me to shoot my load deep inside my sisters asshole. . I cleaned her up a little when I spied my sisters panties. .  I used the crotch part and played with her pussy for a while getting  her cum all over the panties then took them as a trophy. . I took a  shower, took a nap, went to the day care to pick up my daughter, came home, made dinner all before Lily woke up with one bad head ache. . She came down stairs in her bath robe and said "Hey when did you get home". . I said after I got Alexa. . She then said "I must have been tired, I slept all day".

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  . I smiled and said "You must have been worn out". . She went up stairs to take a bath and I thought about the fuck I just experience. . I never did get to fuck my sister again after that day. . Oh well at least I had another adventure and that was far from the last.