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Topic: Adventures in Taboo 3Things in my life could not get any better. . I was having sex with a beautiful milf and her even more beautiful daughter every day. . I was very young but I was enjoying every man's fantasy. . My next adventure in Ecstasy was the first time I got to tap Shyla's tiny little ass. . I love anal sex. . When I fucked Shyla's mom the 1st time in the ass I thought it could not get any better. . Then I got my cock into Shyla's pussy and almost died from the pleasure. . I figured that Shyla's ass would be the pinnacle of sexual enjoyment. .

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   I god was i right. .     This is how I got to do it. . I was fucking both Shyla and her mom, Shyla's mom Kate had thins thing for me getting her daughters cum all over my cock then fuck Kate to join their cum together, then Fuck Shyla and back and forth until I came into one of their pussies ( Usually Shyla's ). . After Kate took Polaroids of my cum oozing out of her underage daughter's cunt she would eat all 3 of out cum out of her daughters tiny little fuck hole. .     I always enjoyed watching Kate going down on Shyla but for some reason this time it turned me on even more springing my spent cock back to life. . I got behind Kate and rammed my dick right into her ass and aggressive started to thrust it in and out. . Kate, Squirting immediately, started moaning right into her little girl's yummy cunny. .   I was about to cum again when I hear Kate go "Don't cum in me, cum in Shyla's tight little ass whole".

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  . She didn't have to tell me twice, I pulled out and got on the bed to take Shyla's anal cherry. . Kate instructed  Shyla to get on all fours so I can ram my cock deep inside her ass. . She did and I got in to position. . I started to sick my cock into her ass hole but it met with some resistance. . Shyla's ass was too tight and i could not get it in. . I tried again but to know avail. .    Finally Kate said "You can't be gentle, just ram it in there hard". .

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   I did what she said and that time it worked. . Oh my friggen god did this feel amazing. . Shy though didn't agree. . She was begging for me to pull it out and started to cry. . . . I was about to when Kate goes "Don't pull out, Fuck her in the ass like the dirty slut like her deserves".
    . That was all it took as I started to fuck Shyla's virgin ass whole harder, faster and oh so deep. . Shyla was not enjoying her self but there was no place in the world I would have rather had my cock at that moment.

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      .     To ease Shyla's pain and to increse her pleasure Kate started to go under her daughter and eat out her pussy. . . I think that helped because Shyla relaxed and started to fuck me back. . I could not hold out any longer and I came so hard inside Shyla's tight little ass whole. . I was spent. . Unfortunately Shyla didn't enjoy anal as much as her mother so I only got to fuck her in the ass a few more times on special occasions but the first time was always the one I remember best. . Kate, Shyla and my self continued to have sex as much as we can for the next 2 years. . That is until the summer of 89'.

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      . That summer would go on to be one of the best summers of my life, it also went on to be one of the worse but that is another story.



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