Adventures in Taboo 2


   After my first encounter with Kate, I was on top of the world. . Kate on the other hand was a little scared I was going to tell some one what we did and she would get in trouble. . I will be honest, I wanted to tell every one that I just fucked a hot 29 year old milf  but I was smart enough to know that if any one found out I would never get to enjoy her sweet pussy again. . To reassure her I told her "I promise never to tell any one, as long as you promise that you can I can do that all the time?". . She smiled and said "Yes I promise". . From that point forward I was going over my friend Shyla's House every day that summer to "Play". . It wasn't Shyla I was playing with though, it was her Mother. . I would Get there before Shy woke up, Fuck her mother, go play with Shyla then Kate would find some excuse for me to help her with something so we can fuck some more. .

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   We would pretend in front of Shyla that nothing was going on ( but as you will read later, she knew what was going on all the time). . . At one point she would take her Polaroid camera and takes pictures of me naked or me having sex with her. . .  It got to the point though where we stopped pretending and just fuck in her moms room with the door open while Shyla was watching TV ( with the sound all the way up to drown out her mothers moaning )in the living room. . Shyla and I didn't talk about it though. . We just went on and played after I was done pleasing her mom. . One day though 2 things happened that I still think about this very day. . The first is Kate showed me the pleasures of fucking her up her tight ass.

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  . It all started like any other fuck. . Kate was giving me head when she just stopped, popped her head up and said "How would you like to fuck mommy in the ass?". . Me, being both shocked and a little weirded out said "huh?". . Kate continued with "I always wanted to try anal sex. . My friend does it all the time and she absolutely loves it, I always wanted to try it and I want you to be the first one to do it to me". . Not wanting to upset her I said "If mommy wants me to then sure". . I am so glad I agreed to do it though. .

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   I laid down on my back and Kate started to mount me like reverse cowgirl (she would often fuck me like that so she can watch her self in the mirror plus she loved when I spanked her). . this time though instead of mounting my hard cock into her pussy she rammed it up her tight, tight oh so tight ass. . I thought her pussy was amazing. . This was 18 times better. . After a minute to get used to it, she started to ride me up and down making my hard cock go in and out of her ass hole. . She started riding harder, and harder, making my cock do deeper and deeper and she was loving it. . The only person who was enjoying them selves more was me. . I know I was not going to last long with it feeling so god damn amazing and her going so hard and so fast.

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  . before I had a chance to say anything I caught a glimpse of some one in the hall, I glance over and noticed that is was Shyla and she had her hand down her shorts playing with her pussy. . That sent me over the edge and that very second I shot stream after stream of cum into Shyla's mothers ass as I watched her daughter masturbate while watching us. . The Orgasm was so intense my hips bucked up making me cumming cock drive deeper then it has ever been before up Kate's ass driving her to another squirting orgasm all over my legs. . Once I regained my senses I looked over again for Shyla but she was gone. . It was that point in time when I made up my mind that I was going to fuck Shyla before the week was over   For the rest of the day Shyla would not look at me or talk 2 me. . If she did accidentally make eye contact she would turn away quick and blush and go to her room. . I figured I would give her a day to think about what she saw. .

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   I rested up for a bit, got something to eat and drink then went back into Kate's room  for some more anal sex. . This Time I had her on all 4's fucking in the ass doggy style. . I kept looking over hoping to see Shyla but I guess she was too embarrassed to do it again. . I would grab a handful of Kate's hair, Pulling it back,smacking her ass every once in a while and saying to her "Make me cum mommy, make your bad boy cum deep into your ass again". . It didn't take long before I did. . I guess the pleasure of anal sex was too much for Kate on that day because we only fucked twice. . I rested up, then went home for the night. . All night I thought about Shyla and was formulating a plan on how to take her virginity tomorrow   Tomorrow came and I left bright and early for Shyla's house.

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  .  I had a hard on just thinking about what I was going to do to Shyla and it made it very hard to ride my bike. . When I got there Kate was not there. . She had to take her friend to the doctors so it was just me and Shyla ( And she was still asleep). . I was thinking at the time I was just going to slip into bed with Shyla, start taking her cloths off and fuck her right then and there. . As soon as I got close though she popped up and said "What are you doing". . Thinking quickly I said to her "I was going to wake you up to ask you where your mom is?". . With an attitude she replied "She is not here so you will have to wait for your easy piece of ass". .

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   I was a little taken a back. . I  then said "We need to talk". . She didn't want to though and covered back up with the covers. . Refusing to let it go at that I tried to rip the covers off of her. . She held on to them but I had a secrete weapon. . I know where she was ticklish so I tickled her until she let the covers go. .  I then said to her "Are you ready to talk now?" she said "no" so I said "well i guess we will have to have another visit from the tickle monster". . After a few seconds of tickle torture she said "Ok, ok lets talk".

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  . I asked her was she mad of what me and her mom were doing and she replied "My mom has been a slut since as far back as I can remember so her fucking around is nothing new to me but you are my friend and you should be spending time with me, not her". . I thought to my self "Oh my god she is jealous". .   I told her "You don't have to be jealous, I can spend time with both of you". . She replied "I know you would rather spend time with my mom, she is so beautiful plus she has big boobies and I don't". . I looked deep into her crystal blue eyes and said "Your mom is beautiful, but I think you are even more beautiful then she is, plus I really am not into boobs any way (lying my ass off,not about her being more beautiful then her mom, but I was lying about non liking big boobs because I love them big)". . She was beautiful also. . I know she was only 8 years old but she could have passed for a 18 year old. .

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   Her hair was black and down to her ass, her eyes were big, blue and beautiful. . Her skin was so tan and perfect. . She looked then like Angelina Jolie looks now except with out the huge tits. .    Just then her mom's comes home and comes in the room. . She says "Sorry I am late, let me get a drink and I will be in my room in 5 minutes. . I told her "when you come back lets talk, I have an idea". . Kate goes "I think I like the sound of that" and goes to get her drink. . I then grad Shyla by the hand and said "Come with me, i know how to make this all better" and I drag her into her mothers room.

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  . When Kate came back into the room she was shocked to see that Shyla was in the room with us. . She turns to Shyla and says "Is everything ok sweetie?". . Before Shyla could answer I blurted out "Shyla has been feeling neglected and that I am not spending enough time with her so I figured we would have her join us today". . At the same time Shyla and her mom said "WHAT!?". . I then continued "yesterday when we were having sex, Shyla was watching us and was playing with her pussy" I turned to Shyla and her normally tan skin was bright red. . I then continued "If you remember Mommy when we first started fucking you admitted to me you wanted to fuck Shyla some day" Kate then stumbling on her words started to say "Honey that's no. . " before I cut her off. .


   with "Listen Shyla you are my best friend and you are right, I have been being selfish by spending time with your mom and not you, this way I could spend more time with you, not only that but this sex thing is just the greatest thing ever invented and I want you to experience it with me. . Plus your mom knows so much she can teach you. . What do you say Shyla, wanna join us?. . She nervously said "OK. . If it is ok with you mommy?". . I then turned to Kate and said "How about it mommy?. . Can we fuck my little sister also?". . I swear at the point Kate came in her pants as she nodded her head yes.

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  .    I then grabbed Shyla's shirt and lifted it over her head. . She was not wearing anything underneath it so I got to see her small, budding titties up close. . I then led her to the bed laid her down and took off her pajama bottoms exposing her She-Ra panties. . I then called Kate over and instructed her to suck on one nipple as I sucked on the other. . Then Kate took off her daughters panties and her and I tongued her daughters Hairless, virgin pussy for the very first time ( From that point forward I make sure any girl I fuck shaves all the hair off her pussy if she wants me to go down on her ).
    . . . Shyla let out some soft moans and it was not long before she was cumming on my tongue. .

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       Kate then stops and says "As much as I want to join you, I think for her first time it should just be you and her, I will watch and give you both instructions". . I looked up and said "Ok Mommy". . Kate then instructed her daughter to undress me. . , As I was stripped down Kate was doing the same. . She also got the Polaroid camera. . Kate then took pictures of me and Shyla naked, getting close ups of Shyla's budding tits, her virgin pussy and my hard cock. . She then put the camera down and taught her daughter how to jerk me off. . As Shyla had her tiny hand around my dick giving a pretty good hand job Kate was sucking on my balls, telling Shyla  to do the same thing.

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      . Then Kate started sucking on my cock, telling Shyla what she was doing so Shyla could repeat. . Shy was no where as good as her mom, and she got me with her teeth a few times but watching a mother and a daughter taking turn with my dick was such a turn on. . Kate then got back into bed, took a few more pictures of her daughter sucking her first cock before she put the camera down and started playing with her pussy. . Kate then instructed me to grab the back of her daughters head and push her up and down on my cock. . Shyla was not ready for this and she gagged a few times on the length of my cock ( It has gotten bigger in the last few months, probably from all the hormones from all the sex ). .    Then Kate instructed me to lay Shyla down next to her and go down on her daughter. . As I was tonguing Shyla's juicy pussy I over heard Kate say "Now honey this first times is going to hurt a whole lot but only for a little while, I want you to be a big girl and take it ok?. It gets better after this".

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      . Not knowing any of this I was suddenly scared. . Kate then instructed me to get into missionary position and get ready to take her Virginity. . I was very, very nervous and so was Shyla. . " I Looked down at her and said "Are you ready". . she looked up at me and nodded yes so I took the tip of my cock and put it inside her. . she was very wet and I think that helped because at that second I thrust the whole thing deep inside of her. . She let out a scream and started crying "mommy it hurts, it hurts so bad". .

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       Kate then said "I know it does sweetie, just get used to the feeling and the  pain will start to go away". . I was scared and wanted to pull out but I was told not to, just to stay still until she gets used to it. .  I did for a minute or two but I guess instinct started to come though as I started to trust real slowly and real gently. . I guess instinct started to take over Shyla also because she started fucking me back. . I think i intended to go slow and take it easy but between the fact that Shyla's Pussy was even more tight then her mom's asshole and the fact that her mom was right there masturbating to me fucking her daughter the whole time moaning "That's right, fuck your little sister, fuck her harder, fuck her like the little whore she is, Make that slut cum all over her big brothers cock". . In retrospect I think I should have been a little more gentle but to be honest I was fucking Shyla harder, faster and deeper then I have ever fucked her mother. . Even though she didn't know as much as her mother about sex, Shyla was even a better fuck and I was enjoying this immensely. . As I thrust in and out of her virgin pussy, going deeper and faster, making my beautiful 8 year old best friend cream all over my cock I noticed that Kate was once again taking pictures with one hand as she fingered her pussy with the other.

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      . Then I hear Kate say "Make sure you pull out and cum all over your little sisters face". . I never wanted to take my dick out of Shyla's pussy, I wanted to be inside her for ever but I also didn't want to piss Kate off. . Just then I hear Shyla say "Cum for me big bro, cum all over your little sisters face". . Right then I lost it, pulled my cock out and gave Shyla the biggest facial I think a woman has ever got. . There was not a square inch of her face that didn't have my cum on it. .  I even had some to aim right into her mouth. . To my surprise she swallowed it also. .

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         As I caught my breath Kate was taking pictures of her once virgin daughters now bloody pussy and her cum cover face. . Just when I thought it could not get any better then this I heard Kate say "Next time Mommy will join both her bad little children and I will give you both the fuck of your lives". . Not only did I had a threesome to look forward to between me, a Mother and her daughter, but I was already thinking of a plan to ram my cock up Shyla's tiny little ass. . This summer just keeps getting better and better. . .


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