I was returning home from another unsatisfactory date.   All she wanted to do was complain about her ex-husband, her job, her boss, etc.   I couldn’t wait to get her back to her apartment and come home.  
I live on a fairly large farm about 20 miles from the city.   It is self-sustaining and the original farmhouse has been rented out to a man who farms the bottomland.   I live in a new house up a series of switchback roads to the top of the mountain.   It is a beautiful view.   On a clear night I like to sit on the patio and look at the lights of the city and listen to the animals and insects while I relax with something to drink.
I wasn’t going to get that pleasure tonight, however, because it started raining just as I left the city.   The last 5 miles of road is dirt and when it rains the road becomes a bit slippery.   The switchback road to the house is gravel, so it will be okay, but I needed to pay attention on the main dirt road.   It was good I was paying attention or I would not have seen the two people standing in the rain next to the road.   They looked like young teenagers and they were soaked to the skin and just standing there looking at my car like deer caught in the headlights.   When I stopped, I realized they were in the driveway going into my field with the old barn.  
“Are you okay?” I asked.   They just looked at me without replying, but they were shaking with the wet and cold.

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    I recognized they were in the first stage of hypothermia, so I put them in the car.   They got in without any problem and just stared ahead.   I started the heater and headed up the road to my house.   When we arrived, I told them to come inside so they could get out of their wet clothes and into something dry.   They followed me into the back door where I told them to take off their shoes and socks, which they did.   This was when I noticed they were young girls and looked all of 18 years old.   I led them into the house and took the first girl to the main bathroom.   I told her there was a robe in the closet and to get out of her wet clothes, take a hot shower to warm up, and bring the wet clothes to me and we would get them washed and dried.   There was a hair dryer mounted on the wall and I pointed it out to her.   I then took the other girl to the master bedroom and took her into the master bathroom and gave her the same instructions.   I then headed upstairs to the master suite and got out of my wet clothes and put on some terrycloth shorts and a tee shirt.
I went downstairs and started preparing some hot cocoa.   I prepare the chocolate just like my grandmother did.   None of this instant stuff for me.   I don’t care for the taste of the pre-mixed powder where you just add water or milk.

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    About the time the cocoa was ready I heard the water shut off, so I knew they would be out as soon as they dried their hair.   I went to the Arizona room and let in my dog Mike.   He stays there when I am away from the house and has access to a fenced area where he can run.   He is a golden lab I found walking down the same road where I found the girls, and he was also very young.   I got some chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies out (from the bakery) and set the table for three.   Shortly, one of the girls came in carrying her wet clothes wrapped in the bath towel.   I took them and told her to sit down and relax.   Mike went over with his tail wagging and she relaxed and started petting him.   The other girl came in about that time carrying her wet things and towel.   Both of the girls took to Mike and he to them.   I took their clothes and put them in the washer.   I noticed neither of them had a bra and both had thong bikini panties.   When I came back to the kitchen, they were drinking the cocoa and eating the cookies.   Mike was getting his share of cookies from them, also.
“Are you girls okay?” I asked.

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“Yes sir,” replied the red head.   “Thank you for stopping.   We were so cold we couldn’t stop shivering. ”
“How did you get there?  Did you slide off the road with your car?”  The brunette’s face took on a hard look.
“No, we went on a date and they took us to an old barn in the field where you found us.   Then they started grabbing at us and pulling at our clothes.   Now, we’re not virgins, but we didn’t like the way they were treating us, so we told them to quit.   Debbie’s boy friend said, ‘Look.   Fuck or Walk!’ So, we got out of the car and started walking.   They drove off and left us there.   By the time we got to the road it was raining and we didn’t even know which way to turn on the road, so we just stood there waiting for the boys to come back, but no one came by.   We stood there a long time before you showed up, mister”
“Okay.   I would suggest we call the sheriff.   What the boys did was illegal and could have resulted in you getting hurt or even dying from hypothermia. ”
The red head stood up and said, “Oh, no sir!  We can’t tell on them.

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“It’s up to you, but they should not get away with that behavior.   Do you want to call your parents?  By the time they get here, your clothes will be dry. ”
“We can’t do that, either,” said the brunette.   “I told my parents I was staying the night at Debbie’s house and she told her parents she was staying over at my house.   Couldn’t we just stay here for tonight and you could take us to the mall in the morning and we can catch the bus home?”
“What is your name?” I asked the brunette.
“Jane. ”
My name is Kelly.   Jane, I don’t think that would be a very good idea.   You’re what – 18 years old?”
“We’re both 18 and I will be 18 next week.   Debbie will be 18 in a couple of months.   Besides, if your wife doesn’t care, what difference would it make?”
“I’m not married. ”
“But the woman stuff in the bathroom . . . I thought surely .

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   . . ”
“I was married for almost two years.   We wanted children but when we found out I couldn’t have children, she left me.   She left everything here except her clothes. ”
Debbie said, “Then who would care?  Who would even know?  You have a lot of room here.   There are four bedrooms on the main floor.   Does anyone else live here?”
“No.   No one else lives here, and no one else has slept here since she left.   Against my better judgment, I’ll let you stay here.   You can each take a bedroom or share the one with the twin beds. ”
They were excited they would not have to go home and face the consequences of the lie they told their parents.   I went into the family room and started a fire to take the chill off the house and they followed along with Mike.   They loved the room.   It is a very large room and very masculine.

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    It has a huge fireplace made of native stone in the center of one wall with a bull elk head mounted over the mantle.   On the floor is an honest-to-god bearskin rug from a Kodiak bear I killed in Alaska.   They squealed when they saw the rug.   They ran over to the rug and lay down on it and Debbie propped her head on the massive skull of the bear.   She said she had always wanted to have her picture taken lying naked on a bearskin run.   I showed them how to operate the wall-mounted giant TV and the DVD player and where the movies were located and told them they could watch a movie while I cleaned up the kitchen and put their clothes in the dryer.   It took about 18 minutes and when I came back into the room, they were watching a movie.
“Oh shit!” I thought.   They found the porno movies and had one playing!  I walked over to say that this was not a good idea and I saw them watching the movie.   Jane was leaning back in a recliner with her robe open massaging her breasts and pulling at the nipples.   Debbie had her robe pulled all the way open and was massaging her clit through a fine patch of red hair.
“Girls, I don’t think you should be watching this kind of movie,” I stammered.   Jane looked over at me and smiled.   “Well, it looks like at least a part of you is enjoying the show,” as she looked at my crotch.   When I put on my terrycloth shorts, I had not put on any underwear and I was making a tent in the front of my shorts.

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“It doesn’t matter.   You are only 18 and that is an adult movie.   You shouldn’t be watching it. ”  Debbie stood up and let her robe hang open and walked over to me.   She rose up on tiptoe and gave me a very adult kiss and grasped me through my shorts.   She said she wanted to know how to do all the things they had been watching, and her only sexual experience had been with a boy in the back seat of a car and it lasted all of 30 seconds before he came.   She said she wanted to experience making love, not getting fucked.   As she said this, she did not release me. Her robe slid off her shoulders.   Her breasts were small with perfect areolas and nipples like pencil erasers that were erect.   Jane stood up and dropped her robe and walked toward us nude.   She had no pubic hair and very small breasts, also.   She looked like a little girl.   When she got to us she reached up the leg of my shorts and grasped my balls.   She squeezed a little too much and I told her not to apply so much pressure, as men’s testicles were very sensitive.

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    I knew what I was doing was wrong, but there was no way I could stop now.   Jane pulled my tee shirt over my head while Debbie pulled down my shorts.   When my dick popped free of my shorts, Jane exclaimed, “My word!  You’re much larger than my boyfriend.   I’m going to have some fun if that will fit in me!”  Debbie told Jane to go first and she would watch.
Jane said she wanted to learn to give head and for me to tell her all the special things that make a man feel good.   I told her of the sensitive area of a man’s penis and how some massaging of the balls feels good, but too hard would hurt and make a man lose his erection.   She asked about the penis and why some are circumcised and some not.   I explained the underside of the shaft was more sensitive than the top and how the head has special places that feel better than others and why it is shaped like it is.   Then she licked me across the head and underside of the foreskin.   “Does that feel good?” she asked.   I told her to watch the movie and copy what the girl does.   She was a fast learner.   In no time at all she had me down her throat and bobbing her head up and down while caressing my balls.   Soon I could feel my orgasm starting to build and told her to stop or I would cum in her mouth.   She stopped for a moment and started again slower and with more deliberation and pressure with her lips.

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    I came in a gush and she swallowed every drop.   She rose up and looked at my penis and slowly licked the opening while stroking the shaft.   I told her to stop that it was now her turn to experience oral sex.   She lay back on the bearskin rug with her head resting on the skull so she could watch.   I gave her a lover’s kiss and started working my way down kissing and sucking the place on her neck where the jaw joins the skull then down the neck to the hollow place at the side of the neck.   She was squirming a little and making little mewing sounds like a kitten.   When I got to her breasts she pushed her chest upward to meet me.   I sucked her nipple and nibbled on it while I was rolling her other nipple with my thumb and forefinger.   She gasped and started breathing heavily.   I continue rubbing her nipples while I kissed my way down her stomach to her navel.   Then I pushed both arms under her legs and lifted her up while I kissed down to her thighs taking little nips with my teeth and licking up and down the inside of her thighs, carefully avoiding the labia.   Jane was moving around trying to get me to go to the center, so I obliged and kissed first one labia then the other while I slowly put my thumbs between them separating the lips revealing the treasure that waited.   Her clit was standing up prominently.   I licked up and down her slit and she was getting very wet.   The aroma was getting me light headed.

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    I desperately wanted to get into her flesh.   I flipped her clit with my tongue and she squealed and jumped hitting me in the lip with her pubic bone.   I spread the flesh taught around her clit with my lips and started flipping her clit with my tongue.   At the moment of her orgasm I slipped my finger into her vagina and applied pressure to the underside of her clit pushing upward against the pressure I was applying with my tongue.   She grabbed my head and threw her legs around my neck and started yelling something I could not understand.   After she had three orgasms, I let her come down and continued caressing her ass, her stomach, and her breasts.   When she was calming down a bit, I moved upward and positioned my dick at the opening of her vagina.   She felt the pressure and looked at me strangely.  
“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.
“Yes.   Yes. ” She answered as she rose up to meet me.  
I entered her slowly, stopping after about an inch because she was so tight.   I pulled back a little and pushed again going in about 2 inches.   She was moaning, but there was no pain in her noise.


    I again pulled back a little and then slowly pushed until I felt the end of my dick touch her cervix.   I hesitated then pushed some more and then I was all the way in.
“Are you okay?”
“Oh, god.   It’s wonderful.   I feel so full.   Just hold still a moment.   I want to enjoy the feeling a little more. ”
Then I started to stroke slowly about an inch.   As she relaxed I increased the length of my stroke until I would come almost all the way out then all the way in with a single stroke.   When she started to match my movements, I started coming down harder.   She started making a noise that sounded like oooooooooo but going higher and higher in frequency until she yelled,  “FUCK!”  She had an intense orgasm and that was all it took for me to blow my load, also.   I picked up the pace as fast as I could go until I was spent.   I rested on her for a bit and slowly moved off her falling on my side next to her.   I opened my eyes and Debbie was on her stomach looking at my dick and Jane’s pussy.   She looked fascinated.

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    “Wow,” she said.   “Will it be like that for me?”
“Oh yeah, baby.   But not until I rest a little. ”  She moved over and started to lick my dick with our love making juices all over.   Then she looked over at Jane’s pussy and saw the cum oozing out and she touched her swollen lips.   She bent over and took a lick of Jane’s pussy.   She smiled at me and said that it was nice, but came back to me and licked me clean.  
“Let’s relax a little, get cleaned up and get a bite to eat and then, Debbie, it will be your turn. ”
“Not fair.   I’m horny right now. ”  We all laughed and went to the bathroom.   Debbie wanted to see me urinate and was all eyes as I relieved myself.   We then went to the kitchen where I put some popcorn in the popper (no microwave stuff for me).   When the corn was done and we washed it down with diet cola Debbie informed us that it was now her turn.   She got up and grabbed me by the hand and started for the family room.

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    Jane followed and of course, Mike tagged along.   When we got to the family room Debbie dropped her robe and grabbed mine and started pulling it off my shoulders.   I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss like it would be my last kiss forever.   She started melting into me and kissed me back.   She was so short and small it was like kissing a grade school girl.   When she felt my dick start to rise, she pushed back and dropped to her hands and knees taking me into her mouth while stroking the shaft.
“Let me lie down,” I told her.   I lay on the same bearskin and watched as she knelt down and take me into her mouth.   I slowly started pulling her around to a “69” position.   When she was finally astraddle me and working on my cock, I started tickling her ass and pinching the skin.   She pushed back towards me while never letting my dick escape her mouth.   I kissed her hips and started nipping the inside of her thighs, but she was so short I could not reach her pussy with my mouth, and the feeling I was getting from her mouth I did not want to stop.   I massaged her clit and inserted my thumb into her.   I applied pressure against her clit with my middle finger from the outside while applying pressure with my thumb from the inside.   She was moving against my hand while moaning with my dick in her mouth.

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    She took all of me into her mouth and came with a huge shudder.   This caused me to come as well.   She gagged a little, but kept most of the spunk in her mouth.   She turned around and lay on top of me giving me a hug.   She lay there for a while and reached behind her to play with my dick.   Jane told her to move down and watch it get hard.   She slid down and took my dick in her hands and held it while she both stroked and licked it.   She was fascinated watching it harden.   When it was at full length she rose up and placed it at the opening of her pussy.   Instead of the slow entry I made with Jane, she just dropped impaling herself to the full length of my dick.   It hurt her a little and she sat there not moving.   I saw a tear coming down her cheek.  
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah.   Jane thought I had gone all the way before, but this was my first time. ”
“Just relax and don’t move for a minute and when we start again we will go slow and it start to feel good.

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“It already feels good.   Feeling you inside of me and I can feel your dick twitch some, is the best feeling I ever had except for when I came a minute ago.   That was my first orgasm, too. ”
She started to move and settled into a regular movement.   Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jane moving closer on her hands and knees.   Suddenly Jane started saying, “No.   No.   Don’t!”  Mike was behind her licking her pussy and asshole and she was getting so week she couldn’t move away.   Mike mounted her before anyone could do anything and starting fucking her like she was a dog.   She went to the floor, but kept her ass raised into the air so Mike could continue.   She was enjoying this!  Even more, Debbie was watching Mike fuck her friend and it was really turning her on, too.   She started fucking me with a passion and yelling while she pounded away on top of me.   I was enjoying both shows and watching my dick go into and out of this girl that appeared to be about 12 or 18 years old looked a hell of a lot like kiddie porn.   I couldn’t hold back and had a massive orgasm.   I grabbed her by the hips and pounded back into her.

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    She came with a scream as Jane also started cumming.   Mike had his orgasm about that time and was trying to push his knot into Jane’s pussy.   She was able to pull away and wound up on my chest and rolled over on her back.   Mike rushed up between her legs and started licking her pussy again causing her to cum again, and to my surprise, Debbie had another orgasm squeezing my dick with her pussy lips.
We finally got Mike away from Jane and we all went to the bathroom upstairs since it has a huge shower.   We laughed at what had happened with Mike and all got into the shower together.   After drying we all went to bed in my king size bed.   Mike lay on the floor looking happier than I had seen him in a long time.   The next morning after breakfast I took the girls into town and dropped them at a mall as they requested.   I never saw them again, but I will never forget that night.



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