A Woman & Her Lover Teach Her Husband


I walked into the local meat market to see my lover, her infidelity due to her husband’s alcoholic bliss and inability to function due to. She gave me a wink to let me know she would be off work soon. I knowingly nodded and waved my head that I would be outside waiting. As Lynn walked out the front door, she saw my truck parked on the side of the building. She rushed over and gave me a passionate kiss. It had been weeks since we could steal away together to even cuddle. She broke into tears. I questioned, "What is wrong?" "Doug! We sent Cathy away to camp for the weekend and had the house all to ourselves. I had to beg for sex again. Then the drunk bastard only lasted a whole 18 minutes before he went limp" she said. Totally fed up with his inability to perform his husbandly duties, she asked me as her lover to help teach him a lesson. She was tired of hiding the fact that she was having an affair with me.
As I listened to her plan, it became wilder and bolder in the ways of humiliation. Lynn had many variations to this plan and wanted my opinion to these plans and any input I may have. Although some of her plans seemed extreme, she was the most open minded passionate woman I had ever met and deserved that in a man, not some alcoholic bastard that couldn't fulfill her desires. We agreed on a plan and would improvise as things went along.

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   The date was set. Cathy was sent to her grandparents for the weekend.
I met Lynn after she got off work. I told her to go home as usual make dinner and make Doug's drinks a little stiffer than usual. I sat outside their house for an hour after he came home, when she walked out and told me he was passed out in his easy chair. I walked in with handcuffs, rope, and duct tape. I carried the drunken bastard to their bedroom where we cuffed and bound him nude in a chair in their bedroom. I slapped his face several times till he became conscious. An odd look appeared across his face as he realized he was bound and gagged with tape over his mouth. I walked from the room and reappeared with Lynn dressed in the sexiest teddy and the sheerest robe you have ever seen. Obviously upset, he struggled to free himself, I smacked him and told him to settle down if he knew what was good for him.
I took Lynn by the arm and pulled her toward me placing a passionate kiss on her lips as our tongues dance in each other mouths. Doug began to struggle and turn red with fury as his wife is totally turned on. She barked "Shut the fuck up you bastard! If you did this for me, he wouldn't have to. " I grabbed Lynn by the hair and pulled her head back to me, kissing my way from her lips down her well-endowed chest.

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   I slowly slid the robe from her shoulders dropping it to the floor. I slowly pushed her toward her knees just feet in front of her husband as she unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor, exposing my engorged cock. Like a hungry animal, she grabbed it rubbing it all over her face licking it up and down. Helplessly Doug watched as he became madder and madder. He mumbled through his gag. Lynn stood and back handed him with a deafening smack. I turned and sat on his bed as my lover removed my boots and pulled my pants completely from my body. Dropping again to her knees, her hot mouth engulfed my entire cock, her head bobbed up and down while her nails grazed my balls. Placing my hands on the back of her head I began assisting her bobbing motions, as my assistance became more forceful, I hit her gag reflex, I jerked her head back and she moaned loudly, "Please don't stop baby!"
I stood Lynn up and slowly removed her teddy exposing her body, kissing every inch as I went.
    I lay her back on the bed spreading her thighs placing my face at her blazing love furnace. I licked my way around her boiling cunt careful not to touch her swollen clit. Allowing my tongue to part her lips, I dipped it further into her hole tasting her sweet nectar. Unable to make a difference, Doug sat there helpless watching his wife enjoy the touch of another man. As I felt Lynn's body tense, I sensed she was near orgasm so I slowed my pace. She grabbed the back of my head pulling me in tight.

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       She again moaned loudly "MAKE ME CUM!!!" With this I continued licking her honey pot, quickly turning my attention to her sensitive love bud. Flicking my tongue over her clit and sucking it into my mouth, she began to buck. Her pending orgasm began as I tasted her sweet juices flow across my tongue I moved from in front of her. Perfectly in place in front of her on the bed was Doug strapped to his chair. As I continued Lynn's stimulation through her orgasm, she blasted her husband squirting her love juice all over his body. With a look of disgust and hatred he sat there helplessly bound. As her orgasm subsided, Lynn sat up looking at Doug laughing exclaiming, "That's how a man should love a woman you puny bastard. You never could please me with that wimpy ass cock of yours. " "This is how a man should look," she said stroking my hard cock kissing the thick mushroom head.



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