A Trip to France


It wasn't an easy auction to win. The fighting was over a rare issue of a David Hamilton book with a limited release. I love his stuff and gulped as I bid over two hundred sixty, then held my breath as I watched the last minutes of the auction. Finally, the line up "Congratulations, you are the winner". I had the seller send it priority mail and I eagerly went through the pages drinking in the images and wondering just how does this guy get access to all these beautiful girls. I could only imagine him saying to some parents:"I think your twelve year old girl is beautiful. Can she come over and undress so I can take naked pictures of her?" If only it was that simple.
I was putting the book away when a card dropped out of it. I put it aside until after work. When I was home again, I hopped on the net and tried to translate the card. It said something about a David Hamilton weekend. I filled it out, put it in the mail, and forgot about it.
Six months later, I received a registered notice in my mailbox. I went to the post office and signed for the parcel. The only part I understood was the plane tickets. I sought out a guy at work who did the translating for me.

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   I had won 12 days in a villa to observe and join in the work of the famous photographer.
A month later I boarded a plane to Paris. After arriving, I found a taxi driver who understood some English. He took me for a long drive out in the country. After paying him 80. 00, I found myself in front of a large house, or should I say "estate"? I knocked on the door. A French woman came and babbled something in French. I showed her the letter from the parcel. She guided me to a room.
From my new room, I decided to scout my surroundings. The house was actually a large square with a huge open courtyard in the middle. I explored the courtyard. There was a swimming pool in the center surrounded by trees, lounge chairs and even a small wooded area. I went back to my room and fiddled with the interior. It took me over two hours to figure out how to plug in my laptop and establish a net connection.

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   I figured any pictures I took here might be troublesome getting through customs, so I would just email them to myself.
It was the next day that things began to happen. After breakfast, I noticed a pair of photographers in the courtyard. They were taking pictures of a couple of models I thought might have been 18-18 years old. Although it was interesting to watch for a while, eventually I got bored, so I wandered off. There wasn't anything else happening in the courtyard, so I explored the house, then took a walk around it's exterior. It was after dinner that something finally happened for me.
It was a gentle knock at the door. I opened it to find a beautiful girl standing there. She stood a little over five foot, with short blonde hair, gentle facial features, and a figure obscured by a blue dress. She said something in French. I replied I didn't speak French. She asked "American?" I said "yes".
A huge smile crossed her face. "I love Americans", she said with a thick accent.

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   "I study America at school, and in the library. Nice country".
I remembered my manners and let her in the room. "I'm chris" I said extending my hand.
"I'm Gigdet" she said. I asked her her age. "I'm 12" she said.
"No kidding" I said with a lot of surprise. I had been trying to fix her age but was having trouble with it.
We made small talk about her being a model, and how she came to be here. She hadn't met, but had hoped to. I took a picture of her.
"Would you like to take more pictures?" she said sliding the dress off of one shoulder.
"Sure" I said.
I watched as she slid off the dress becoming instantly naked.

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   Her breasts were small with pink puffy nipples. Her stomach had just the slightest baby fat and her pussy was still hairless. I took a couple of pictures of her standing, then had her move to the couch where I took several more of her lying down in several positions. Finally I motioned over to the bed.
I started out with her lying on her side. , then stomach down. Then I had her move onto her back. I was so aroused that I decided to go for the Larry Flynt angle and had her lay back with her legs wide open. I moved between her legs and took a couple of closeups of her hairless pussy. I felt her leg brush my shoulder. I placed my hand on her inner thigh and felt it's silky smoothness.
I let my hand linger, then slid a little back and forth. She placed her hand on mine and slid it slowly down her thigh to her pussy. She moved her hand off and inhaled deeply as I moved my middle finger up and down her moist slit. I parted her lips and found her tiny hole.

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   I gently inserted my finger, feeling it's tightness. She raised her hips, pushing against my finger. In a gentle girl voice she said "Fuck me, fuck me now".
I moved between her legs, undressing hurriedly. A minute later, I placed my dick at the entrance to her pussy. She whimpered, winced, and flinched as the head of my dick enetered her. "Oh, Chris, come kiss me, now".
I leaned forward, kissing her as I let my dick fully enter her. "Oh Chris, it hurts, but it feels so good. Make love to me"
I began with slow strokes. She whimpered and gently caressed my arms. She began raising her hips to meet my strokes. My dick was getting punishment from the tightest pussy I was ever in. Our fucking grew frenzied. I grew tired and moved her on top.

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   She quickly picked up the motion. I noticed her close her eyes as her breathing grew more shallow. "Oh, OH" she said as I noticed her have an orgasm. The spasms ripped through her, before she collapsed on my chest. I placed my hand on her ass and increased my strokes until I came in her.
She gave me a long kiss as my dick shriveled and popped out of her. She caressed my hair, smiled, then moved between my legs, gently touching my dick until it was hard again. She put it in her mouth and made sure to get it very wet. "Fuck me in the ass Chris" she pleaded.
She moved onto all fours. I moved behind her. She cried out as I entered her, then a long "OOOOOOH" as I went balls deep in her. I kept my strokes short. I noticed her tiny fists gripping the pillow, then she bit the pillow as I began banging her ass. I fely my balls retract just before I came, shooting my load in her ass.

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We collapsed together on the bed. After catching her breath she asked me how long I was staying. After I told her she asked if she could stay with me.  What do you think I said?


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