A Night in the Park (Part 2)


. . . Tim had drank a couple of coolers by now and felt really relaxed. The girls were laughing and having fun on the swings. Tim stood there not even trying to hide the fact that he was looking under the young girls dresses, and he didn't care if it was obvious that his dick was getting hard. That was when he heard Jessie tell him he was a perv, and he should take a picture-it will last longer. The girls both laughed, and it was at that point Tim didn't care that the little girls knew he was looking under their skirts. It didn't seem to bother them so why should he try to hide it? He told them he did have a camera in the van, so Kelly told him to go get it. He went and got the camera, and when he got back he took a couple of pictures while the girls went up in the air. Then Tim told them he had a question for them. He told them he could see Jessie was wearing a striped thong, but he couldn't tell what Kelly was wearing. Kelly told him he was nosey and just smiled and blushed. That's when Jessie told him she wasn't wearing any panties because she dared her not to, and Jessie started to giggle. Tim looked at Kelly and asked her if it was true. Kelly told him it was for her to know and him to find out, and she started to giggle along with Jessie.


   Kelly told him he wasn't having any fun and he should get on the swings.
Then Jessie told him if he didn't get on the swing she was going to jump off and take the camera away from him. He dared her to try! Jessie smiled and stopped swinging, she ran at Tim and jumped on him, knocking him on his back. They were both laughing and wrestling around, and Jessie finally got the camera. She rolled over onto her stomach, holding the camera with both hands, she held it under her, close to her chest. Tim was on her back, his dick pressed up against the little girls ass, he reached around her feeling around for the camera, pretending to accidently squeeze her tits. They were laughing so hard he didn't really notice when Jessie tossed the camera to Kelly. Tim really didn't care about the camera now, he was purposefully squeezing the 18 year olds big tits and pushing his dick into the little girls ass. Jessie was still laughing when she told him that feels really good Tim. With allt he wrestling, Jessie's skirt got bunched up around her waist and with nothing on but a thong it looked like Tim was pushing up against her bare ass. With Jessie's shoulders on the grass she raised up on her knees and arched her back and pushed her ass into the older mans dick. She could feel Tim's hard dick pressing against her ass and pussy. Tim raised up on his knees and looked and told her she had a nice ass and slapped her ass. The whole time, Kelly was taking pictures of them.
Kelly said that was enough and she was getting jealous.

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   Jessie looked at her and smiled. When Tim stood up, Jessie pulled down and straightened her skirt. He helped her up off the ground, both smiling at each other. Then Tim walked back to the swings, the swing sat too low for Tim to swing on it. So he threw it over the bar until the swings hung so it was high enough off the ground for him to sit on. He sat on it and started to swing when Kelly said she wanted to swing with him. Kelly got up on his lap, facing him with her legs on sides of his body. She scooted up higher on his lap and Kelly looked at him with a big smile on her face. They started to swing and Kelly screamed that she was falling. So Tim pressed his shoulders against the chains and reached around and put his hands on Kelly's back to hold her in place. While they swang, Tim's hands slowly started to go down Kelly's back. Down the sides of her thighs, stopping on her thigh just below the hem of her sundress. Moving his fingers until they were just under the hem, he started to move his hands back up her legs and under her dress. He didn't stop until he had Kelly's ass cheeks in each hand. Holding her ass tightly, he started to push Kelly up on his lap and then relax his grip so she slid down on his lap again.

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       he did this over and over a couple of time until Kelly caught on.
    When Kelly caught on to what he was doing, it started to feel good. Everytime Tim pushed her up on his lap, Kelly would push down into his lap. Soon working together, they were grinding Kelly's pussy up and down the length of Tim's hard cock. This felt really good to Kelly, her eyes were closed and she leaned forward until her lips were near Tim's ear. Kelly started to moan in his ear, then Tim heard Kelly ask if he thought he wife would get mad if she knew a 18 year old was grinding her pussy against his dick? Tim whispered the question if her dad would get upset if he knew she was running around with no panties on? Kelly moved closer and told Tim that her daddy likes when she walks around with no panties on. Then she leaned back a little and looked Tim in the eye, Tim had a confused look on his face and then it finally dawned on him. Kelly nodded her head confirming his thoughts. Kelly instantly felt Tim's dick harden and push against her naked pussy. Kelly leaned back to where her lips were against his ear and said she wondered if his dick was bigger than her daddy's.
    They had stopped swining, but were still grinding. Jessie walked up behind Tim and pressed her tits against his back. She held her cooler to Kelly's lips and made Kelly take a long drink, and then Jessie drank the other half. Tim said he was thirsty too, so Kelly got up off his lap and they walked over o the picnic table were the coolers were. Tim sat down, straddling the bench and opened a cooler and took a drink.

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       Jessie sat down facing him with her legs on both sides of the bench, her skirt up high on her legs. Jessie asked for a drink from Tim's bottle, when she was done, she ran her tounge around the rim of the bottle. Kelly walked up and stood next to Tim and dared Jessie to deep throat the bottle. Jessie told her it was way too big. Tim told them he had a dare for them, and they should kiss each other. The girls looked at him and then at each other, Kelly said she would if Jessie would. Jessie said it was no biggie. Tim had his arm up around Kelly's waist and now he moved down to where he was rubbing Kelly round ass cheek. Kelly leaned down and kissed Jessie on the lips, and Tim's hand went under Kelly's dress while she was bent over. He moved his hand up her leg until he felt the little girls wet pussy. Tim put a finger in Kelly's pussy and began to move his finger in and out of her tight young pussy. Kelly was moaning and she moved her hands to Jessie's face, she held Jessie so she couldn't break the kiss while Tim fingered her. Tim watched the young girls kiss and continued to finger fuck the 18 year old.
    Then Tim slowly moved his other hand under Jessie's skirt, he started to move his finger along her pussy on the outside of her panties. Then while the girls kissed, he moved Jessie's panties aside.

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       Jessie felt what Tim was doing and opened her legs even wider for him. Tim had easy access now and he slowly started to finger the teen girl. He couldn't believe it, there he was in a dark park in the middle of the night with two young girls while they made out. He thought to himself that this only happened in stories, but yet it was happening. The girls broke from the kiss, he stopped fingering Jessie, but didn't move his hand from Kelly's pussy. She stood there for him, legs apart while he switched fingers. He now had his hand sideways, between Kelly's legs with his palm on her soft smooth inner thigh. Everytime he moved his hand up her thigh, he was now fingering the little girl with his thick long thumb. It felt so good to the little girl she tried to speak but everytime she did, Tim would drive his thumb into her deeper and faster. Then he felt the little girls pussy juices run down his thumb and soak his hand. He continued to finger fuck her, and Kelly leaned over to Tim's ear and asked him if he liked touching young girls pussy? Her daddy told her she had a real tight pussy. While he fingered Kelly, Jessie was taking pitcures of the two kissing. When Jessie said smile and say cheese and snapped a picture, it caught Tim's attention and he slid his arm around her waist and pulled her close.
    Tim started making out with Jessie, kissing her lips and her neck and pulling her in close to him. To get even closer, Jessie spread her legs wide and put her legs over Tim's thights so her pussy was close to his cock.

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       Sitting like this she arched her back and leaned back using her arms for support and asked Tim if he wanted to see her little tities? With the girl leaning back, Tim put his hand under the little girls belly shirt and pushed it up over her bra.
      The little girl had big tits for her age, leaning back on one hand, the little girl held the t-shirt up high on her chest so Tim could get a good look. With Tim's free hand he undid the clasp in the middle of the bra and Jessie's naked tits popped out in plain view. Jessie's tits were big, they looked young and firm. She was dark with tan lines showing how her bikini top would just cover her nipples. Tim began to squeeze them and play with the little girls nipples. Jessie sat there and posed for the older man ot see her body. Tim grabbed the cambera off the table and began to take pictures of Jessie's 18 year old body. Some of the pictures were of Jessie holding her t-shirt up under her neck, looking into the camera with one hand squeezing her boob. Others were her with her eyes closed, leaning her head back, pushing her chest out for the camera. It was like she was posing for an adult magazine. Some of the pictures were of the girls kissing and one was of Kelly lifting her dress up and holding it to her belly so Tim could take a picture of her bald pussy. While Tim and jessie had been kissing, Jessie had unbuttoned Tim's shirt. His shirt was open, the girls could see his hard chest and flat stomach. Jessie and Kelly's hands fumbled with Tim's belt, but couldn't get it undone.

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         That's when Tim stood up so the little girls could undo his belt and pants. While one girl worked on his belt the other was squeezing his cock through his pants. When his belt and pants were open, Tim sat on the table with the girls sitting below on the bench facing the table.
      Then Kelly reached up and pulled down his zipper. She reached into his boxers and pulled out his dick, the girls were shocked. It was nine inches long and thick then any cock they had ever seen. Tim sat there proud while the little girls just started at it in disbelief. Jessie said she had never sucked on anything big before and Tim told her this was her chance. He smiled at the two young girls, Kelly told him she wanted to try. She grabbed his dick and started licking the fat mushroom head, Tim's cock made the little girls hand look tiny. But Kelly now had the fat head of his dick in her mouth and was sucking on it. Then she pulled her mouth off it, the suction making a popping sound. When his dick came out of her little mouth, she looked at Tim and asked if she was doing ok? Jessie then wanted to try and she now had her face in his lap, trying to fit the huge cock into her mouth. While Jessie sucked on his dick her hand started pumping up and down the length of his fat cock. She could barely fit fist around it, the girls took turns pulling it out from each others mouths so they could get a chance to suck and slobber on Tim's big cock.

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         Then Tim told Kelly to come close to him, while Kelly climbed onto the table. Jessie didn't even notice, she was happy to have Tim's cock all to herself and kept right on sucking and jacking Tim's cock off. Kelly was on the table on her knees next to Tim kissing him hard. While they kissed, Tim reached around Kelly's back and pulled down the zipper to her sundress. When he had it all the way down her back, about as low as the small of her back, Kelly broke the kiss and leaned back looking at Tim. Then she slowly pulled the shoulder straps from her dress off so they were down to her upper arms, then she wiggled her upper body until her dress fell down exposing her young tits. The young girl looked to Tim for his approval, her tits were nice sized. They were a little smaller than Jessie's, but just as firm. Tim looked at the little girls tits and then looked her in the eyes smiling. Then with his arm around the young girls back he leaned down and started sucking on her tits, kissing them, licking them, sucking on her her hard nipples. Kelly just closed her eyes, and put her hand around the back of his head, pulling him into her chest. . . . .

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      *This is part two of three. Comments are very much appreciated. *



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