A Night at the Movies


A Night at the MoviesThe ability to manipulate minds came to me with difficulty. Years ofself-discipline and experimentation passed before I had the first hint ofcontrol, but after I knew I was on the right track, the advances came atsignificantly faster rate. My passion for control started at age 18 Yes, for the obvious reasons. Idesperately wanted the body of Kerri Phipps, the girl who sat in  front ofme in 7th Grade History. I remember her tight gray stretch pants very well. She didn\'t have much for a chest (as far as I could tell - baggysweatshirts were too fashionable back then), but her calves were strong,her legs were just a little plump, and Christ was her little ass round. To this day, I can\'t remember her face. I\'m sure it was young and clean,and I remember her hair was strawberry blonde and pageboy short. Myclearest memory was the way she slept through every class. She rested herhead on her arms and books and thrust her ass through the open spacebetween the seat and back of her chair. I can\'t tell you how many times Idropped a pen, book or anything, just to crouch under and get a good look. I could even occasionally cop a quick feel, as if my knee had accidentallybrushed against her. When I wasn\'t acting like a 18-year old pervert, I was definitely thinkinglike one. I thought maybe, just maybe if I concentrated hard enough, Icould mentally "suggest" she stick her ass out just a little bit farther. By coincidence, once in a great while she\'d do as I "suggested. " Not oftenenough for me to think I was really controlling her, but enough that myappetite was whetted.

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  Junior High passed, as did High School with about as much sexual adventureas your average Teenage Male. I had been practicing, concentrating, andstudying my craft daily, but with little to show for it. The incidence ofminor victories - a cheerleader "accidentally" dropping a book and bendingover a little to far for modesty; the class goddess suddenly deciding to dothe breast stroke when she knew I was right behind her doing the muchfaster Australian crawl; and the suddenly numb butts in a crowed lockerhallway - happened rarely, but I knew I had something going. It was just before High School graduation day when it fell into place. Iwas not going to graduate. My classic bitch English teacher wasn\'t going topass me. I walked into her room at lunch, and talked with her briefly,acting like any other student begging for his life. All the while I ran offat the mouth and she graded our final papers. When I saw she came to mine,I bent all my will on her mind to give me an A. I could feel her will budgebut her hand started to mark a C on my paper. A C wouldn\'t have let megraduate, and in a rage I concentrated on her pen. Slowly, her hand stoppedthe curve of a C and make the sharp lines of an A. Mind Control was mine - but now with a bonus. I had telekinesis.   It tookmore work and experimentation, but in two years, full power was mine and Icould have whatever I wanted.

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  Just last weekend I went to a 10:00pm showing of the latest Jim Carey flick. In the parking lot, I spotted a very sexy little piece, and mentallysuggested she and her party buy tickets for my movie. No problem. In the theater, a moderate crowd moved mostly to the front by my suggestionand I stayed buried in darkness in the back. I watched for my prey. There she was. A sweet little beach bunny came inwith her mother and slightly older brother. She couldn\'t have been morethan 18 and tight as could be. Her legs were tanned, curvy and firm, andher ass was struggling with white shorts she\'d probably had since she was9. Her tits were the cutest ripe little cones perking out of a light bluetank top. A very edible girl. This was easy. Five minutes into the film I reached across ten rows with mymind and ever so gently began tickling her pussy and pinching her nipples. Just light pressure. .

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  . not enough that she\'d notice at first.   I worked herup slowly, even putting the faintest rub on her tight little asshole.   Infew minutes I was having fun seeing her silhouette squirm in her seat, butsoon was time for the real show. For the first time, I entered her mind. Carrie was her name. . . A virgin. . . Oh God. . . .

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   she was just 18 and ready tocream her shorts! I probed memories at found her pretty sexually innocent. At the moment she was embarrassed at her sudden horniness and a littlescared. What was happening to her? She felt so gooood. . . but her mom wasstarting to look at her funny. I could sense her brother start to notice Carrie\'s aroused squirming too. Iliked him already. He had quite an imagination concerning all the things hewanted to do to his little sister. Not just yet Sonny!, I thought and commanded to him. But when she\'s hometonight, she\'ll be your private little plaything. I just need to break herin first. . I called to Carrie\'s mind. .

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  . . Come sit in the back. . . Your mom won\'t notice. Indeed she wouldn\'t. With my help, Mom would forget she even had a daughteruntil I got through with the nubile 18 year old. Carrie followed my commandand quickly came to sit next to me. I had made sure no one would disturb us. Jim Carey would be particularlywatchable tonight. Anybody who had to, would piss in their seats beforethey went to the bathroom. Carrie was practically out of breath from arousal. My eyes had adjustedwell to the dark, and I looked down at her thighs rubbing against eachother in sexual agony. My telekinesis was basically on autopilot now, andshe was pretty close to cumming.

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   How did a 18 year old ever get legs that shapely? She was already shavingthem too. Her little face was an angel\'s. . . bright blue eyes and a buttonnose, and  delicious overbite. I ran my hands over her smooth thighs andshe gasped. She hadn\'t noticed me yet. "What are you doooing?" she asked dreamily. My hands had spread her legsfar apart now, each one draped over an armrest. Very firm, very smooth,very young!"Why, I\'m just going to play with you for a while little honey. " I said. Myown breathing was ragged as I pulled her little tank top over her head. Nobra. Tanlines. The pinkest little nipples and the taste of butter.

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   Carriewas frozen, but her mind was still a little self aware. "My Mom wouldn\'t. . . . this. . . whatareyou. . . . nooo. . .

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  . . ""Shut up little thing. You\'re mine for a while. " I stood up and faced her. I\'m a tall guy, but this little teen was just the right height as sat inthe movie chair. My hands grabbed either side of her head, I opened hermouth with my mind, and slipped the head of my cock into her warm, wetmouth. She sucked and bobbed as best she could, but I wanted more. Isuppressed her gag reflex and stroked her little ass with a dose of the TK. With handfulls of sun-bleached blonde hair, I thrust my cock all the waydown her throat and forced her nose into my abdomen. Ohh. . . this was fantastic! My cock had completely disappeared into Carrie\'slittle angel face. I tilted her head a bit so I could see her throatengorge as my cock raped her mouth, in and out.

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   Her eyes looked up at me asa slave trying desperately to please her master, but at the same timescared to death, because part of her was aware what was happening to her. Iwish I could say I fucked that underage mouth for hours, but she was toomuch for me after just a few dozen trusts. For the last time, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, ever so slowly. Thesaliva glistened in the dark as I grabbed my cock with my right hand, andheld her head pulled back fast with my left. Her chin thrust up toward me,and her lips were parted open as I stroked my tool faster. With grunts ofmy own, the first rope of come splashed the little blonde on the cheek andran into her eye. More cum shot into a nostril, over her tongue, down herthroat and even more splashed all over her lips. This fifteen year old sextoy had been blessed with the best face bath I\'d managed all week. Sheinvoluntarily moved to wipe her face off, but I stopped her before shecould ruin the image. This scared, pretty face gleamed with cum reflecting the light from themove screen. Even in the dark, I could see the peach-golden skin of heryoung face blush with the shame and heat of the act. It looked so good, butnow I had to upset the image myself. You see, I was still as hard asGibraltar, and had not yet used this girl for the purpose I drew her to. It was that ass, you see. Those tight, short white shorts had caught myattention in the parking lot and was the whole reason I had drawn her tome.

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    Cum still dripping off her face, I pulled her up and traded placeswith her. Now I sat in the chair and ran my hands over her cotton-clad ass. "Take your shorts off you little cock-tease," I commanded. Her hands moved to her waistband and started to unbutton, but she paused. "What are. . . . what. . . nooo. . . ," she whimpered.


  "Are you scared little Carrie?," I cooed as my finger moved under hershorts, caressing the sweetest thing in this world. "Uh huh""Good dear. Now SHUT UP, take off your shorts and bend over the seat infront of you. " A mental command reinforced with a verbal command reinforcedwith a TK push was too much for this girl\'s last vain resistance. Theshorts went down, and she buried her head in the seat in front, so far thather feet no longer touched the ground. This poor girl was putty to me. I\'d have to remember to give some semblanceof self control back to her. Boy, was her older brother in for a treat whenthe family got home tonight!Faced with spread pink rose petals of 18 year old pussy, and a puckeredpinkish-brown asshole. I did what had to be done and buried my face in theteen\'s glory. Each hand massaged a globe of ass flesh as I fucked Carriewith my tongue - first gently in her pussy, and then roughly around thering of her asshole. I wished I had another set of hands to rub up and downthe inside of her soft young thighs, but I just had to concentrate on thatpeachy ass!My tongue and mental commands had loosened the girl\'s asshole (I didn\'twant to damage her too much, I wanted to leave some fun for her brother)enough for the final round of fun. I stood up, cock at the ready, andslipped that meat into the young girl\'s ass. Her ass almost hurt my cock,it was so tight. This was one of those tight asses you see bouncing along the beach insummertime. A little fifteen-year-old slut in training who knows she\'sdriving the old guys nuts, but doesn\'t know the depravity they\'re reallyconsidering.

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   This underage beach bunny, Carrie, had just found out. There I was, banging a beach-bunny cock tease in her tight little virginass, in the back of a crowded movie theater.   I had started slowly, but shehad loosened up just enough that I picked up the pace. Those globes of tushsucked my cock in tight. It was a struggle just to pull out far enough so Icould be sucked back into that virgin ass. I kept up the raping ream, anddecided to have a little more fun. I removed the last SHUT UP command I hadgiven the girl. "Uhhhhuhhhh. . . ohhh. huh. . . huh.

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  . hellp. . god. . . . . " she kept whimpering. "buhhh. . . my butttt. . .

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  . . . . what are you. . . . . .   my aaaassssssss. . . . .

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  " I keptup the pace, fucking that little butt as it would never be fucked again -for the first time. Carrie kept up the cries, and I decided to turn up thepleasure for her. I entered her mind again, and threw a few switches. I sether on the road to a shuddering orgasm, with a twist - she\'d never be ableto come again without a dick up her tight backdoor. "My  AAASSSSSS!!!! Oh God You\'re fucking my ASSSSSS. I\'m just a littlegirl, and you\'re fucking my butt!!!!" (OK, so I implanted a few words. ) Notone member of the audience turned around, but I\'m sure I inspired a few wetdreams for later. Carrie was trashing around on her own now. "Oh God pleasefuck it. . . . don\'t stop raping my little ass!" Carrie was rubbing her facenow, groping for any of my cum that hadn\'t yet dried up, and shoving itinto her mouth. I needed more room to fuck this little girl. I reached an arm around herand picked her up, my cock still ensconced in her rump.

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  "No!!!!!" she screamed, "please. . . . . don\'t stop fucking my little ass!!"I carried her into the aisle and obliged her. I tossed her face down on thefloor, so she could taste the milk-duds, and rode her ass like a littlepony. Carrie banged her fists and kicked her feet as I rammed into herbutt. The 18-year old screamed a final time in massive orgasms as I shot myload deep in to her rectum. Panting, I stood up on weak legs and commanded Carrie to clean off my cockwith her mouth. I wiped off the saliva first on her hair, and then on hercute little tits. After a quick little spank, I commanded her to get herclothes and clean herself up. I dressed myself, released my restrainingcommand on the audience and walked out of the theater. Thankfully, I had remembered to grab Carrie\'s address from her mind. Iwould visit her again someday.

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   Now that she was so pliable, I was curiouswhat fun her brother would have. To Be Continued???Let me know what you think of this story. More on the way!Posted by: chasendragonsE-mail: chasendragons@yahoo. com.



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