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As I told you I had got myself fixed up with the house boy I was his first man he is black and 18 or 18 with a mans cock on him and a lovely tight asswhich I have stretched nowto my delight I am quite well hung about seven inches farlythick it big a nuffto make a young lad scream I have to say he is now more comfortable with it I really enjoyed the first few times though it has worked out well I didn't any trouble of him apart from he struggled a little to start with and he is there when I want him now
I have never known a boy with so much stamina as him he never take long to get hared after his cum his lothe is young and full of spunk every night he waits for me out side my door
That first night I got up him with out using much lubricant I wanted to feel him squirm and make him cry out which I did to my delight he then gave me a really energetic fuck and shot a fantastic load deep inside me after that I thought it be over till the morning I was slipping with my back to him on my side it must of been anhour or so later
I felt some thing nudge my cheeks and a hand lift the top one as his end touch my man pussy I move one leg over to make it easer for him as he pushed my ring held him for a moment I gasped feeling his size I was wet with his his spunk it was still darning from me his bell end found its way into the warmth of my body he has a magnificent cock as he pushed his chest was on my back I could feel his breathing as his dark monster probed deep inside
me I gasped at how deep he was my bowel being touched as deep as it had ever been it was swimming in his last load of sperm he had left in me it sank into me in one long deep movement till he was pressed tight to me
We lay together locked together as one all his meat in me we lay like that for ages I felt so full I knew soon he want to use me breed me it was a lovely feeling waiting I got a dooring feeling deep inside me as if I being sucked from inside he was pulling back it slipped back a long way to be forced back as speed I gasped out loud at fore he used
he pumped me hard and fast I took it for a few minuets loving the feeling of the long stocks he gave me
I really wanted to feel the power of this boy on top of me he pulled right back one and it slipped out I rolled on my back and lifted my legs in the air wide apart for him he was there his big black love rod pointing as my love spot
HE penetrated me in one movement rolling me back with my legs almost on my chest my god he found some more length he gone to depths in my rectum I don't think had been touched before he started to take his ride humping my shit hole like no tomorrow I pulled on my cock like hell it was hard his balls slapped my cheeks as they swung with his thrusts the bed rocked with his movement what a fuck I was getting he went on and on
Then I felt it he went in deep and held there gasping his cock jerked and twitched inside me he jerked his hips loads of time as his seeds pumped into me he must of shot into my belly it was that deep he had buckets loads of spunk my god he is a real stud
I did some sleep in the morning he looked so pleased I got him to stand by the bed and lifted his cock to my mouth
as I sucked it swelled he was soon harda I sucked I cupped his balls how big and heavy they are it didn't take long he soon stated to groan it jerked the first jet of hot sperm spurted out hitting the back of my throat folded by a flood
I swallowed but it still ran out my mouth he spurted and spurted I gulped it down loads of it drinking his cum I milkedit to the end before I kicked him out to go to work very satisfied
On the way home I stopped off to have a drink like I always do it was a little later he was waiting for me I went in him as well I pointed for him to drop his shorts that is a lovely looking cock his got I alway think it better to be on the rough side with boys so they don't get the upper hand and they appreciate you more I called him over bent him over
pulled his ass cheeks apart and forceda finger inside him he jumped I wiggled it round to make sure he was empty he was I took him in the shower and made him wash me this gave him a hard on back in the bedroom I forced him to his knees and pushed my dick in his mouth he was better this time and I enjoyed it before I cum I stopped him I pushed him over a chair put a little drop of lube on my dick to help me but he still be quite dry and ripped into him I wanted this and did I go as he shouted out fuck him let it heartwith drink I last quite a time I banged him as long as I could then spunked in him
I lay on the bedpuled him over my dick and made him clean it he got the idea I played with his rod at the same time I then pushed him on his back lifted one leg over his head and came down on his face he didn't do any thing come on boy lick daddy's ring I rubbed it over his face at last I felthis tong yes work it boy work it after a time I got off and l lubed up then his cock coved it before going on all fours he was there I was in heaven his thick long rod slipped inside me Cruised it feels good he banged me for ages till he shot his load I have never known so much spunk come out of any one that night he mounted me three more times I had all I could take by then he would of still had me if I had let him how much spunk I had in me I don't know I was full



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