A giving neighbor


Kelly was my neighbor's daughter , she was 18 brown hair blue eyes 5'8 135 lbs shapely firm ass . And she had this set of tits that had to be at least a d cup. Brett her father came over , we were freindly often having BBq's together and that sorta thing . He handed me a beer I was out washing the car. Having worked in the now booming computer industry being 29 was a blessing to own my own home . Well we talked me and Brett he mentioned he and his wife were leaving to his high school reunion for 4 days . And asked if I could kinda keep a eye out for Kelly . If she needed a ride such on , I said sure wasent to big a deal . He seemed relived and headed home . The next day they left and it was about 18 pm I got a call . "Um Joe ?" It was Kelly she seemed tired and a little scared mabye nervous. "Yeah Kelly whats up?" I said and she sighed "I um well I need a ride home . My stupid boyfreind and me were out and he got mad and left me here . Im over at the coffee shop down here by the mall . " I agreed to come pick her up thinking this guy must be a real winner so I got my coat and headed out . About 18 minutes later I opened the passenger side door she was in a very short mini skirt and a tight top a coat unzipped to show her maammoth jugs .

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   I smiled and she gave me a big hug. "Thank you pleas dont tell my dad. . He would kill me " I looked at her and pulled out . . "Well Kelly I am afraid I have to tyell him . I mean you could have been hurt. " She looked worried "Ill do anything if you dont tell " I took in  a deep breath . "Well a massage would be excellent " She smiled "Ok tonight when we get home Ill give you a great massage !" I smiled and headed home stealing the occasional glimpse at her . About 20 minutes later we were back at my house and I led her to my bedroom . I pulled off my coat as I did she as well took of her coat. Giving a better look at those hefty tits she caught me looking and giggled . "Well take your shirt off and your pants and lay on your back " I slid my shirt off and soon my pants trying to hide my semi erect cock from her sight as I layed back. I had a dresser mirror and a side mirror as well wich gave me perfect loooks at her ass and bulging tits . My cock was rock hard .

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   She began and was rubbing my shoulders I suggested she use some oil I had and she grabbed it. She held the bottle wrong as she opened the lid it squirtedout on her shirt .
    "um can I just take this off " She asked about her shirt I said sure . And she had that shirt off fast she dident wear a bra and Im sure she thought I coulden't see . Or mabye she did all I know was I or more importantly my cock wanted some action . The massage was great I turned over prematurely to see her huge breast dangling there in my eyes as she slid up some I moved around so I was fully facing her . I hadent relized my cock had slid from the hole in my boxers so my cock was rigid and ready she moved back and I heard her gasp. "Oh my so tense Can I help relax this muscle ?" I nodded as a hand cupped her breast . At that moment I knew this was wrong but I hadent a care she was soon stroking my cock as I lay back she wrapped her tits in my cock and fucked it then pulled her mini up . Sliding her pantys to the side she sat fully on my cock . I gasped she was tight . She bounced on my pole for about 18 minutes before I exploded into her . That was the first and unfortantly last time I ever saw her again . Her parents returned home and within a month later they had moved . I think she told them but they dident say anything .

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       But there was a tenseness there . .