A bad, bad man...


Author's note: This product is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. May be too intense for some readers. No other warranty expressed or implied. Subject to change without notice. Edited for television.

Two years ago I was 20 years old and more or less living with my girlfriend Betty (32, 5'2", raven black hair and some nice, if a little saggy, breasts) and her daughter Jodie (13, 5'3", strawberry blond and b-cupped, pert boobs). We had a pretty nice life. I worked six days a week (between uni and my job in the book store) and stayed over every other night.

Well after one particularly hard exam period, I remember getting through the door of her house and having her say 'Sweetie, are you alright?"

Apparently I was so wiped out that I looked physically ill. After explaining to her that I was just absolutely shattered, she told me to go sit down on the sofa, that the dinner was cooking (she was a proper little housewife) and that she needed to pop to the shops for some cigarettes and wouldn't be half an hour. I grabbed my wallet out of my back pocket and handed her a tenner, asking her to grab me 'something nice' and informing her that I needed some cigarettes too.

As she was grabbing her hat, jacket and purse to go out, I began to boil the kettle to make some coffee, before going and kissing Betty goodbye, which turned into an all out battle between our bodies, only ended when we heard a cough from the bottom of the stairs.

I turned to see Jodie in her tracksuit leggings and tank top, rolling her eyes. Betty and I had a quick peck on the lips again and then she ran away to the shops with me watching her as she rounded the corner.

Once she was out of sight, I turned and walked back into the kitchen, where the kettle was done.

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   Grabbing a mug out of the cupboard, I did my thing and hey presto, finished with a makeshift mocha.

I was just sitting down in one of the wooden chairs in the kitchen when Jodie called through from the front room; "Tom," for that is what I'm going to tell you my name is, "Can you make me a cup of tea?"

"Have your legs fallen off?" I called back.

"No, why?"

"You can make it yourself then. "

Even from the other room, the sigh was audible. A couple of seconds passed and she stormed into the room in a fake rage. She spent a minute or so getting the teabags out, picking up the sugar pot and putting it on the side next to the kettle and the same with the milk. then, as always, she scrambled around looking for one of her mugs.

Spotting one on the top shelf of the cupboard, she reached up to try and grab it, but came up lacking. As she stood there on her tiptoes, her clothes fell around her in a strangely alluring way. I noticed for the first time that she was actually growing up, with her top strap falling down over her shoulder to reveal slowly blossoming breasts and her butt tensed in two firm orbs beneath her joggers.

I looked away when I realized she had caught me staring.

"Tom, can you come and get this mug for me?"

Without talking, I did just that, standing to the side of her as I reached up and took the handle, lowering it for her, then returning to my chair at the kitchen table.

Once she had made her cuppa, she came over and sat on my lap. An act that was not that unusual, as I had been friends with her older sister before i started to date her mother, so we were rather close.

"So, what's on TV?" she said, picking up the remote and flicking through the channels until she found some popular show or other.

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   She squealed and bounced on my lap in an over-enthusiastic way.

So, I'm gonna take a moment here to defend myself, albeit badly, for the events that were to unfold after this evening. I am rather sorry to say that this combination of insomnia, kissing, nearly-seeing-boobs and bouncing of a pretty and young teen on my lap may have caused an error in my judgment.

I leaned forwards and kissed her. I kissed her in a way that made it seem like the world was gonna end and this was going to be my one last memory on earth. If there were a rating system for kisses (or indeed if there IS one that I've missed (that also disregards age differences)) then this single kiss in the history of mankind's evolution would have scored top marks.

Or at least I felt so.

Jodie pulled away and slapped me. Hard. In the face.

And then she kissed me back.

I moved my hand under her top and began to fondle her puffy-but-erect nipples, as she moved her hand to my crotch, rubbing my cock through my jeans (I'm not huge, but it's amazing what the forbidden will do to you). I was about to suggest she took it out when she shushed me.

"Mom'll be back soon. We'll do stuff later.

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She kissed me again and then took her tea into the front room. between five and ten minutes later, Bettie returned from the shops, plonked the bags down on the table and threw a pack of cigarettes at me.

"Why you watching this crap, love?"

"Ah, Jodie put it on while she made herself a cuppa, I just haven't been bothered to change it. "

Betty laughed and turned away with a swish of her short skirt.

I stood and walked over to her, reaching around her and pushing my hand up her top, pushing her ass into my crotch with the other hand. she just gave another devious little chuckle, topped with "ooh, frisky are you?"

I near enough growled the words "You'd better believe it" as I pushed her against the door of the kitchen.

She braced with her hands and bent forward slightly, as I moved my hand under the thin panties she wore.

"Tom, Jo's in the other room. " She gasped.

"We'd better be quiet then, hadn't we?"

She reached between her legs and pulled the panties to the side completely. She began to finger herself as I undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor, my cock already rock hard. I slipped into her easily and slowly thrust in and out a few times.

I bit her on the back of the neck. Not hard, mind, just a playful nip, but she knew what it was that I wanted.

She straightened her back slightly then curved it purposefully so that she was bent at almost ninety degrees.

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   She had one arm against the door and one frigging herself to ecstasy, while i slid out of her and repositioned at the other hole.

Gently, I placed one hand on her back and guided my cock with the other, slowly penetrating her ass. It was a little dry back there, so I did the porn star thing and spat on her ass crack.

It is my firm belief that all types of sex can be enhanced with a bit of spitting.

I pulled back a bit more and rubbed it around, my spit mingling with her juices and my pre-cum into one disturbing lube. I repositioned and began to slowly inch my way back into her. Once I was all the way in, I stopped, allowing her to get used to the feeling.

And then I began to thrust, back and forth, in and out, ramming the butt of my girlfriend while imagining that it was her daughter bent before me. It really wasn't long before I came, deep in her ass. I felt the absolute torrent of my need flowing away, as she brought herself over the edge too.

I stayed deep inside her for a minute, feeling that warmth spread through me.

"Right. " I said breathlessly, "I'm gonna go grab a shower. "

I pulled out and noticed that Betty had her own cum running down her thighs.

"I have.

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  . . never. . . been fucked. . . like that. " She said between breaths, "You. . . must have. . .

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   really. . . REALLY. . . needed it. "

I nodded as she sank to her knees and left her like that (I'm quite harsh after sex) as I went upstairs to get a shower.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I found Jodie standing outside the bathroom door, waiting for me.

"What's up, chick?" I asked, trying to be non-challant.

"I want you. Now. "

"Right now?" I asked, thinking about where my cock had just been. She just nodded, "I need to. .

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  . um. . . clean myself first. "

"I'll do that for you. " She replied and walked into the bathroom.

Puzzled, I followed her and undressed, then watched as she filled the sink with hot water and grabbed a washcloth and body wash.

My heart was pounding, the adrenaline was rushing through my veins, my mind was being taken over by the primal breeding instinct 'the younger they are, the more children they can rear'.

I wasn't sure if this was fun or frightening, I was having feelings for my girlfriend's daughter. The feeling of lust, but the point is the same.

My mind swirled with the consequences of what could happen if I was caught, or if something stupid happened, but I didn't care anymore. The instant the girl grabbed my cock to start cleaning, I was rock hard again.


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