A bad, bad man... (part 3)


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The sun arose on a new day and the curtains being what they were, I was forced from my blissful slumber. I rolled out of bed, as I did every Saturday morning, jumped into a pair of joggers, threw my phone in my pocket and headed for the bathroom. Quick clean of the teeth and I made my way downstairs, my mind full of the previous night's escapades.

The image of Jodie between my legs, sucking my cock, was a great image to start the day with. Reaching in my pocket, I remembered that I had another image to start the day with, the one Jodie had sent me last night.

I reached the kitchen, turned on the kettle and lit a cigarette. I opened the back door and stood looking out into the overgrown mess of a back garden. As I stood there, I felt hands wrap around mefrom behind and come to rest on my flat stomach. I didn't react as they made their way down, under the band of my joggers and began to fondle my mostly-limp cock.

"Mmm, that feels nice," I said, turning to find Betty standing behind me with a cheeky grin spread across her face and her top hanging open, "and that's just a great sight. "

"Why thank you. " She replied.

Without a word, I picked her up and sat her on the very edge of the kitchen table, kissing her and groping her through the opening of her top. She pulled my joggers and boxers down and began to slide her hand up and down my cock slowly.


   I was very hard by now and was getting very fired up.

I moved her panties aside and began to stroke up and down her slit, teasing her, torturing her, turning her on.

Her juices began to run and she was becoming quite slick. She began to work my cock just slightly faster, which was always a good sign.

"Stop. " I commanded, and she did. I moved my hand away from her pussy, removed her hand from my dick and angled it against her opening.

As I began to push into her, she leaned back and braced herself with one hand against the table, the other clinging to my shoulder and as she did so, I noticed the door was open, with Jodie stood just in the hallway, legs spread apart, night clothes dispensed with.

I smiled and began to pump in and out of my girlfriend's pussy, slowly bringing my cock almost all the way out then sliding in as far as I could, breathing deep as I did. She leaned her head back and groaned, as I moved her arm from my shoulder and placed it between her legs, where she proceeded to play with her clit.

It wasn't too long before she was cumming, her juices running out of her, onto me, running down my balls and dripping to the floor. This turned me on so much that I began to thrust into her like a jackhammer. I looked up to see that Jodie was now on the floor, facing away, on her knees, with one hand between her legs ant the other hand around behind her, fingering her own asshole.

memories of the hand job and blow job from last night filled my brain and I started thrusting into Betty with enough force that I was worried the table might break one of it's legs. She came again, moaning like she was possessed by some creature from the deepest recesses of hell.

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I could see Jodie's hand dripping from her juices too and watched as her back arched, her own little orgasm struggling to break free of her. It was amazing that she hadn't made any noise whatsoever. and with all this reeling through my head, I came in Betty, who proceeded to have another orgasm as wave after wave of my cum flowed into her.

I'm usually pretty silent when I fuck but I realized that I was growling, I was biting Betty's shoulder too and as the three of us stood, sat and knelt in the kitchen, reveling in our post-orgasm glows, I began to wonder just what kind of animal I was turning into.

The next thought that assailed me as I watched Jodie leave as silently as she'd come in, as I felt Betty's breath against my chest and as I saw the red circle of teeth-shaped grooves on her shoulder was: 'Does anyone even care?'


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