A bad, bad man... (part 2)


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I wasn't sure if this was fun or frightening, I was having feelings for my girlfriend's daughter. The feeling of lust, but the point is the same.

My mind swirled with the consequences of what could happen if I was caught, or if something stupid happened, but I didn't care anymore. The instant the girl grabbed my cock to start cleaning, I was rock hard again.

Her touch was soft as she wet the cloth and began to circle it around the base of my cock, cleaning as she went. She made her way up, slowly wetting the skin, until she reached the head of my dick. All I could do was stand there as she worked the soft cloth over me and when she stopped, I barely stopped myself letting out a whine.

I watched as Jodie threw the cloth into the sink and opened the body wash, dripping a little into her hand slowly, as if drawing out this action was part of some grand ritual. She rubbed her hands together, slicking them with the soapy substance, before gently kneeling before me.

She was about to grab my throbbing cock when she suddenly stopped and looked me in the eye;

"Oh, I just thought, we don't want any soap to get on my top," She hooked her thumbs into the straps and just pulling her top straight off. I thanked god that she didn't wear her training bras to bed as she moved her hands back to my pulsating penis.

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She moved her hands back and forth slowly, soaping me up as she moved her hand from the base up the shaft, circling the head and then moving the hand back down, before repeating the action with her other hand.

As she continued with this, I began to move my hips, thrusting gently. She took the signal and began pumping her hands back and forth, focusing on the rim of my helmet and it wasn't long before I felt that tensing of my balls.

"I'm cumming. " I half-whispered, half-moaned.

She didn't make a noise but angled my cock down, rubbing the head against her chest while stroking me off and rolled her head back to look me in the eye.

I came against her chest, not very much, but that was only to be expected as I'd fucked her mother not ten minutes previously.

I stood there, breathing heavily. I was exhausted and in ecstasy. I watched as she looked down, rubbed my cum over her chest and put the top back on.

I saw how it clung to the damp skin and made a mental note to deal with that top as soon as I could. The last thing I wanted was my DNA on the inside of my girlfriend's daughter's nightshirt.

She took the hand towel from the radiator and dried me off, before I pulled up my trousers and put myself away.

"Go to bed early. " She whispered in my ear, before turning and leaving the bathroom.

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Later that night, with a meal and some coffee inside me, I was sat on the couch watching some TV with Betty. It was some random reality show about cooking, I don't remember exactly, nor do I really care.

I stretched and yawned, not really needing to feign how tired I was, "I'm gonna head off to bed sweetheart. " I said, pushing myself to my feet.

Betty had a cigarette in one hand and a wine glass in the other, but turned and gave me a kiss, "All right babe, I'm gonna watch my shows then I'll come up. "

I knew that there was at least an hour of programming left, so I went upstairs, my heart pounding heavily, as though it were trying to force the adrenaline through my system faster. I got into the room and undressed, sleeping in a pair of boxers as usual.

No sooner was i naked than I heard a knock at the door and Jodie's voice whispering 'mom?'

I wondered for a second why she was asking for her mother, but realized that if Betty were in the room, it'd look even more strange Jodie coming in asking for me.

I turned and watched as the thirteen year old entered the room. She had changed her top and put on some shorts since our little bathroom encounter.

"Tom. " She said simply, walking over and kissing me deeply, passionately. Then she pushed me back onto the bed. I lay there as she straddled me, kissing me and forcing her hand down my boxers, massaging my manhood to fully erect, before she started to kiss down my body.

She ended up knelt between my legs and I raised my hips as she pulled my boxers off completely, leaving me completely nude.

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   I was upright as she moved her head down to my cock and started to lick ever so sensuously, from the base, up to the head and then around.

Her hand went to the base of my cock and began to slide back and forth as her tongue continued lapping at my cock and flicked the end. I watched her pretty, young face as she focused her mind on nothing but the task at hand, the concentration, the determination. It only seemed to turn me on even more.

I placed a hand on the back of her head and lowered it, so that I was actually in her mouth. She closed her lips over my dick and began to move her head back and forth in time with her hand strokes. She was good, but it was very textbook, I got the feeling that she'd never actually given a blow job before, but had seen it done, or read about it in a book.

"Suck it, gently. " I instructed her, and she did.

And it was so good.

The adrenaline pumped through my body.

The fear added to the excitement.

She was thirteen.

She was Jodie.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and said "Don't stop.

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  " as I came, releasing spurt after spurt of cum into this young girl's mouth.

I don't completely remember what happened next, but the next thing I do remember was waking up, boxers back on, curled up in bed, under the covers. Betty had walked into the room, trying to be quiet, phone in one hand and wine in the other.

"Sorry Tom, did I wake you?"

"What time is it?" I groaned, rubbing one of my eyes.

"Midnight. They had a double length episode on the TV. "

I didn't ask what she was on about, but just turned over. I saw my phone on the side, with a message.

Flipping it open, I found it to be a picture message, A picture that Jodie had sent from her room, of her fingering herself, with the caption, "Your turn next. "

I closed it quickly and replaced my phone on the side.

"What was that?" Betty asked.

"Junk e-mail," I replied, yawning, "I'll deal with it in the morning. " And with that I fell asleep.

My dreams were mixed all through the night. I was exhausted, I felt guilty, felt godly, felt so much and the adrenaline running through me still was fantastic.

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I awoke the next morning to see Betty asleep next to me in the bed, with the house silent. Today was my day off. It was going to be both terrible and wonderful. . .


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