It was mid-morning on Tuesday, andthe construction was almost finished. Zoe and I had been going to the beach during the day,Katie kept working at home, and Beth, well, she was still working on the pool. To me, it looked like the project was all finished but I guess not. An electrician was there every day, wiring and stuff, when finally I could see what he was working on. He was putting in a large exhaust fan at one end of the structure. This thing was huge. He assured Katie that this would keep the smell of chlorine to a minimum. For the longest time, I just figured he was looking in the windows, he really seemed to spend a lot of time on the ladder. I think I was the only one concerned about him, and now, I guess it was all for nothing.

So, it was about 4 in the afternoon on Tuesday. Zoe and I were making our way back from the beach. When we got to the house,Katie was down by the pool with the electrician. The rest of the crew was outside picking up. Beth was out there with what looked like some sort of a small roller going all over the yard with it. I later found out it was a rolling magnet to get any nails that may have gone flying. Katie and the electrician were going over all the switches and such, and the construction boss was going in to finish things up with them.


  Beth looked over at me and Zoe, smiled, waived and kept rolling along. Zoe and I went to the kitchen and watched from the window.

The building had so much glass, but it was like tinted. This, they told Katie, would keep the heat out in the summer time, yet not be so dark you couldn't see out. Additionally, it would keep the heat in when it was cold. Me?I couldn't wait to test itout all year round.

Katie came into the kitchen,the electrician and the construction crew left, all but Beth, and she joined us in the kitchen. "It's almost finished" Katie announced. "The builders are finished and the electrician has a few more things to wire up, and then it's all done except for the inspectors. We should be swimming by tomorrow night. "Zoe ran over and gave her mom a huge hug, and thanked her so much. Beth and I smiled and both of us commented on how great it was. Katie took us out for the grand tour. As it was getting darker, she turned on the lights and they were great. All canister lights, the focused the light on the sliding glass doors.

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  "This will light up the room, and will also make it so people can't see in, maintaining a bit of privacy. The fan isn't wired yet, but he insists that it is the most quiet one available, and will keep the air moving and the smell of the chemicals out". Then Katie went over to an hidden panel. She opened a door and started turning knobs and switches and then,music. Now it wasn't great music, but the sound quality was fantastic. "This will be great for pool parties. It's a 18 disc changer with satellite and HD radio. There are 18 speakers in the ceiling, and 2 sub woofers, one at each end of the room. That should work huh?"she said. It was great. One of these days, I would really like to know just how much money Frank left them, this little project could not have been cheap.

We went back to the kitchen and Beth insisted on buying dinner. She called the local pizza shop and had pizza and salads delivered. We ate and laughed and all of us agreed we could not wait to get back in the pool. After dinner, Zoe went to shower in her bathroom, and Beth went to shower in Katie's master bath.

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  That left Katie and I in the living room. Katie turned her attention to me. "I think I've been neglecting you and I want to do something about that" she said. She then reached over and massaged my cock through my shorts. She reached in and gently took my shorts down and gave me a fantastic blow job. I was really enjoying it, even though I was not ready to cum yet. Beth emerged from Katie's room, and took the opportunity to give Katie a little satisfaction. As Katie was bent over sucking my cock, Beth was diving deep, face first into Katie's ass. I could see Beth plunging her tongue deep into Katie, and I could tell Katie liked it, as the blow job seemed to really come to life.

Zoe came out and just came over and seemed happy to watch. She sat on the coffee table so she could see my cock getting consumed by her mother, and she could see Beth's tongue working on Katie's asshole. I motioned for Zoe to come over to me, andshe did. I reached over and guided Zoe and helped her get undressed to join us. I brought her young pussy over my face and licked her like there was no tomorrow. Zoe was facing her mother and reached down to spread her ass cheeks, giving Beth better access.

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  I let my tongue go from Zoe's pussy to her tight asshole, which sent Zoe into her first orgasm of the night. I could feel the cum building up, the pressure making my balls tight. I reached down and took Katie by the ears and hair, forcing my cock deep into her throat, and let the first of my cum go deep into her gullet. Katie gagged a bit, and pulled against my hands and bobbed her head up and down, sucking every drop from my cock and balls. Beth must have been playing with Katie's pussy as she ate her ass out, and Katie went into a tremendous spasm of orgasm, which had me fucking her face harder and harder. Zoe got off my face to watch, and as she did, her mother shot pussy juice all over Beth,"Mom"Zoe yelled, "you are pissing all over Beth's face, that is so hot. "

I had never seen Katie, or anyone else ever cum like that. Beth kept going on Katie, and Katie finally collapsed. Zoe and I looked at Beth, and she just smiled. Katie lay on the floor panting, and sweating like she had run a marathon. She reached up and pulled Beth down onto her, and kissed her all over, licking the juice off Beth's face. Zoe joined in, wanting to taste it as well. "Did I make you feel good?"Beth asked Katie with a devilish smile. "I have never felt anything like that beforein my life, but I am so sorry,I couldn't control myself, and I soaked you, and after you were all clean and pretty"Katie said. "We can shower later" Beth offered.

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  Zoe went down and tried licking her mothers pussy, but Katie would have none of that, saying she was way to sensitive. but Beth offered her pussy to Zoe, and promised to teach her how to make her squirt.

Zoe layed on the floor, and spread her legs, and Beth lowered her pussy to Zoe's face, then took her hand and started to massage Zoe's pussy.
    Katie and I sat on the sofa and watched this display before us, and before long my cock was rock hard again. Beth went on to explain what she was doing, and inserted her finger into Zoe's wet hole. Zoe moaned as Beth expertly fingered her tiny slit. "There is a little bump in here,Zoe can you feel me rubbing it?""Yes". "This is what made your mom squirt like that, this is the G spot"she explained, and continued to finger Zoe's bald pussy. As Beth fingered she also nibbled on Zoe's clit, and Zoe in return licked Beth's pussy forall she was worth, but after a short while, Zoe stopped licking Beth, and seemed to be loosing focus,he breathing became super erratic, and then her hips came up off the floor, and they stayed up, not grinding not bucking just frozen up. The screams were like I've never heard from Zoe before, and I've made her cum so many times, but this one was different. Beth swung around and put her focus on massaging Zoe's pussy, her finger in and out, but never coming all the way out, and Zoe screaming and screaming like there was no end. Finally, Zoe's hips fell back to the floor, and she looked like she had almost passed out. Beth moved away from her and motioned for me to come over and fuck Zoe. I did.

    I got my cock to Zoe's opening but she was so tight I didn't think I was going to get in.

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      Beth grabbed my cock and helped me get in, and when I did,Zoe's screaming started all over again, but not like she was being hurt, this was pure lust. Zoe reached out and grabbed my hips, pulling me deep into her, but she was so tight it was hurting me. That made no difference, Zoe wanted me all the way into her, and that was all there was to it. I was trying to get deeper and Beth was massaging Zoe's clit, but I don't think that helped me at all,as every time Zoe hadan orgasm, she got that much tighter.

    Katie came over and planted a kiss on Beth's lips. Beth moved away and Katie lowered her pussy to Zoe's open mouth. Zoe began licking her mothers wet pussy and stuck her fingers in to find her G spot. In no time at all, Katie was spraying into Zoe's mouth, and it was soincredible to watch, I started getting deeper and deeper into Zoe, till I was all the way in. All the while, Zoe wasmaking Katie cum, I was slamming Zoe harder and harder, until I couldn't hold on any longer. I had to cum. I had lost all control and the pressure was tremendous, but, no matter how hard I needed to cum, nothing was coming out,Zoe's pussy had such a tight grip on me, nothing came out. This was really starting to hurt, so I pulled out of Zoe's clamping pussy and all in one spurt, I must have cum a gallon.

    As I fell back, and away from Zoe and Katie, Beth went and licked the cum off of Zoe's stomach and her little titties. Zoe continued her assault on Katie's pussy and finally all collapsed in bliss.

    In the morning, we all woke up in the living room, being watched through the kitchen windows, by the electrician, but that leads us to another story.

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      . . . .