Zoe was quite content with kissing my butt to make it better, until she noticed my cock swelling. "See?,Mom was right, it does make it feel better", and with that she reached around and massaged my cock. I later found out this is called 'having your salad tossed' but I, for the life of me, have no idea why. Zoe kept kissing and massaging, until I could take it no more. I got up and spun around and had her suck me till I shot my load deep into her throat. Even though she couldn't swallow all of me, or my cum, she made up for that with her tongue action. This girl was getting quite good at finding the special spot on my cock that made each orgasm better then the rest. Every time she would take my load into her mouth, she would look up at me, watching my face. I asked her why she watched my face, and she replied that she could tell how good a job she was doing my the faces I made. What's not to love about a young girl that is focused on making my orgasms great.

I took Zoe in my arms and kissed her, then lifted her up so I could lick her pussy. I couldn't hold her up for too long, and laid on my back, placing her over my face. My nose was sniffing her clit, while my tongue probed and licked her slit. I was now able to use my hands to lift her, to fondle her ass cheeks or her budding tits as I wished. It was great how her little pointy nipples would get hard for me, especially when I would lick them. I remember when I first licked her nipples, she commented that I was not her baby, and I was not going to get anything to eat there.

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  After a few licks, she changed her tunes. So I had her straddling my face, and she started grinding her little clit into my nose. Her little pussy was damp and tasted so sweet, I couldn't help but to keep tongue fucking her. She must have been on her 3rd orgasm when I heard foot falls,I lifted Zoe up to see Beth coming towards us. The closer she got, the more clothing she lost, until she was totally naked by the time she got to where we were.

Beth went down and took my cock in her mouth. "Mmmmm,it tastes like someone has been busy" and back on it she went. My cock was already hard, and Beth was very good at keeping it that way, but Zoe for some reason could make me cum harder, at least that's what I think. Beth, just the same, was good at sucking cock, and I could not complain at all. While Beth was sucking me, she reached to Zoe and brought her back so she could rub her little nipples. This new position took Zoe's clit from my nose, but it put her little butt hole on my chin. I used this position to get my chin deeper to her, and started to grind my chin harder to her. I could feel Zoe pressing against my chin, liking the pressure and sensations she was getting.

Zoe got up off my face and turned around to face Beth, and lowered herself back onto my face. This time, she made sure to get my tongue to her ass.

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  I probed her ass with my tongue, while holding her butt cheeks so I had control now. Deeper and faster I licked, and I could feel my cum starting to build up. I knew I was going to unload again, soon, but my focus was on Zoe and how good she tasted. I could still smell her musky pussy, but her ass tasted so good. Zoe was starting to cum again, and Beth sensed that I was too, she got up and positioned her wet pussy over my cock and stroked me by hand till I shot all over her crotch. When I was done, Beth lay on the floor, and Zoe got off me to go clean my cum off of Beth. This was such a great site to see, Zoe's little ass up in the air, licking Beth's pussy and licking every bit of cum off of her. I wish my cock could have come back to life, as it would have been great to plow deep into Zoe's pussy, then to Beth's and so forth, but I was spent. I climbed into a chair to recover, and the girls jumped into the pool.

"Seth"Beth yelled,"come one in, it's great in here",I got up and wanted over and stepped into the pool. The water was great, warm but cool enough to wake me up a bit. The three of us lazed in the pool, until Katie got home, probably an hour later.

"It looks like I have some catching up to do"Katie said, looking at the clothes strewn all over the place, as she got undressed and dove into the water. I got onto a float and just relaxed, Beth and Zoe played and splashed, and Katie got out and sat on the edge of the pool. Watching Beth and Zoe playing must have gotten Katie horny, because when I looked over, Katie was staring at them, while stroking her pussy to climax.

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