Construction began today, so the pool is officially off limits. Katie locked the side door leading to the pool deck, just to make sure we remembered. Zoe and I walked down the street to the small beach we had resident rights to. It was considered private property, and was only supposed to be used by the residents of our small road. When we got there, there were only 2 or 3 other people there, and they left soon after we arrived. There was a bench and in the water there was a raft, with 2 ladders and a diving board. There was lots of sand and Zoe was not used to that at all. When we sat down to take off our shoes before going in, Zoe got sand in her bathing suit, and it really pissed her off. It only got worse as she walked to the water and started to chafe. Once in the water she was able to rinse it out, and things got a little better. We then found out that the salt water burned her eyes, and well, according to Zoe, it tastes terrible. I reminded her that this was only going to be a problem for a week or so, and my only mistake with that was when I called her A PRINCESS OF PRIVILEGE. She took that as an insult, and well, maybe it was. Anyway, I apologized and all was forgotten.

After an hour or so, we went back up to the house and needed to shower off. The salt water, unlike the pool water, makes you itch terribly as it dries.

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  I got to the shower first, but Zoe insisted that she needed to shower with me, because the "itches" were making her crazy. Zoe joined me in the shower. Now, common sense dictates that when you are showering salt off you and your swim suit, you get in the shower wearing your swim suit, that way it gets rinsed off as you do. (I know, BS, but I've been doing it all my life). I was still in my trunks when Zoe got in the shower. While I was taking my trunks off, Zoe and I bumped heads, and laughed hysterically. This brought Katie into the bathroom, and she thought it was the silliest thing in the world that I had my swim trunks in the shower. Zoe's wet suit was in a heap on the bathroom floor, I guess to some, that makes better sense. Katie grabbed the face clothe and soap, and washed mine and Zoe's backs and butts, and left us to finish the rest. As I look back at all this, it's really strange how normal it seemed that Zoe and I could be naked together, and Katie be witness to it all. Strange indeed.

After we showered we wrapped in towels and went to the kitchen where Katie had made lunch. The three of us sat at the table near the windows that overlooked the pool and now the construction site. There were 4 people out working, 3 men and one girl. I guess they were working on the footings and the frame work of the structure.

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  We sat there watching for quite some time. I noticed the girl was actually looking in the window at us from time to time, and would often smile as she looked away. 1 of the guys looked too, but he didn't seem to care about his audience. Katie got up and went back to her work, leaving me and Zoe to clean up after lunch and entertain ourselves there after. We decided we liked watching the construction, as at this point they seemed to be making some pretty good progress. When we got bored with that, we went to the living room and put a movie going.

About 40 minutes into the movie, the back door bell rang, and Katie got up to answer it. It was the girl that was working outside. She asked if she could use the bathroom, because, well being a girl, she couldn't really do like the guys do. Katie led her to bathroom, which happened to be on the other side of the living room. "Hi guys" she said as she passed by in front of us. She went into the bathroom, and Katie went back to work. Zoe was laying on the sofa with her head on my leg, as usual, but her towel had ridden up and she was pretty well exposed. I on the other hand had my towel secured so nothing was showing. When she came out of the bathroom, she walked by and said "Nice view.

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  " and kept walking. Zoe looked up at me and asked "what did she mean by that?""I don't know, I guess she liked looking at you. "then Zoe realized she wasn't covered too well. With that, Zoe went to her room and put on shorts and a tee shirt, and went back to the kitchen to watch the construction some more.

The next day, Katie had to go to the city. That left me and Zoe at home. We didn't want to go back to the beach, it was very hot, and Zoe didn't enjoy it that much anyway, so we stayed home, and played video games for a while. After lunch, I remembered that Katie had a small collection of porn, so I went searching for it. What I found was 3 DVDs, so one by one, I put them going till I found 1 that seemed worth watching. On the sofa, as usual, Zoe and I watched this video of 2 guys and 2 girls. The guys were playing with themselves, as the 2 girls were kissing each other, and playing with their titties. I had my hand on Zoe's chest, feeling her little mounds and pointy nipples as they got harder. The back door bell rang again, and Zoe got up to get it. I paused the DVD and just waited. Zoe came back and the girl was behind her.

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  "Bathroom again" she said, and disappeared from view. Zoe got comfortable, again, and put my hand right back were it was. I didn't start the DVD again, I wanted to wait till the girl was gone. The bathroom door opened and out she came. She saw where my hand was and smiled. "Do you always let your brother do that?" she asked, but with a dirty smile on her face. "He's not really my brother" Zoe replied "and yes, I do. "
"My name is Beth, thanks for the bathroom. " and off she went. She never noticed what was on the TV. Oh well.

Zoe watched the video, and I could tell she liked it. Two girls kissing and fondling, she was getting excited. I kept massaging her tits, and I don't know if her nipples could get much harder. I put my hand up under her shirt and got a better feel for what I was doing.

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  I love the feeling of her skin under my hand, and when my fingers slid over her nipples, she let out these cute moans. Her little pussy must have been soaked by this point. In the video, one of the girls was on her back, while the other was face first into her crotch, licking like it was no body's business. It was quite a site to watch. Just then, we heard"It's me again" as Beth came into the room. I didn't have time to take my hand out or to pause the video. Beth stopped dead in her tracks, staring at my hand up Zoe's shirt. Then she noticed the video, as I hit stop. "I . . . . . I just need the bathroom a. .

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  . I'm sorry, I shouldn't have just bar. . . bathroom"she stuttered and off she went. When she came out. Zoe was sitting up. The video was off, and we just sat there looking at her. "Guys" she started"I"m sorry I walked in on you two, I should have knocked or something, but were you doing what I think you were doing?Were you watching porn?"She asked.

"What's porn"Zoe asked. I smiled. "But I saw your hand on her chest. I even asked about it, and the video, I saw women, naked women. "My turn. .

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   "You did?"and we left it like that.

Around 3:30 or so, the workers packed up for the day and left. I guess it was about 5, when Katie got home. I was going to go home for dinner, but Katie had picked up steaks and veggies for the grill, and had already cleared it with my mom, that I was having dinner over there. While Katie was cooking dinner, the front door bell rang, and she answered it. It was Beth. "Hi, did you leave something or forget something today?"Katie asked. "No" Beth replied, "I just felt I needed to talk to you"She said. "I'm just cooking dinner, come to the kitchen with me" Katie said. They went to the kitchen and about 5 minutes or so later, Katie called us in to join them. "Kids, this is Beth and she tells me you might have been watching porn this afternoon, is that true?"Zoe answered,"No mom, we were watching a dirty movie. ""Thank you sweetie, that IS porn,Seth was it one of mine?"Katie asked. "Yes, from the cabinet. " I replied.

"OK new rules for you two" Katie started.

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  "No more messing around unless I am here understood?"

Well, you should have seen Beth's face, going back and forth between Zoe's and Katie's. "You mean you don't mind that they watch porn?You don't mind that he had his hand on her chest?""Well"Katie started,"Seth and Zoe are very very close, and me and Seth are very very close. So, no, I guess I don't mind. It's a good loving relationship that we share, we are all very close. "

Beth left, with a look of disbelief on her face. The next day, Thursday, she wasn't on the job. Friday, no Beth. Katie went to the boss and found out that Beth had called in sick, and the job would take an extra day or so. On Saturday, just after Katie got back from grocery shopping, Beth was a the door. "I'm sorry,I called in sick because I didn't know what else to do. ""Beth, you don't have to apologize to me, that is between you and your boss", Katie said. "The boss is my father, and he's upset because the job won't be done on time, and that is my fault, but, this relationship you have here, it's so different, I wanted to know more, is that OK?"Beth asked. "I guess so, what do you want to know about it?""I don't know, I've never been that close to my parents, so it's new to me. " Beth explained. "Zoe is so cute, and she does look like you a lot, and you say Seth is close to the two of you, but is it, you know, is it sexual?""Beth, why don't you stay for dinner, and we'll try to explain it all, OK?""OK, sure".

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At dinner, things were as normal as you could get. Katie explained about Frank, and me and Zoe, and on and on, and eventually she explained about the time when she walked in as I was shooting cum on her carpet. I was embarrassed by that, but Katie went on just the same. I explained my side of it, and Katie went on. After we were done eating, Zoe and I went to the living room, to play video games. Katie and Beth stayed and talked more in the kitchen. After the first game, I went to the kitchen for a bottle of water. When I got there,Beth was crying, literally on Katie's shoulder. She was sobbing and Katie waved me off. Zoe and I played a few more games, when Katie and Beth came into the living room.

"Guys, Beth is too tired to drive home, and will be spending the night here. I need you two off the sofa, so I can make it up for her. Seth, it's getting late, would you mind making sure Zoe gets a bath and ready for bed?""Sure, I can do that. "Beth asked,"Katie, can I do something to help?""Well you can help Seth if you want, I have the sofa under control. "

So Zoe and Beth and I went off to the bathroom.

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  I reached in to start the water, and Zoe started to undress. "There really isn't much to do here. " I told Beth, but I think she was more fixated on Zoe getting undressed. Beth just sat on the toilet seat and watched. Zoe was in the tub and washing off. Beth offered"Do you want me to wash your back?"and reached in to do just that. She gently washed Zoe, shoulder to shoulder and down as far as she could reach. Zoe kept letting out these moans, and saying"Oh, that feels good". If I didn't know better, (and I didn't)I would have thought she was trying to get Beth worked up, (and she was). Zoe stood up, and Beth continued washing,Zoe's legs, her feet, and then her butt. She washed her butt so gently almost lovingly. Zoe turned and kissed her hard on the lips. Beth just stayed there, almost kissing back. Liking what I was seeing, my cock started to stir, Then Zoe took her hand and found Beth's breast, and squeezed. Beth moaned, but didn't pull away.


   I left the bathroom, to give them some privacy, and to go see what Katie was doing.

Katie had just finished making up the sofa, when she asked "Where is Zoe and Beth""Still in the bathroom"I said,"getting to know each other. "Katie looked at me, and went to the bathroom. Zoe had Beth's top off, and her hand in her bra. "Zoe, what do you think you are doing?". "Mom, Beth doesn't mind. "and with that, I went home, but just for the night. .