2 Weeks with my cum luving sister


WHeading for a nice relaxing time by the pool,With a parent free two weeks. If only I didnt have to watch my 18 year old sister
Slipping on my bathing suit and headed out to the pool and  my 18 year old sister, Ashley , Who had gotten really hot over the years and became very noticable had beat me there and was in the pool. to see those developing tits and those tight pussy lips through her tight one piece bathing suit As the water formed around her.
She quickly moved to the deep end and went near a few water jets. I sat on a lawn chair outside the pool and fell asleep. a few hours later i awoke to the sounds of moaning and splashing and i quickly peered out
the corner of my eye to see what was going on. What i saw brought my cock up wiht one swift movement, It was AShle and she had seemed to be humping the wall. I pondered that
for a moment and remembered about the jets and where they were positioned. By Then i realized she Was pressed against the jet and was enjoying the sensation. she began to flop
around like a fish as it seemed that she was cumming, she nearly screamed her head off and froze up and shook like crazy. I pretended to stay asleep With my huge memeber sticking
straight up in the air causing a tent in my pants. I caught her looking at this sight as she got out of the pool, she pulled up another lawn chair and placed herself beside me
My cock started to throb and bounce up and down with blood pumping through it. I felt her hand on the waistband of my bathing suit and she pulled it down hesiatnlly. My 7 inch
cock popped free and the precum at the top was veyr noticable. I decided to take this further and rolled over and my cock laid on her lap. She was startled by this and flinched
But to my surprise didnt move away.

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   I felt her hand on my thigh and she slowly moved it up to my balls and began to fondle them and sqeeze them roughly. I flinched a bit but
began to enjoy this sensation. I then felt her other hand touch the top of my cock, She quickly Scooped up the precum on the tip of my cock and licked it off her finger.
I took a look at her face and saw that she REALLY enjoyed it, And began to suck her finger dry. She then grabbed hold of my cock and Started to jerk it slowly while still
fondling wiht my balls. I peered out the corner of my eye and saw her determination on pleasuring me more then herself. So I slowly and casually moved my hand to her pussy,
yet she didnt seemed surprised or even notice for that matter because she seemed to be concentrating on the cock in her hand. Right then and there and without any warning she
she dropped her head on my cock and lightly licked the tip,and began to swirl her tongue around it. it was obvious she knew what she was doing and I was defintely going to cum soon as she lowered her head and wrapped her
lips aroudn the tip and sucked as hard as she could. I came Without warning her and surprised her,and What i felt like 7 shots of my cum shot directly into her mouth. She Eagerly
swallowed it all with out missing a drop. My cock went limp and she licked her lips cleaned and got up. She jumped in the pool and the splash shook me awake, and she looked at
me " you have a nice nap? " She said with a wink, " I had a great dream and you were in it " I said , " Really What about? " She said with a very innocent yet sexy look ,"Never
mind about it, It's getting pretty dark wanna go inside? " I said, " Sure " She Said With excitment. I got up and she got out of the pool and dried off, I went straight to bed
without showering but she had decided to shower. I quickly fell asleep but was woke up at around 5 am with my sister Kneeled over my bed and my cock in her mouth.

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   I quickly
switched on the light, " What the fuck are you doing?!?!? " I said, " Getting a midnight snack! " She said With my cock stil halfway in her mouth, I Quickly Grabbed her by her
hair and shoved my cock down her throat. She gagged and began to cry, and I stopped ," Got a problem with what i do? " I said With an angry tone, " No I love it when people are
rough with me " She Said With a sultry look in her eyes, " Fine Want it rough?" I said, She nodded With a very innocent look her blue eyes, "I'll give you rough" I said As i
began to pump cock in and out of her mouth roughly, I continued with this and never gave her time to breath. I felt my orgasm comming and pushed her onto the ground and jumped
off my bed whie pumping my cock with all i could. I pulled her brown hair back and aimed at her face with her wide opened mouth waiting for  my load, I shot my first shot into
her mouth and the second over her nose and onto her eye, along with 3 other shots that painted her face in my creamy goodness. Finally Spent I fell onto my bed and sat there
breathless as she began to eat the cum of her face and continue to clean herself off. she got up and straighten out her Pjs and headed for the door, and just as she left she
turned and said " See You tommorow Bro " and Winked as she walked back to her room. I Began to plan and dream about the next day, soon I would be pounding her tight virgin cunt.
Part 2-6 coming Very soon
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