2 Weeks with my cum luving sister ( Part 2 )


Part 2 Week With my Cum slut Sister!
I woke up the next morning and walked into the kitchen to find my sister bare naked Making some toast, She looked at me and Said " Good morning! You hungry? ", "Very" I said With my tiredness still clear through my voice. Well I made you breakfast, I looked down and saw a plate of toast waiting for me. I sat down and began to eat and Jessica Sat down and watched me enjoy my breakfast. " Not having anything? " I said looking at her bare plate in front of her, " My toast is cooking but we're outta butter and i had something elseIn mind " She said with a wink and i felt her foot moved to the open hole in my boxers as she fondled with my balls with her toes. I shivered and finished my toast as her's popped out of the toaster and onto the the counter, She got up grabbed the pieces of toast and put them on her plate, then she got on her knees and crawled under the table.
I felt her grab my now hard cock and pull it thorugh the whole in my boxers, I felt her lips wrap around the tip and work thier way down 4 inchs  of my cock and her hand jerked the remaining 3 inchs while her other hand fondled with my balls. She caught me by surprised when she started to hum a soft tune with my cock nearly half way down her throat.
It only lasted a few seconds as i my balls tighten and she realized i was goign to cum. She Quickly grabbed a cup and jerked me roughly as i shot 8 shots of cum into the cup.
Me being tottaly pleasured she got up and dribbled the cum out of the cup and onto her pieces of toast and spread it around with her finger. She Picked up the piece of toast and took a big sloppy bite.
Cum covered her top lip and she looked so happy with a big smile on her face and her body so relaxed as sshe enjoyed her cum covered toast.
My cock was hard again and she realized i had my hand pumping away on it, And gave me a wicked grin. She finished her toast and put her plate in the dishwasher.
She then Walked back over to the table And bent over it. I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give her what she wanted.

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   I Quickly got up and got behind her,I pushed my first 2 inches in and She gasped with pleasure,
I pushed in my next 2 inches and found her hymen, and with one quick and hard movement i was all the way in. She Screamed With extreme pleasure and thrust her head back moaning very loudly.
I slid in and out slowly and she thrust her tiny hips back on my cock and found a good rythm. I continued to pound into her getting hard and faster by the second ,
"FUCK ME JOEY FUCK ME HARD, FUCK M-ME  FAST. . . CUMM IN MY PUSSY JOEY CUM BABY CUM!!!! " She screamed between  breaths as she came on my cock drenching it with her juices. Her Pussy muscles tightened on my cock and i was going to cum. I warned her and she said " CUM. . IN. . . . ME .

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  . . JOEY!! ", And with those words i shot my load deep in her womanhood.
I collapsed on her as i finished cumming in her. We lay thier for several hours catching our breaths and letting the cum settle in her pussy. She fell asleep on the table and i pulled out of her and went to shower. When I return in only a t shirt, She Was Still passed out on the table and i used this to my advantage.
I walked over the table and pulled her head to the end of the table and placed my flaccid cock at the entrance to her mouth. I slowly teased her lips and stuck the tip of my cock into her mouth and et her breath help my
cock rise to it's full length. And then i started to fuck her mouth with a VERY qucik pace, I was going to cum in less the 3 minutes of when i started, And i shot my cum all in
her mouth and left my not softening cock in her mouth. Her mouth was now full of cum and cock. As she continued to sleep I kept my cock her mouth and the cum soon hardened into a
thick liquid. I left her like that for the remainder of the night. The Next day i walked into her room as she put on her top to complete her outfit, " Thanks for the snack You
left for me last night " She Said With a grin, " You liked that eh? " I said with smile, " Hell yeah! ", My cock began to rise now and was now it's full length and was sticking
out with a tent in my pants. She looked down and got to her knees " Not to messy this time I got some places to go to " She Said, " Just a Hand Job " She Said.

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I Nodded and let her get to work, She Pulled my pants down and my cock popped out and hit her in the cheek. She lightly tapped it and said " Silly little cock " As It bounced and Raised up to attention.
She Spit on her hands and wrapped both of them around my cock , And Jerked it slowly and hard, She looked at her watch while she jerked and said " OH SHIT! I'm late! "
She then started To jerk it extremely fast until it was a blur to watch. I Came so Hard and fast I didnt even know it. It sprayed directly onto her lips as she opened her mouth and accepted the rest of the load.  
She Got up straightened out her skirt, and kissed me on the cheek, she quickly grabbed her soiled panties on the floor and gave me them.
She handed them to me and told me this would tide me over. She left me in her room and went out the front door as i heard it slam behind her.
I quickly got naked aand jumped on her bed, and started sniffing her panties and jerked my cock fast and hard with them. i came and shot my load all over them. This gave me an idea. I got up went to her dresser and grabbed all of her panties and thongs and place them in a bunch. I pumped my new hard on with all i could and blew my HUGE load all over her soiled panties. I placed them back and walked out of the room. I sat on the couch and my sister walked in about 5 hours later, Drunk , and Missing her top.

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   I grabbed her and placed her on the couch and she passed out.
I did the same thing i did to her on the kitichen table but left my cock at the back of her throat , She coughed and gagged as she breathed unconciously, But i left it in thier, slowly pumping my cock up and down her throat. i came in her throat with what i counted to be 8 shots of thick cum into her tight throat. and i let one last shot covered her lips , I pulled her head so that i could leave my cock in her mouth as we slept. When i woke up all I saw was her head bobbing up and down on my rigid cock.
All i did was enjoy the pleasure i was recieving as her spit covered my entire cock. SHe continued to bob her head up and down And sucked as hard as she could.
I placed my hand on her bobbing head and she stoped sucking as i forced her head down on my cock as she gagged, I held her down.
She continued to gag and tryed to pull free but i wouldnt have any of that. I felt my orgasm nearing as i felt her nose grind into my Pubic area and her bottom lip dripping spit onto my balls. I thrust more into her throat and fucked her mouth as i came and exploded into her throat. I left her go free as she coughed and gagged but swallowed as much as she could.   After she was finished
she got up and wiped her face with her forearm. " I'm Gunna go shower, Wanna Come with? " She asked with a grin, " Sure " i said  as she walked to the bathroom. I got and followed her in.

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