2 Families, 1 Vacation Chapters 1 - 4


2 Families, 1 Vacation



CHAPTER 1      Sarah Surprise


Dan surprises me when he comes bursting through the front door at 4:30 on a Monday afternoon.   He generally doesn’t get home any earlier than 5:30, and usually it’s closer to 6:00.   He is very excited; and collapses onto the couch with a weird grin on his face.

“Sarah, how was your day?” he opens, with the big grin still plastered to his face.

“Fine…and how was yours?” I reply, curious what was on his mind, as he obviously wasn’t interested in my day in the least.   I know that look.   Dan is getting ready to unload his latest big (and usually crazy) idea on me.

“So what’s on your mind, Dan?” I ask, cutting to the chase.   I give him my best quizzically doubtful look and braced for what might be coming.

“I had lunch with Bill today.   He asked me what our plans are for our family vacation.   I told him we were heading up to your parents’ cabin, as usual.   He asked if we would like to join them on their family vacation, since we’re both taking off this Friday for the same 2 weeks.   I asked him where he and Diane were taking the kids.   You aren’t gonna believe it!”

I sit there, not saying a word, waiting patiently.   It doesn’t pay to encourage Dan by playing into his buildup.   Besides, Bill and Diane’s kids aren’t kids; they’re teenagers, like ours.   Jessica is 18 and Nick is 17, so just the fact that they were able to get the kids to come along on one more family vacation was impressive enough.

Bill and Diane Larsen live next door to us.

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  Â  Bill has worked with Dan for 18 years; and they are the best of friends.   Our families spend a lot of time together.   When the house next door went on the market six years ago, the Larsen’s made an offer the first day.   Their kids and ours have been close friends since.   Our daughter Dawn is also 18  Jessica and she are best friends.   Our other daughter, June, is 18, and has been dating Nick for several months.   (Being friends for so long, the dating was weird at first for both families; but we’ve all adjusted. )

“Well, don’t you want to know what their plans are?” Dan asked, or more like implored.   He really wants me to play along.

“OK.   Where-oh-where are they going?  Where do you want to drag us off to?  I’m absolutely on pins and needles. ” I reply, with an absolutely straight face.

“Now you’re mocking me,” he pouts, putting on his best emotionally injured look.   “OK.   I’ll tell you anyway. ”

There is a long pause.   I suppose for effect.   Dan is so theatrical when he feels like it.

“Bill is planning on taking his family to a nudist camp!” he blurts out.

Well I didn’t see that one coming.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

Now I’m actually getting very interested in the conversation, and trying to envision myself at a nudist camp with my own kids.

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  Â  Now, Dan & I are no prudes.   I get my pussy waxed once a month & am totally bald.   Dan keeps his bush neatly trimmed.   Being naked in front of my own girls would be no big deal.   It happens all the time.  But I wasn’t sure how I would feel walking around nude in front of Bill & Nick.   For that matter, how would June feel about her sister & I nude around Nick?  June is a very attractive brunette at 5’ 4” & 120 lbs.   She has a very nice 34C chest & very perky ½” long nipples that are almost constantly hard.   Her pussy is also bald, as she comes with me every month to my waxing appointments.   It’s turned into a girls’ day out we do every month, along with lunch and a swim in our backyard pool afterwards. (Yes, Dawn comes along also. )  Dawn is also a brunette, 5’ 2”, 140 lbs. , with a 36DD chest (with huge ؽ” nipples that grow to ¾” inch when she gets cold or aroused), 25” waist, and 35” hips.   She started developing rather early, at 11.   Due to her fully developed hourglass figure, she looks much older than she is.

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    I, on the other hand, am a 39 year old natural blonde, 5’ 5”, 130# with a very tight body and a 34D chest that doesn’t sag much, and ½” nipples with small, quarter size areolas.   We all work out at least 3 times a week.   I work out in a leotard, and when I’m working out, I sweat ALOT, so it gets soaked & my tits show through.   It’s a women only club, so it doesn’t bother me; but I’ve caught several of the other members staring at my body.   Some with envy, and some with lust.   I take both as a compliment.

My husband Dan also works out regularly.   He is a broad guy, with big shoulders and a tight midsection.   He’s 5’ 11” and 180 lbs.   He has very hairy legs and torso, which is why he only trims his bush.   We both think it would be silly for him to try to shave his entire body just to match a bald pubic area.   And he’d look stupid if he just waxed that area and left everything else natural.   Anyway, enough musings.

“Hell, yea.   I’m serious.   The camp is up on a private lake near Bemidji.   Bill heard about it from his brother-in-law. ”

“Wow.   That’s a new one, I must admit.   I never would have thought Diane would be OK with being naked around her kids.   Bill’s always been a bit of an exhibitionist; and Jessica and Nick are teenagers, so I’m sure their hormones agreed in a second. ”

“Actually, you’re right about Diane.   While she agreed to go, Bill said she’s been uncomfortable about the whole idea ever since.   But it’s not her kids that concern her so much; it’s the people at the camp.   She doesn’t want to be on public display,” Dan explained.

“I’m not sure I do either,” I responded.

“That’s why Bill decided to ask if we would be interested in joining them.   He knows that we go up to your parent’s cabin, and that it’s the only one on the lake.   . He wants to turn it into our own private nudist camp.   That way we can all try out the natural thing & not have to deal with being around strangers!” Dan exclaimed, evidently enthused by the idea.   (With the exception of my parents’ property, the lake is surrounded by state forest land, with no public access, so we have it to ourselves. )

My mind was starting to drift.   I thought about seeing Bill & Nick naked.    I found myself wondering how well endowed they were.   I’d seen Nick in our pool in his wet swim trunks; and he looked…. promising.   Diane had told me on several occasions that Bill had an incredibly thick cock.

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  Â  My own Dan had a respectable 9” member; but wasn’t particularly thick, just average.

“We’ll have to ask the girls what they think about this. I’m game; but if either of them are uncomfortable with the idea, we can’t,” I say.

“Where are the girls?” Dan asks.

“They’re out back by the pool.   I’ll get them in for an early dinner; and we can talk about it then. ”

“I’ll go say hi and send them in myself,” Dan replies.

“Bad idea,” I stop him.   “We weren’t expecting you for another hour or so.   It’s been a beautiful sunny day out, and I think they’re out there sunbathing nude.

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  Â  Sit back and catch the local news while I get them in.   They were asking for a snack, so I threw a pizza in the oven.   It will be ready in a few minutes.   That can be dinner. ”

I walk out the patio door to call the girls in for dinner.   They’re both laying out nude on lounge chairs, soaking up the late afternoon sun.   We have a privacy fence around the entire backyard, with no gate.   You have to go through the house to get into the yard.   As they get up off of their chairs, I wonder what Bill & Nick would think of my 2 gorgeous daughters in their birthday suits.   My daughters and I have a very open relationship, as you can imagine given that we get our pussies waxed together, and June has kept me informed on the progress of her relationship with Nick.   He has yet to see the goodies.   Still, I’ve got both girls on the pill, as you never know when a teenager is going decide to become sexually active.   Even at 18, June hasn’t had sex yet.   She hasn’t dated anyone long enough, she’s told me, though her boyfriend before Nick did eat her pussy once.

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  Â  Apparently he wasn’t very good at it, though.   “Too rough” was June’s summation of the boy’s technique.

“Girls, you’re father’s home early, so cover up,” I request.   “We’re having an early dinner today. ”

“Mom, we’re sweaty from the heat.    Do we have time to shower before dinner?” Dawn asks.

I am about to tell them to go ahead and get in a quick shower, when I get an idea.   After thinking about it for a few seconds, I reply, “You do have time to shower if you want; but, given what your father and I would like to discuss with you over dinner, it may be appropriate that you don’t get dressed and just sit down for dinner as you are. ”

They look at me like I’m speaking some foreign language.

“What!?” June cries out.


  Â  “What could we possibly talk about that would make being naked in front of Dad appropriate?”

“It’s up to you, and I’m sure it will catch your father by surprise also; but let’s just say we have a very interesting proposition for you. ”  I reply.   “It has to do with the Larsen’s.   I’ll tell you what. If you come to dinner naked, I’ll join you. ”

This peaks the girls’ interest, particularly June’s, who immediately links Nick and nudity in her mind, and wonders where this could lead.  Dawn also gets a mental flash of one of the Larsen males.   It isn’t of Nick, but Bill, who has always fascinated Dawn ever since she was 12.   One Saturday morning, Jessica and Dawn were up early, playing in the Larsen’s backyard, while Bill & Diane slept in. The girls heard pounding on the back wall of the house.   They peaked into Bill & Diane’s bedroom window and caught Bill fucking Diane for all he was worth.   Their headboard is against the back wall of the house, which caused all of the noise.   Both girls were in awe of the size of Bill’s cock.

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  Â  Not that they had anything to compare it to, but it was clearly huge.   Diane had her ankles up behind her head, and Bill’s dick looked to be the size of a soda can, ramming in & out of her.   It was a sight Dawn would never forget.   Ever since Dawn told me that story, I’ve been curious how big Bill really is.

They hurry into the dining room to take their seats, leaving their clothes behind.   My girls aren’t shy, & their bodies, while kept hidden from their father as a matter of modesty, are on display within our house and to their girlfriends when they come over to swim.   So nudity doesn’t really bother them…  Though I am curious how they will react the first time Dan lays eyes on them, and how he will react to them.   He hasn’t seen them naked since they were little girls.

“Dan, the girls are in for dinner.   I’m serving now. ” I call into the living room.

Dan comes into the room and stops short.

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  Â  His eyes get huge, and his dick starts to tent his pants.   There are his girls, sitting naked at our round dinner table, Dawn to the left of Dan’s seat, & June across from his seat.   He quickly sits down.   I don’t think the girls notice; but I notice that Dawn’s nipples are getting hard.   June’s, of course, already are.   I notice Dan staring at June’s large, erect nipples, and giggle to myself.

“Dan, don’t stare,” I tease.   “Just wait till you see how big Dawn’s nipples get!” I exclaim, giggling loudly.

Without thinking, Dan immediately turns his head to his left, checking out Dawn’s visibly hardening nipples.   Dawn blushes and Dan swallows hard, quickly looking down at his plate.

June reminds me that I said I would join them, so I quickly strip & toss my clothes into the laundry room down the hall.   I take my seat to Dan’s right, across from Dawn.

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  Â  Dan looks at me, and swallows hard again.   He’s not sure what to say.  After a few uncomfortably quiet seconds, Dan works up his courage and begins the conversation.

“Hi, girls.   How was the pool?  You both look hot…overly warm, too. ” He says with a weak grin, trying to break the tension.

The girls giggle at Dan’s bad joke.   The timer goes off; and everyone’s quiet again.   I get up to get the pizza, cut it up; and set it in the middle of the table.   Everyone grabs a slice.   Dan tries to hide his erection when he leans forward to get his slice; but it’s obvious to all of us that he must be incredibly uncomfortable as his meat strains against his pants.

As we eat, we make small talk for a few minutes, while Dan continues squirming, trying to get comfortable.

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“So what’s going on?” June asks.

Dan begins “We have been asked to share our family vacation with the Larsen’s.   They are taking off the same time we are, and were planning on going to a nudist camp.   Diane is getting cold feet from the idea of having total strangers seeing her naked.   Bill thought that we could all do a nudist vacation together up at your grandparents’ cabin, so Diane could be more comfortable.   You’re all women, & Bill says she’s OK with me seeing her body.


    June & Dawn have their mouths hanging open in disbelief.   They look at me, and I nod my head.

    “This is only going to happen if you both are OK with it.   I know it will be a little awkward at first; but we’ve always taught you girls that your bodies are nothing to be ashamed of or hide. ” I say.

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    “I’m cool with it,” says June.

    “Me too,” chimes in Dawn.   “Will I get to see Mr. Larsen’s thing?”

    “Mr. Larsen’s name is Bill; and while we’ve raised you girls to use last names when addressing adults, if we decide to share this vacation, we will all most definitely be on a first name basis,” I reply.   “Now as to Bill’s ‘thing’.   Bill’s ‘thing’ is a penis, dick, cock, whatever.   Let’s not be coy about this.   You will be seeing not only Bill’s cock, but also your father’s and Nick’s.   Is that going to be problem?”

    “Not for me!” they both say in unison.

    “Hey, Dad,” Dawn interjects. “This doesn’t really seem fair.   We’re all naked and you’re still dressed for work.   It’s time to take it off and join the family!”

    June & I nod our head in agreement.   Dan is a little hesitant, as his dick is rock hard & pushing into his pants uncomfortably.   He has been squirming through this entire conversion.

    “OK girls.   Your father is sitting here very uncomfortably, with a raging hard-on, and I’m sure he would like nothing better than to release it.   Just understand that even though he’s your dad, he’s still a male; and males get hard-ons when they see hot naked women,” I state matter-of-factly.   “Even not-so-hot naked women, for that matter. ” I give Dan a wicked little smile.

    Dan stands up, kicks off his shoes, and pulls off his socks.

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      Â  He then removes his shirt & tie.   He pulls his pants off, and his cock springs out through the slit in his boxers.   My husband’s dick is cut, and the head of his cock was as purple as I’d ever seen it.   He was REALLY aroused.   He quickly slides his boxers off & sits back down.   The side of his dick is up against the edge of the table with the head peaking up over the side, so Dan pushes his chair away from the table.   This only gives everyone a better view of more of his raging hard-on, especially Dawn and I.   Dawn & June keep staring the whole time.   It is pretty impressive, when I think about it.   I start to catch the scent of pussy juice over the smell of the pizza.

    “Well, your father isn’t the only one excited by this situation.   I smell wet pussy.   Who is it?  Dawn, I noticed your nipples standing strait out.   Pretty impressive, huh Dan?  Is seeing your father’s dick making you wet?” I ask.

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    Dawn nods and murmurs “Yes. ”

    “It’s OK.   Again, it’s a natural reaction.   This whole thing has got my pussy juices flowing like crazy,” I giggle.   “My juice is dripping off of my legs and onto the floor.   I’m going to have to clean up after dinner. ”

    This bit of information sends Dan over the edge; and his cock erupts, sending a stream of cum up and across the table, landing on June’s chest and face.   While caught off guard and slightly shocked, I start laughing hysterically at the looks on everyone’s faces.

    I choke out, “That’s mine, I believe. ”  I get up, step over to June, who’s sitting to my right, & lick Dan’s cum off of her face & chest.   Her nipples are hard & the left one is covered in cum.

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      Â  I lick them off as well, swirling my tongue around June’s nipple as I clean it.   I again catch the strong smell of pussy juice; and put my left hand on June’s hot cunt.   Her legs are already spread slightly, and my middle finger inadvertently slides right into her steaming snatch.   I give her a quick kiss on the lips, then pull away and sit back down.

    “Dawn, we’re not the only ones turned on by your father’s dick.   June is absolutely drenched.   My finger just slid right into her pussy like it was being sucked in. ”

    I hold up my middle finger for all to see.   It is shiny & wet with June’s juices.   I then pop it in my mouth and suck it clean.   Everyone is stunned.

    “I haven’t tasted pussy this good since college.

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      Â  Nick is going to be a very lucky guy,” I say while winking at June.   “Have you ever tasted your own juices, June?  What about you, Dawn?  I assume you both masturbate.   You father & I do quite often, usually together when it’s my fertile time & fucking is too risky. ”

    Dawn & June both nod their heads in the affirmative.

    “Do you ever masturbate together?  I’ve always wanted to masturbate with you girls out on the patio by the pool on a nice sunny day.   I thought it would be a nice addition to one of our girls’ days out, especially after just having our pussies waxed.   I personally get really turned by the waxing, and fuck your father like a crazy person every evening afterwards.   But I never suggested it because I wasn’t sure how you two would react. ”

    At this point, the girls & Dan were just listening, and I couldn’t seem to shut up.   I was extremely turned on by the entire situation; and all of these thoughts just kept coming out of my mouth.   I guess after licking cum off of your daughter’s tits and tasting her juice, unloading your kinkiest thoughts & fantasies was not much of a stretch.   Dan, whose dick had relaxed a bit after blowing his load, was now at full staff again, though without the purple helmet.


      Â  I get back out of my seat and start stroking my pussy, watching them watch me.

    “Wow, is this making my horny!” I’m very wet; and everyone’s staring at my cunt.   I walk around the table to Dawn, who is sitting across from me.   I stand next to her chair & reach to massage her totally erect nipples.   I roll one & then the other between my fingers while she moans softly.   And I continue talking…

    “So Dawn, have you ever tasted your sister’s juices?  They’re very sweet, kind of like peach juice & honey.   I wonder what you taste like,” I ponder aloud.

    In response, Dawn pushes her chair back about a foot & spreads her legs as far as they’ll go.   Her pussy lips are inflamed & parted.

    “Holy shit,” I exclaim.   “June, Dan, take a look at Dawn’s pussy.

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      Â  It’s on fire!”

    Both Dan & June literally spring out of their seats to take a look.   They both stare down into Dawn’s lap, seeing a small puddle of her juices on the chair, then look back to me to see what I’ll do next.   I step behind Dawn’s chair to give them a better view, proceeding to roll & pull on both of Dawn’s nipples.   I then reach down with both hands; part Dawn’s engorged pussy lips & dip a finger into her drooling box.   I remove my finger from her pussy, hold it up for inspection by everyone, & then suck it clean.

    “Dawn tastes different,” I state in an interested but unimportant tone of voice.   “Very smooth, like butterscotch.   Yummy!”

    Dan & June just stand there silently; though I see that their hands have moved down to their sexes, and they are both stroking themselves slowly.   Dawn is massaging her own tits, and moaning softly again.   I reach back down to Dawn’s pussy, and stick two fingers from my left hand, & then my right, into her dripping box.   I then offer my pussy juice soaked fingers to June & Dan for a taste.   They both immediately suck my fingers into their mouths & lick them clean.

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      Â  Dawn quickly inserts her own fingers into her cunt, finger fucking herself furiously.   She pulls out for a moment to taste her own juice; and then proceeds with her masturbating.

    “What do you think?” I ask.

    They both just smile & increase the pace of their masturbating.

    I turn to June.   “June, it’s your turn to share.   Please sit down. ”

    June takes her seat & spreads her legs, knowing what’s coming.   She rubs her pussy vigorously one more time & dips her own fingers into her box.   She pulls her fingers out & starts to suck on them.   I dip two fingers from each hand,  alternately, into her pussy & get them soaked in her juices.

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      Â  My dripping fingers are then offered to Dan & Dawn for sampling.   Dan greedily sucks the fingers on my right hand into his mouth, while Dawn pulls my left hand down to taste her sister’s juices for the first time.   They both have big smiles on their faces.   June is busily finger fucking herself while Dan & Dawn finish with my fingers.

    “Well, I guess I’m the only one left. ”

    With that, I boost myself up onto the table & place my ass right in the center of the pizza.  As I spread my legs for my family to see my cunt in all of its excited glory, my juices continue to drip all over the pizza.

    “That’s going to be an interesting pizza topping,” I laugh.   “Obviously, Dad has already tasted this pussy.   Would you like him to collect your sample, or would you like to collect your own…or maybe both?”

    “Both!” they both yell.

    Dan comes forward & reaches for my pussy.

    “Nu-uh,” I shake my head.   “Climb up here & dip your cock into my hole.   The girls can sample that. ”  I look at the girls.   “It that OK with you?”

    They both nod vigorously.

    Dan climbs up between my legs & positions his dick at the entrance to my lovebox.   He slides it in slowly, as I purr like a cat.   After a few strokes, he pulls it out, his pole glistening with my juices.   Dan scoots off of the table & offers his dick to June first.   June, still seated & masturbating furiously, turns her head & sucks Dan’s cock into her mouth.   She doesn’t just taste my juice, she takes in a full 5 inches of Dan’s dick, sucking off most of what was there.

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      Â  She then pulls Dan’s dick out of her mouth, playing with his balls while doing it.

    “Dan, you’re going to have to take another dip.   What’s left on your shaft just wouldn’t be fair to Dawn. ” I prompt.

    Dan gets back on the table & shoves his dick back in me.   This time he keeps stroking until I’ve taken in all 9 inches, stroking slowly so he doesn’t cum.   After several strokes, Dan pulls out & gets off the table.   He offers his cock to Dawn, who is slouched down on her chair, and fucking herself with the neck of the salad dressing bottle.   She gets up off of her chair, and squats in front of Dan, trying to keep the bottle neck up in her pussy.   June sees her struggling with the bottle, jumps out of her own chair, sits on the floor next to Dawn; and takes over for Dawn, pumping the bottle in and out of Dawn’s dripping snatch.   The sight of June masturbating her sister sends me over the edge; and I cum all over the pizza.   Seeing my orgasm sends Dawn into her own orgasmic release, & her juices gush out over June’s hand.   June switches hands & licks the soaked one clean.

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      Â  Dan then places his dick in front of Dawn’s mouth, & she sucks it in.   She is a little weak from the orgasm she is still recovering from; but she manages to suck in 3 or 4 inches, and gets a good taste of my juice.   She continues to suck Dan’s cock for several minutes.

    When Dawn is done, I ask “Well, what did you think?”

    “Smooth,” says June.   “Except it was a bit salty. ”

    “Like butterscotch, like me!” says Dawn.   “But I agree that it was a bit salty. ”

    “Your father must have been leaking the remains of his jism into your mouths.   I hadn’t thought of that.   Of course, I was thinking you two would just lick his shaft, not suck him off.   I’m surprised he didn’t unload on you.

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      Â  Why don’t you try it directly from the source?”

    Dawn & June both get off the floor & reach towards me with a hand each.   Dan sits down in June’s chair & goes back to stroking his meat.

    “Whoa, there” I stop them (the girls).   You just both had your Dad’s cock in your mouths.   You can’t suck on Mommy’s pussy?  When I say go to the source, I mean just that.   Come on Dawn, stick your tongue in my honeyhole &  please, play with my clit.   I already feel the need to come again. ”

    Dawn leans over the table, parts my lips with her hands, & takes a tentative lick up my pussy. As she reaches the top of my slit, she catches my clit, and I go into orbit.    I start to come all over her face; and she immediately shoves her face right into my pussy & starts lapping up my juices.   June steps up next to Dawn, pushes my legs as far apart as they will go, & joins her sister, cheek-to-cheek, in lapping up my juices, their tongues dancing inside my pussy & across my clit at the same time.   I would come again right now; but I’m drained, & have already come hard twice, besides all of the general dripping of pussy juice from my cunt.

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    “I need you two to back off. I need a breather,” I gasp.

    Dawn & June retreat from my snatch, but not each other.   They start kissing passionately, swirling their tongues in one another’s mouths, tasting my juice from each other.   Their hands wander to each other’s snatches & they finger each other slowly.

        I get off of the table & go to sit in Dan’s lap.   Dan holds his cock out for me to impale myself on; and I lower my ass, still covered in pizza sauce, into his lap, my pussy enveloping his dick.   The girls stop what they’re doing to watch Dan fuck me.   I slowly raise & lower myself on Dan’s shaft, taking in another inch on each down stroke.   Finally, I have all 9 inches inside of me, and I start a quicker rhythm while I play with my clit.   Dawn pushes the table out of the way and sits down in front of me.   I remove my hand from my clit & bring Dawn’s head into my pussy.   She starts to slowly lick up Dan’s shaft, onto my pussy, & then my clit.

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        Â  I rest there for a while, fully impaled on Dan’s dick, while Dawn licks up & down our combined sexes.   Dan & I both start moaning loudly.   June, feeling left out, pulls a chair up behind the chair Dan is sitting on; and steps up onto it.

      “Mom, can you lean forward?” she asks.

      I do as she requests.   She turns her back towards us, bends over, reaches between her legs to brace herself on Dan’s shoulders, & lowers her pussy in front of Dan’s face.

      “Eat my pussy, Daddy!  Make me cum!” June demands.

      Dan starts plunging his tongue into June, licking up & down her entire slit, and sucking on her clit.   I can tell that Dan is getting ready to cum again, & so is June.   So I start riding his dick slowly, as I shove my big toe into Dawn’s pussy.   She backs up for a second, spreads her legs out on either side of the chair legs, & scoots her butt back towards me.

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        Â  I push my big toe back into her pussy; and her box seems to open up like a flower.   I turn my foot sideways & proceed to push more of my foot into her, until my entire foot is 4 inches into her snatch.   I start pumping in & out slowly, and Dawn starts moaning into my pussy.

      “I’m cuming!” yells June.

      “I’m cuming!” yells Dawn.

      “I’m gonna blow!” grunts Dan.

      “OH MY GOD!” I whisper, as we all reach orgasm together.

      After a few minutes of just being still and basking in the warmth of one another, we disengage & all go back to our seats.   Dan had been sitting in June’s seat, which is now covered in pussy juice & jism; but she doesn’t seem to mind.   She just sits down, wiggles her ass into the puddle, and smiles.


        Â  As I step back to my seat, Dan’s load drips out of my pussy and down my leg.   Before sitting down, I put my left foot up on the table to give everyone a good look at my current situation.

      “Anyone want to clean this up for me?” I suggest.

      “That’s mine, I believe,” Dan speaks up, parroting my earlier comment.

      Dan comes over and licks his load off of my legs, and then proceeds to suck what  he can out of my dripping cunt.   He then returns to his seat, licking his lips.

       “Anyone hungry?” I ask.   “The pizza is kind of cold; but it should have an interesting flavor.   Would anyone like a slice?”

      Everyone takes a slice, and then another, finishing off the pizza.

      “That was actually quite tasty,” I remark.   Did you all enjoy it?  You seemed to inhale it. ”

      They all nod & smile hugely.

      “I think I’ll call that particular topping ‘Sarah Surprise’.   If you want it in the future, you’ll have to help me ‘collect’ it for the pizza,” I say with a grin.   “Maybe we’ll have to share this special pizza combo with the Larsen’s during our vacation.   I can assume that we’re going to accept their invitation with enthusiasm?”

      Everyone shakes their heads yes and grins broadly.


      CHAPTER 2      A New Dynamic


      I get up from the table and say “We should all clean up.

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        Â  I’ll clean up from dinner while you all go shower off.   If you want to shower together, that’s fine, use the big walk-in in our bedroom.   But noooo fucking.   That is something we can share together, and besides, I want to be there the first time you girls fuck your father, if you choose to.   Do you girls want to have your father’s cock up inside you?”

      They both shake their heads vigorously, and Dan gets a huge grin on his face.

      “Well, for now, you can blow him and eat each other’s pussies if you’d like. ”

      Dan’s cock starts getting hard again hearing this.   They all nod in agreement & head up the stairs.   The entire room smells of sex.   I clean up the dinner table and mop the floor.   After I’m finished, I head upstairs to join the family in the shower.

      As I enter the master bedroom, the site before me hits me like sledgehammer.

      The master bath is more like an additional space in the master bedroom than a separate room.   When you walk into the bedroom, which is 15’ deep x 25’ wide with a 12’ ceiling, the king size bed is on your left, with night stands on both sides, and an armoire in the far left corner.   We have a 50” plasma TV in there.   My dresser is on the left wall, its left side up against the interior wall the headboard is against.   It’s one of those long one’s with a full length mirror attached to it.   There is a large window between my dresser & the armoire.   To the right of the armoire, on the back wall, is a 6’ wide picture window that looks out on the backyard & pool.   To the right of the window is Dan’s dresser.   To the right of Dan’s dresser is a wall, which extends from the back wall 6’ towards the room entrance wall.   This wall is the left wall of the walk-in closet, which is 8’ wide.   To the right of the right-side closet wall is the toilet.   A few feet to the right of that, in the right outside corner of the room, is a linen closet.   The walls in the bath area are stone tile.

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        Â  Right of the linen closet, coming back towards the front of the room, is a double vanity on the right room wall.   Right of the vanity is the walk-in shower. The shower is raised, so you have to walk up 4 steps to get into it.   It has a floor that is at the same level as the vanity surface.   The shower area is 6’ deep by 10’ long, with clear Plexiglas walls.   When you walk into it, you are facing the right wall 6’ away from you.   You turn to your right to actually enter the shower area.   There is a tiled-in bench 30” deep x 18” high that runs the length of the shower along the right wall. There are multiple shower heads along the right & front walls.   Next to the shower is a large tiled-in hot tub that sits at the same level as the shower floor.   So if you’re in the hot tub, you’re looking at the feet of anyone in the shower, through the Plexiglas wall between you. There is no wall between the bedroom area and the raised tub, so you can be in the bed and see what’s going on in the bath area.   The entire room floor is covered in stone tile, simply transitioning from one color to another as you move from the bed to the bath area.

      What I see before me gets me immediately wet.

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        Â  June is lying on the shower floor on her back.   Dawn is squatting over her, getting her pussy eaten thoroughly.   In front of Dawn stands Dan, getting the blowjob of his life.

      I casually walk in and turn on the water for the hot tub.   Dan gives me a lascivious smile, and gestures for me to join them.   I shake my head no, and proceed to add bubble bath & seltzers to the tub.   After the tub is full, I turn on the massage jets and climb in.   I like my baths hot, and it takes me a minute to settle into the very warm water.   As I settle in, I get comfortable in one of the molded-in seats with the jets built into the bottom.   My back is to the bedroom, so I’m facing the shower and catching the full show.   I adjust one of the jets between my legs so it shoots right onto my pussy and clit.   I start to masturbate while continuing to watch my family pleasure each other.

      After a good 18 minutes of Dawn’s slow ministrations, Dan starts to clench his jaw; and I know he’s about to cum.

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        Â  I increase the rhythm on my own efforts, hoping to cum with Dan.   He tries to pull back; but Dawn pulls him in deeper, driving the head of his cock way past her throat.   Dan blows his load, and Dawn doesn’t even have to swallow.   I climax right after, ramming as much of my hand as I can into my pussy, riding it for all it’s worth.   At the same time, Dawn has a crashing orgasm; and gushes her juices all over June’s face.   After she calms down, Dawn stands up, so June can get off of the floor.   They all take a minute to relax sitting on the bench.

      “June, dear, would you mind tearing yourself away and joining me in the tub?  It seems like you got the short end of the stick in that situation; and I’d like to take care of that,” I say.

      June gives me a smirk & steps out of the shower.   She starts to get into the tub; but pulls her foot back out, surprised.

      “Wow, that’s hot. ”

      “Oh, sorry.   I like my baths very warm.   It’s more relaxing that way.   The last time you girls and I shared a bath you were very young; and I didn’t make your bathwater nearly this warm.   Now that you know what to expect, why don’t you try again, but go slowly.   Your body will adjust. ”

      June starts to put her left foot back into the water.   She just holds it a few inches under water until she gets used to it.   She gradually puts her entire left leg into the tub, stopping to let it adjust to the temperature.   Her pussy is only an inch above the water, spread open because one leg is in and one is out.   I playfully bring my foot up from under her & wiggle my big toe between her pussy lips.   She squeals in surprise; but then grabs my foot and drives it deeper into her pussy, as she continues to stand there.

      “It’s been long enough,” I say.

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        Â  “You should start working on getting the rest of you into the tub. ”

      I pull my foot out of her pussy as I talk.   She gives me a disappointed look, but swings her right leg over and puts her foot into the tub.   After another minute, both legs are fully in the tub, and June starts to settle herself down into the water.   I reinsert my foot into her lovebox, while she continues to settle deeper into the water.   As she gets deeper into the tub, she is able to spread her legs further apart and still support herself.   Removing my foot from her pussy, I move off of my seat into a squatting position in front of June.   I start finger fucking her with one hand, while I play with her asshole with my other.   June gasps.

      “Mom, what are you doing?”

      “What does it feel like I’m doing?  I’m fingering your asshole.   Don’t you like it?”

      “Well, I’m not sure.

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         It feels good, but weird. ”

      “There are a lot of nerves around the anus.   It’s very sensitive.   I personally love it when your father plays with my ass.   It sends me into orbit.   Just relax and enjoy. ”

      This whole time, Dawn & Dan are just sitting on the bench watching & listening, stroking each others sexes slowly and tenderly.

      As I continue to play with June’s holes, she settles the rest of her body into the water, though I’ve pretty much been holding her lower half just below the surface, so now she’s basically floating below the surface, with her tits sticking out above the water.   She starts to moan as I continue my ministrations.   I move both hands to her ass cheeks, raise her pussy out of the water; and bury my face in her snatch.   As I eat her pussy and suck on her clit, I slide my left hand over towards her ass crack, and slide my middle finger up into her ass.   She lets out a squeak as her eyes open wide; and then relaxes with a contented smile on her face.

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        Â  I work my finger further in, and rub on the back wall of her pussy from inside her ass. She starts to buck; and I quicken the pace of my sucking and licking.   After less than a minute of this sexual barrage her pussy convulses and sprays me with her juices.   I lap them up like a thirsty puppy.   Once she comes down, I remove my finger from her ass & lower her body back into the water.

      “How was that?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

      “That was amazing!” she gushes.   I don’t think I’ve ever had such an intense orgasm in my life!”

      “Never overlook the pleasures available to you through the back door,” I respond.   “And I’m not talking about our pool. ”

      Everyone laughs, and I gesture to Dan and Dawn to join us in the hot tub.   Dan gets in fairly quickly, as he is used to sharing my baths with me on occasion, though he prefers the water a little more tepid.


        Â  Dawn takes a while getting in, going through the same motions as June to get used to the water.   June plays with Dawn’s pussy while she’s getting in, but just enough to tease, not crank her up.   Once we’re all settled, the conversation turns back to the upcoming vacation with the Larsen’s.

      “So, are there any questions or concerns anyone has about our vacation?” Dan opens.

      “I’m just glad I’ll get a better look at Mr. Larsen’s, I mean Bill’s, cock,” Dawn offers.

      “A better look?” Dan asks.

      “I’ll fill you in later, honey,” I interject.   “Nothing major.   Dawn told me about it years ago. ”

      We’re all silent for a few moments, when June speaks up.




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